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What is the best neighborhood for Villas for sale in Cairo?

Greater Cairo is a massive urban area consisting of different cities with a lot of rich neighborhoods offering plenty of villas and fancy units in various parts of the city to appeal to many tastes.

If you fancy living in the old city, then Maadi, Heliopolis, and Zamalek are the best neighborhoods for you. However, if you prefer peace and quiet, the suburbs are your best option. You can live in a gated community and find villas for sale in Madenity, Al Rehab, Hyde Park, and Mivida. You can also find Villas for sale in Sheik Zayed and 6 October in Compounds like Beverly Hills and Algeria which offer great services and has easy access to Cairo-Alexandria desert road.

Those different areas and compounds offer great choices with different price ranges. You can find villas for sale in Shorouk and Obour for a bargain price while you could use the payment facilities to own your dream villa in New Cairo which offers a comfortable life or a guaranteed future investment.


New Cairo


New Cairo is a modern urban city that has successfully attracted both residents and investors alike. It’s full of amazing residential projects and compounds that include all the facilities and services in addition to privacy which comes first.

The relatively new city lies in the east of the governorate and has a large number of residents now and includes most first, third and fifth settlements. The most famous landmarks of the city include Cairo Festival City, Downtown Mall, Police Academy, and American University. 

You can reach New Cairo through many of the main roads including the Ring Road and Suez Road. The city now has good public transportation, especially at Teseen street (90 street) and its surrounding area. 

There are many elegant compounds in New Cairo, mostly surrounded by landscapes and greenery; where they seek to provide a healthy environment for their residents, besides luxurious housing. 

Above that, these compounds are completely gated making their residents feel safe and secure. So if you are looking for villas for sale, New Cairo could be your best option.


Tiba Rose Compound, New Capital

One of the most luxurious residential compounds in New Capital; developed by the Armed Forces Engineering Authority – Tiba Rose Association- on a massive area of 150 acres. 

Compound Units

Tiba Rose Compound, New Capital offers a vary of the residential units including, villas, apartments, and twin-houses 


  • Lavish Landscapes

  •  Swimming pools

  • 24/7 Security Services

  • Commercial Centers 

  • Sports club

  • Entertainment Center

Al Maqsed, City Edge Compound

A luxury residential project by City Edge Developments; it’s located in the heart of the New Capital of 211 acres.


The residential units in Al Maqasad Compound vary between villas of various types (independents, townhouses, twin houses), which are available in luxurious areas starting from 370 M²


  • Garages

  • Clubs 

  • Green Landscapes.

  • 2/7 Security system.

  • Running Tracks

  • Kids’ Area

La Vista City Compound, New Capital

La Vista City Compound is one of the largest and newest compounds in the New Capital. It is located on 910 acres and is designed on the highest levels of modern architecture.


La Vista City Compound is a compound dedicated to luxury villas only with its various types. The average area of the residential units in La Vista City is about 300 M².


  • Medical and educational services

  • Green landscapes

  • 24/7 security system

  • Entertainment services

Midtown Condo Compound, New Capital

Midtown Condo - a 60-acre compound - is one of the most famous compounds in the New Capital compounds. It is developed by Better Home Group.


Midtown Condo offers mainly residential apartments with areas starting from 120 M². 


  • Restaurants and cafes

  •  Clubs and lavish green landscapes

  • Gardens and barbecue areas

  •  Shopping malls

  • Swimming pools and lakes.

Atika Compound, New Capital

Atika is a 35-acre residential compound in the New Capital. It is developed by New Plan Developments.


Atika offers different types of residential units: penthouses, duplex, and apartments starting from 70 M².


  • Shopping mall

  • Library

  • Hotel

  • Medical center

  •  Swimming pools

  • 24/7 Security System

  • Gym

Pukka Compound, New Capital

Pukka New Capital is a 40-acre residential compound by Master Build Group, which has been developed in an ultra-modern level.


The units in Pukka vary between penthouses, apartments, apartments with garden, clinics, and commercial shops. Residential units’ areas start from 99 M².


  • 24/7 Security Systems

  • Shopping center 

  • Health club

  • Swimming pools

  • Kids’ Area

  • Green landscapes

  • Restaurants and cafes 

  • Medical center.

Armonia Compound, New Capital

Armonia is a 42-acre residential compound in New Capital City, developed by The Land Developers. It is considered one of the finest compounds in the New Capital.


Armonia Compound features a variety of residential units: duplex, apartments, and villas. Units’ areas in Armonia Compound start from 80 M².


  • Shopping mall 

  • Cafes and restaurants

  • 24/7 Security system

  • Kids’ area

  • Swimming pools

  • Medical services

  • Playgrounds

The Loft Compound, New Capital 

The Loft is a 23-acre residential compound; perfectly located in the New Capital City. It’s developed by Living Yards Developments and designed in the style of fine English architecture.


The Loft's residential units range from penthouses, apartments, studio, and duplexes. Units’ areas start from 78 M².


  • 24/7 Security services

  • Kids’ areas

  • Shopping centers

  •  Spa

  • Garages

  • Lakes

  • Swimming pools

  • Barbecue areas

Celia Compound, New Capital

One of the most prestigious residential developments in New Capital City; it is built on an area of up to 500 acres by Talaat Moustafa Group. 


Celia compound offers different types of residential units including, apartments and villas, which are also available in different areas starting from 77 M².


  • Shopping center

  • Swimming pools and clubs

  • Mosque

  • Nursery and schools.

Scenario Compound, New Capital

Scenario is a 39 acre residential compound in New Capital City; by Akam New Capital Developments.


Scenario Compound features a number of residential units including, apartments and duplex with different areas starting from 115 M².


  • Social club

  • Man-made lakes

  • Health club

  •  Lavish green landscapes 

  • Theater, cinema, and Gym

  • Shopping mall


El Shorouk city


El Shorouk is one of the cities of the third generation which was established to absorb the expanding population and to ease population pressure on the aging capita

El Shorouk is one of the organized cities that you can easily access its services. It is also designed to contain multiple educational services, such as: international, private and governmental schools, and famous universities, like the British University, Arab Open University, and El Shorouk Academy.

It contains different specialized clinics and medical centers, in addition to hospitals, such as the International Medical Centre and El Shorouk Public Hospital.

As for entertainment services, the city contains various shopping malls, such as University Mall and Galaxy Mall, as well as sports clubs, such as El Shorouk Club and Green Hills.

El Shorouk City contains internal transportation, i.e. the city’s buses, in addition to public transportation buses and microbus lines that connect the city to various places outside it, such as Lebanon Square and Al Salam station.

You can find your perfect villas in one of El Shorouk compounds

SODIC East El Shorouk City

This compound is one of the largest and most luxurious real estate developments in El Shorouk, because of its modern designs, various services and an exceptional location.

SODIC East El Shorouk City lies in a luxurious location in the center of New Heliopolis, near very important projects such as the International Medical Center, and The New Administrative Capital with a distance not exceeding 15 minutes by car, and also the Fifth Settlement with a distance of about 20 km.

It is also located near the most vital roads such as the Suez Road, Ismailia, and the Regional Ring Road.

The size of housing units vary between:

  • Townhouses with areas ranging from 200 m2 to 308 m2.

  • Twin house with areas ranging from 287 m2 to 320 m2.

  • Private Villas with areas ranging from 406 m2 to 545 m2.

El Patio Casa El Shorouk City

El Patio Casa El Shorouk City is one of the most important projects of LA VISTA Developments. It is an architectural masterpiece of a modern and modern nature, and it was created in a strategic location in the city of ElShorouk.

El Patio Casa El Shorouk City is located on Suez Road, and it is only about 15 minutes from Madinaty, and it is close to Hyper One by about 7 minutes by car. Also, it is one kilometer from the Heliopolis Sporting Club.

The residential units vary within the compound to suit many tastes, as it contains hotel apartments, duplexes, independent villas and twin house.

City-One El Shorouk City

City-One El Shorouk City is a full service residential complex that is held at the highest level of luxury.

The compound is located near the Ring Road, and only 10 minutes from Cairo International Airport, as well as about 20 minutes from Nasr City and Heliopolis. In addition, it is very close to new cities such as Obour City  and New Heliopolis.

Residential units within City-One El Shorouk City vary and their areas vary to suit the capabilities and tastes of many consumers, as they vary between:

  • Apartments with areas ranging from 70 m2 to 187 m2.

  • Private Villas with areas starting from 500 m2.

  • Twin house with areas starting from 257 250 m2.

Granda El Shorouk City

This compound is one of the most important investment projects. It has distinctive architectural designs and an elegant living standard characterized by calm and luxury.

Granda El Shorouk City is located in a very privileged and vital location, near Cairo International Airport by not more than 10 minutes by car, and only a quarter of an hour from Nasr City and Heliopolis. It is also very close to Rehab and the Fifth Settlement area.

The housing units in Granda El Shorouk City vary between:

  • Apartments with areas ranging from 150 m2 to 234 m2.

  • Penthouse with areas ranging from 303 m2 to 307 m2.

  • Duplex with areas ranging from 399 m2 to 410 m2.


El Sheikh Zayed City


El Sheikh Zayed City also features a big number of the finest compounds, you can’t easily determine what is the best of them all!  If you are looking to know some compounds in El Sheikh Zayed, then this article may help you a lot.



The Developer

ZED Compound is one of the phenomenon projects that were developed in a partnership between the Egyptian Government and Ora Developments; the company is owned by the Egyptian businessman Naguib Sawiris. Ora Developments has many previous successful projects, such as Palm Hills, Nasr City Towers, and many others.



ZED, El Sheikh Zayed offers a wide range of services, including:

  • Swimming pool
  • BBQ area
  • Kids’ area
  • A social club
  • Private garage for each building
  • Commercial malls
  • Cafes and restaurants


Units and Areas


The project is developed over an area of ​​165 acres with two different models of designs; taking into account the different tastes and budgets: the first model in which the height of buildings ranges between ten floors and twenty floors, and housing units start from the fourth floor. As for the second model, it is only ten floors, all of which are dedicated to housing units.

The areas in the ten-story towers vary between 102, 135, 162, 182, 208, 223, 225, 230, and 235 M², and they are divided into 3 bedrooms + Park View.

As for the park's 20-story towers, it starts from 60, 129, 168, 190 and 252 M², and is divided between two and four bedrooms.


Casa Zayed Compound


The Developer

Palm Hills Developments is owned by the Egyptian businessman Yassin Mansour. The company was established in 2004 with a huge budget of EGP 1.65 billion, which enabled it to obtain a large number of lands extended up to 24 million square meters. 

Some of its Extraordinary Projects:




Casa Zayed Compound offers a wide range of services, which  make of it an integrated residential compound, including:

  • Nursery
  • Sports club
  • Cafes
  • Restaurants
  • 24/7 Security and guarding
  • Malls and commercial centers
  • Children's play areas


Units and Areas

The area of ​​the compound is 294.000 M²; 274.000 M² which are dedicated to buildings, while 20.000 M² were devoted to green landscapes. The number of its units reached 1,200 housing units, which guarantees the achievement of the most important equation at Casa Palm Hills.

The areas of ​​the apartments start from 80 M² up to 300 M², while the duplex starts from 600M². The designs vary between two, three, and four rooms.


Legenda Compound


Legenda Compound or “Zahrat Al-Madaen” as it is known among its residents, is owned by Zahrat Al Madaen Investment & Real Estate Development. One of the distinguished real estate companies that present different residential projects.




Zahret Al Madaen is considered an integrated compound, whereas it offers almost all the services you may need:

  • Schools
  • Health clinics
  • Social Club
  • Landscapes
  • 24/7 Security and guarding


Units and Areas


Legenda Compound was developed over an area of 20 acres in the heart of El Sheikh Zayed and is considered one of its most prestigious neighborhoods. It’s located in Area A3 in the first neighborhood, in the second residential neighborhood in Al-Zohour District. The compound is especially dedicated to elegant high-end villas, as it includes about 100 well-equipped villas at the highest levels of elegance and luxury, all of which are semi-finished with different areas and designs to suit all needs and tastes.


Al Jawhara Compound, El Sheikh Zayed


The Developer


Horizon Real Estate and Urban Development, a leading Egyptian joint stock company established in 2003 as a new branch of Al Moez Holding Group Investments. The parent company was established in 1975 and holds other companies that manage real estate investments in Egypt, Qatar, Syria, and Iraq.

Horizon Real Estate and Urban Development Successful Projects in Egypt, including:



  • Landscapes

  • Shopping Mall
  • 24/7 Security Services
  • Maintenance
  • Medical Clinics
  • Baby daycare
  • Kids’ areas
  • Restaurants and cafes

Unites and Areas

One of the most important characteristics of Al Jawhara compound is that it is located directly in front of Al-Ahly Club, Zayed Branch. It’s expanded over an area of ​​30 acres; 20% of which is allocated for buildings and the rest for the lavish green landscapes and services. The compound offers a wide range of housing units with various sizes starting from 136 to 265 M².


The number of the Villas For sale in Greater Cairo is 16,852 listings
The average price per meter for Villas in Greater Cairo is 18,650 EGP
The sub locations in Greater Cairo are New Cairo, 6th of October, El Sheikh Zayed City, Heliopolis - Masr El Gedida, Nasr City, El Maadi, El Oubour, Faisal, El Zamalek, El Mohandeseen, Dokki, El Haram, Giza, Mokattam, Helwan
The types of locations in Greater Cairo are Palace, Twin House, Separate Villa, Town House
The top brokerage companies in Greater Cairo are Sorouh Real Estate, Marasi Group, Adnan Group, Al-Oula Development, Quest Real Estate