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Apartments For Sale in Nasr City

Nasr City is one of the most important neighborhoods in Cairo, which is fairly modern. Nasr City was built to be an extension to Heliopolis area and it's divided into east and west neighborhoods. Nasr City is well planned, it extends to approximately 250 km, and it's considered as one of the largest neighborhood in Egypt.

Nasr City was established as a new city during the reign of the late President Gamal Abdel Nasser during the revolution of 23 July. The area was characterized by luxurious buildings and excellent services. Nasr City includes a number of landmarks such the Football Stadium, Olympic Zone, International Market Area, and Al-Azhar University.

As for the eastern district, it's divided into smaller neighborhoods, such as Rabaa, Al-Tawfiq, Al-Sadat, Golf, Sixth, Ninth, Eleventh, Eleventh, First, Fifth, Sixth, Eighth, and Seventh districts.

A lot of people are looking for apartments for sale in Nasr City because of its diversity of neighborhoods, services, facilities, institutions, availability of companies, and recreational activities.

You can find apartments for sale in the most famous streets in Nasr City are Hassan Al Maamoun, Abbas Al Akkad, Makram Ebeid, Mustafa Al Nahhas, Al Tayaran and Al Nasr Road. You can also find apartments for sale near city stars and next to other famous landmarks such as Al Serag Mall, Tiba Mall, Genina Mall and Health Insurance, which is the perfect choice for those who want to live in vibrant neighborhoods.

Nasr City district is located in the east of Cairo, and it is one of the most modern districts in the capital. It was established after the July 23 revolution, under a decision of the late Egyptian President Jamal Abdel Nasser, when the reconstruction of the eastern part of Cairo was one of the strategic goals at that time.

Nasr City district is divided into two eastern and western parts, then to small neighborhoods. It extends from Cairo-Suez Road to Salah Salem and Youssef Abbas Streets in the west, and from Al-Mirghani Street to Katameya Road and the Mokattam area in the south.

Properties of Nasr City has become famous and popular in the real-estate markets due to its central and not isolated location, in addition to the availability of services and quality of the infrastructure in all its neighborhoods and streets. Nasr City has many advantages that make it one of the richest cities of services in Greater Cairo, as there are universities (such as Al-Azhar University for Girls and Youth branches and Al-Alsun Higher Institute), private, government and experimental schools, hospitals, malls, sports activities, and distinct and diverse commercial activities. Being an integrated city, it has different levels of neighborhoods depending on the standard of living within every neighborhood. There are high-end, middle and popular or economic neighborhoods.

In this article, we will learn in detail about Nasr City and its services; educational, health and entertainment activities, as well as its famous streets and neighborhoods. Additionally, we will learn about the services and commercial opportunities with which it abounds.


Nasr City Neighborhoods


1st Zone: It is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods that centrally located in Nasr City, as it is located between Nasr Street, Ali Amin, Abbas El Akkad and Al-Tayran Streets. It is characterized by the good planning and the high quality of buildings.


1st Zone has the best properties in Nasr City, whether residential (for sale or rent), commercial or administrative. All basic services are available in the neighborhood. It is near to all educational services, health care, social and sports clubs, as well as all means of transportation and linked to the major streets. As for going out destinations, picnics and spending the evenings, there are several distinctive restaurants, cafes and coffee shops , such as Umm Hassan, McDonald's and Costa Coffee. Also, there is one of the most famous schools in Cairo, namely Saint Fatima School, as well as the Church of Our Lady.


Rabaa El Adawiya: Rabaa El Adawiya neighborhood is directly located on Nasr Street with side view over Nozha Street and the entrance to Heliopolis. It is located near Cairo Stadium, the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, Al-Azhar University, Dar Al Fouad Hospital, Tayaran Street, Abbas al-Akkad Street, and Nasr City 1st Police Station. Rabaa neighborhood has a range of government administrations that make it one of the most vital neighborhoods in Nasr City, such as the District Health Office, the Armed Forces Officers Club, the headquarters of Real Estate Fund, the Administration of Armed Forces Clubs and Hotels, and a distinguished group of medical services and comprehensive health care institutions.


Zahraa Nasr City: it is one of the most planned and organized neighborhoods in Nasr City. It was firstly designed to be housing area for officers and members of the armed forces, and then civilians were allowed to own properties in it. The area is characterized by the quality and 24-hours availability of services. It is one of the economic neighborhoods that suit many middle-class families who look for a neighborhood that combines the good planning of a compound with the good price of middle and economic neighborhoods.


The Seventh Neighborhood: Some name the seventh neighborhood as the beating heart of Nasr City, as it is the starting point to many neighboring cities and areas, such as Downtown Cairo, New Cairo, Rehab, Madinaty, and other vital areas. The seventh neighborhood is suitable for students and employees who prefer to move to live next to their universities and work. It is one of the old neighborhoods inhabited by the old residents of Nasr City.

The most characteristic feature of the seventh neighborhood is its location next to many important areas and public bodies in Nasr City, such as Wonder Land Park, Nasr City Court and Police Hospital, in addition to a wide range of Egyptian popular restaurants or other restaurants that specialized in serving Southeast Asian meals. Also, there are many educational services via a group of government and private schools, and private nurseries that serve the neighborhood.


The Tenth Neighborhood: the tenth neighborhood in Nasr City is famous for high population density that makes it one of the commercially and economically active neighborhoods. The neighborhood provides the basic services at economic or reasonable prices due to the nature of the economic population level in it. Also, the real estate prices are not high. The price per meter, according to the Aqarmap index, reached EGP‎ 5,100 for residential apartments (in 2019).


Due to its distinguished location, many of those who look for properties for rent in Nasr City head to it, as it is the closest neighborhood in Nasr City to the new cities, such as New Cairo, with its various neighborhoods (Rehab, the Settlement, and Madinaty). New cities can be reached from the tenth neighborhood via the Ring Road or the Marshal Corridor, as the neighborhood is close to the roads that lead to Suez, El Oubour and Ismailia cities.


The Eighth Neighborhood: The eighth neighborhood is located in the quietest areas of Nasr City. It is located between the extension of Mostafa El-Nahhas Street and Hassan El-Maamoun Street; near many of Nasr City compounds. It is the first destination for those looking for upscale life, tranquility, and enjoying a location close to all basic and entertainment services in the center of Nasr City.

Moreover, it is located near many landmarks of Nasr City, such as the Al-Ahly Club branch in Nasr City, the Child Park, Al-Manhal School, Abbas Al-Akkad Street, the International Park, Al-Wafa Wa Al-Amal City, and the Free Zone for Trade and Investment.


El Sefarat Neighborhood: El Sefarat neighborhood is located in the east of Nasr City, next to the Free Zone for Trade and Investment, and on the extension of Abbas Al Akkad Street. The neighborhood is characterized by calmness, good planning, wide paved streets and high-quality infrastructure, as it is similar in design to the compounds. Being upscale and featuring high standard of living, the neighborhood has a number of official bodies and important companies' headquarters, such as the Ministry of Higher Education, Enppi Petroleum Company, the Atomic Energy Authority, the Free Zone for Trade and Investment, the General Investment Authority and PepsiCo, in addition to many banks, headquarters of private companies and shopping centers.


Al-Waha Neighborhood: although it is one of the areas of the tenth neighborhood, it differs from them in terms of living standards, planning, infrastructure, and building design. It is distinguished by its compound-like nature. Al-Waha neighborhood is located near the Corridor of the Field Marshal Tantawi, the 90th Street and the entrance to New Cairo. It is not far from Madinaty, Rehab or Cairo-Suez Road. Al Waha neighborhood has many units that suit all possibilities and tastes, in addition to the availability of all basic and entertainment services inside the compound. Being located inside Nasr City, it is of course close to all entertainment and marketing activities, which attract many visitors from all governorates.


Nasr City services


Educational services: Nasr City is famous for many educational services, especially the primary and secondary public, technical and vocational schools. Al-Azhar University is one of the most important educational edifices in Nasr City, in addition to the Workers' University, the Institute of Social Service, the Military Air High School and Al-Alsun Higher Institute. Also, there is large number of government schools (experimental, official and language schools), international private schools, and a wide range of nurseries.


Medical care services: Health care services in Nasr City have witnessed a great boom over the past years, whether in terms of multi-specialty hospitals or those specialized in specific medical fields, as well as clinics of doctors, radiology and analysis centers, and all kinds of beauty centers. Nasr City has a group of medical bodies and institutions that provide their services around the clock, such as the Health Insurance Hospital, which provides its services economically, Hassabo International Hospital, Al Hayat Hospital and Dar Al Fouad Hospital. Besides, there are comprehensive clinics centers such as Rabaa Al Adawiya Medical Center, as well as many radiology and analysis centers and pharmacies.


Social and sports clubs in Nasr City: in Greater Cairo, Nasr City is the most fortunate districts in having sports centers and playgrounds that serve residents and visitors from all over Greater Cairo. Nasr City has many headquarters and branches of Egyptian clubs, such as El Sekka El-Hadid Club and Stadium, the Arab Contractors Club and Stadium, Al Zohour Sporting Club, Cairo Stadium, Al-Ahly Club branch, and the International Bowling Center, which is suitable for adults and children and school and family trips, and the Al-Wafa Wa Al-Amal Club, which was recently developed to become one of the most important clubs where sports are practiced, whether football, tennis or swimming. Moreover, there are small stadiums and youth centers scattered in all neighborhoods, which witness a great turnout of young and old.


Commercial activity in Nasr City

Having good infrastructure, high population density, and great population and cultural diversity, many businessmen and small projects pioneers found that Nasr City is the perfect place to start their commercial journey in order to take advantage of the combination of all these factors provided in one place. Nasr City is rich in many open shopping centers that are located in famous streets. Even people from other Egyptian cities visit them to shop and buy clothes and supplies. Abbas Al-Akkad Street, for example, is famous for being an open center for all forms of buying and selling. Besides, there are Abbas Al Akkad Mall and Genena Mall. The latter is one of the most popular and crowded commercial centers in Nasr City. It provides many commercial services such as shops, restaurants and cafes, in addition to an ice-skating area, which gives the mall an advantage over other malls in its scope.


Also in Nasr City, there is City Stars Mall, which is one of the most famous Egyptian and Arab shopping centers. It is located on a street off Nasr Street and across Makram Ebeid Street. The mall is distinguished with its wonderful planning and professional management, and consists of several floors. It is divided very carefully so that each floor is used for a specific type of commodities and purchases. It has a children's play area and a dining area with the most famous restaurants and cafes. Moreover, Sun Mall is one the most recent malls in Nasr City. It is located in the eighth neighborhood, next to Al-Ahly Club, and acroos Mostafa El-Nahhas Street. This makes its location very special and easy to access from all directions.


Nasr City Landmarks

Streets and neighborhoods in Nasr City have many of the most famous landmarks of Greater Cairo, which are daily visited by many visitors, whether on organized or individual trips. These landmarks vary between official and recreational, such as Cairo Stadium that was built in 1958 AD, in addition to many other popular sports clubs such as El Sekka El-Hadid Club and Arab Contractors Club. It also includes the headquarters of the Ministries of Immigration, International Cooperation and Higher Education, in addition to the headquarters of the Ministry of Finance, the Ministry of Higher Education, the Ministry of Manpower and Immigration, the General Authority for Investment and Free Zones, the headquarters of the World Health Organization, the Egyptian Red Crescent Society and the National Council for Women.


Main streets of Nasr City


The streets of Nasr City have gained great fame over the past years, as being all-day open commercial and entertainment centers. Abbas El Akkad Street is one of these streets, which is an open mall, where you can make 24-hour shopping. It has all services and great deal of shops, restaurants, banks, major companies and automobile exhibitions.


Abbas El Akkad Street is not alone, as there is Makram Ebeid Street, which is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Nasr City. Being relatively short, it is characterized by calmness to a certain degree, where you can find some commercial malls such as Al-Serag Mall and Omar Effendi, and some banks and private companies.


Al-Tayaran Street is also one of the main axes in Nasr City. It extends from Rabaa Al-Adawiya neighborhood to Nuri Khattab Mosque and contains the Health Insurance Hospital, the Cairo Conference Center and the Islamic Research Center.


Investment opportunities in Nasr City


In Greater Cairo, Nasr City is one of the greatest districts in encouraging trade and investment and starting new projects, due to its proximity to many of the main roads and axes in Cairo such as Cairo - Ain Sokhna road, Cairo - Ismailia Road and the Ring Road. Additionally, the district is linked to Upper Egypt through the Autostrad, which facilitate the movement of goods and supplies and make it affordable.


In addition to the availability of manpower, craftsmen, skillful and talented employees, the high population density helped to flourish the movement of supply and demand for all services. Despite the large number of service providers such as restaurants, transport companies and supplies, the market still paves the way to new competitors every day. Also, there are certain streets that serve as a large market for all services and goods, such as Abbas Al-Akkad Street. It is one of the most important commercial streets in Egypt, where there are many shops that provide all kinds of products, in addition to many restaurants, cafes, banks and small companies.


As for the real estate market in Nasr City, it has witnessed a boom, development and high demand for Nasr City properties during the past years, especially due to the high population density from one hand and the desire of many to move to live in Nasr City from the other hand. The real estate financing initiative of the Central Bank of Egypt also helped in this aspect, as many citizens will seek to get an apartment and benefit from this initiative, which makes the movement of selling very active in the real estate market.


One of the most important real estate opportunities in Nasr City is the presence of the Free Zone for Trade and Investment that affiliated to the General Investment Authority based in El Sefarat neighborhood in Nasr City. It is also a great opportunity for those who look for real investment opportunities far from the administrative complexity imposed by the government outside the free zones. This Free Zone is one of the most important factors for the prosperity of trade in Nasr City and the surrounding areas. The Free Zone in Nasr City represents a main focal point in the economic movement inside Greater Cairo, not just Nasr City, as it is one of the most important Egyptian free zones. Therefore, the Egyptian government has made great efforts and provided all capabilities to develop it and elevate the level of quality in terms of infrastructure, roads, security equipment, and facilities granted to Egyptian and foreign investors.


Free zones are dedicated zones for investment and free trade, which offer facilities and concessions to foreign and Egyptian investors, such as exemption from customs duties on imports and exports, and zeroing taxes on sales, which encourages investors to establish projects and take advantage of these features granted by the Egyptian government to project owners.

The number of the Apartments For sale in Nasr City is 4,689 listings
The average price per meter for Apartments in Nasr City is 8,550 EGP
The average price change in Nasr City is 9%
The sub locations in Nasr City are Sixth District, Seventh District, Eighth District, Tenth District, Zahraa Nasr City, El Sefarat Neighborhood, El Waaha, Makram Ebeid St., Abbas El Akkad St., Moustafa El Nahaas St., Tawfiq City, Emtidad Ramesses, Rabaa El Adawiya, 1st Zone, International Park
The types of locations in Nasr City are Duplex, Studio, Penthouse, Roof, Apartment with Garden, Full Floor
The top brokerage companies in Nasr City are conceptegypt