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Villas for Sale in Al Rehab City in New Cairo


The reasons that drive new and large families to buy housing units in the new city of Al Rehab vary, which provides real estate suitable for all needs, and is characterized by providing integrated services, in a wonderful atmosphere of calm and relaxation, away from the noise and hustle of the capital.


Al-Rehab City extends over an area of ​​10 km in New Cairo and is characterized by its height above sea level, in addition to unpolluted air and a mild climate all year round. It also has a capacity of about 200,000 people, and housing units are being increased so far.


Strategic Location of Al Rehab City in New Cairo


Al-Rehab City is located in New Cairo, on the Cairo-Suez Road near Nasr City real estate, and from the center of Cairo via the First Ring Road that intersects with the Cairo-Suez Road.


Details of Villas in Al Rehab City


Al-Rehab City contains residential units that vary between apartments and villas in Greater Cairo. These units are available in various sizes to meet the needs and tastes of all customers. Green spaces and pedestrian paths surround all residential units, whether apartments in residential buildings or standalone villas.


The building areas contain 50 models with different designs and areas starting from 58 square meters and up to 306 square meters. The residential buildings in Greater Cairo in Al Rehab also consist of 5 to 6 repeated floors, including a high ground floor, four or five repeated floors, and separated waiting areas. Cars between each residential group and the other.


While the villas area was designed with the latest international designs, the streets have green areas, and their width is at least 8 meters on each side, and the gardens surround the villas, separating them from each other, which provides calm, security, and privacy.


Available Services in Al Rehab Area


Al-Rehab City contains all public and basic utilities, starting from electricity, water, and telephone lines, to educational, health, commercial and recreational services.


Educational Services in Al-Rehab city


Al-Rehab City contains five high-quality schools to meet all the educational requirements of the residents of the city and the surrounding neighborhoods, to help parents reassure their children, and the most prominent of these schools are:


  • The British School of Rehab

  • Future Language School

  • German School (Deutsche Schule Futures)

  • French School (L'Ecole de l’Avenir)

  • Othman Bin Affan school


There are also a variety of nurseries, cultural centers, and more.


Healthcare and Hospitals in Al Rehab City


Health and medical services are spread in New Cairo in general, including Al Rehab City, where it contains health and emergency services that operate 24 hours a day. The most important of these medical facilities in Al Rehab City are:


  • Cairo Medical Center 1, Medical Center 2

  • Al-Rehab Specialized Clinics, Al Safwa Specialized Clinics, and the Consultants Specialist Clinic

  • Specialized Dental Center

  • Al-Rehab Specialized Hospital

  • Cleopatra Specialized Clinics 

  • Tabarak Children's Center, and Adama Clinic

  • Al Amal Specialized Clinics, Zoom Clinic, and Al Rehab Clinic for Mother and Child Health

  • Lab, Tower, and Cairo Lab laboratories

  • A large selection of branches of the most famous pharmacies


Markets and Malls in Al-Rehab City in New Cairo


New Cairo is full of commercial services, markets, and various malls, as it includes shops and many ways of entertainment, such as:


  • An open restaurant area that includes a group of the most famous brands of fast-food restaurants, such as Kentucky Fried Chicken, Pizza Hut, Hardee's, and many other restaurants serving various international cuisines and local Egyptian dishes

  • In addition to a group of distinguished commercial malls in Al Rehab, such as Al-Rehab Mall, which is located in the first phase of the city, and includes a wide range of shops and various goods, in addition to multiple entertainment options, such as cinemas, restaurants, and cafeterias

  • Al-Rehab Mall 2, which provides shopping services, and contains all the shops in Al-Rehab city and the recreational facilities needed by all family members, as there is a metro market on the ground floor of the mall, in addition to shops specializing in fashion, sports and entertainment, in addition to restaurants and cafeterias

  • On an area of ​​10,000 square meters in a quiet green area, City Square is located, which features a large fountain and contains a variety of facilities, such as cafes, beverages, and sweet shops and restaurants

  • And finally, Al-Rehab Avenue Mall, which is located in the ninth phase of Al-Rehab city, includes stores of the most famous brands and international brands and famous restaurants and cafes, such as Starbucks Trianon, and Arby's


Main Roads and Transportation to Al-Rehab City in New Cairo


Al-Rehab City provides all means of transportation thanks to its location on many main roads. Buses pass through it every 20 minutes, starting from 6:00 AM until midnight. Transporting its residents in and out of the city, and reaching the Saray El-Kobba metro station on Al-Thawra Street Heliopolis.


This is in addition to allocating other itineraries that pass through more than fifty stations, to cover all areas of the city.


Areas and Types of Villas in Al-Rehab City in New Cairo


  • In Al Rehab City, there are 31 different designs of villas, ranging in size from 174 square meters to 660 square meters

  • It is noteworthy that the land area on which these villas are built ranges between 200 and 1750 square meters, and green spaces occupy 50% of the villa area