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14,100 EGP

Prices of Apartments in 1st Zone average 14,100 EGP per square meter.

Average price per meter in past 12 months

Neighborhood Apartments Average price per meter
Youssef Abbas St. 16,000 EGP /M²
Mahmoud Khairy St. 14,100 EGP /M²
El Moayed St. 13,200 EGP /M²
Sibawayh El Masri St. 11,300 EGP /M²
Rafah St. 9,900 EGP /M²


Demand level

(Very High)


Price change in 12 months

Overall Rating


Social Status




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Shopping & Dinning


One of the main and well known areas of Nasr City that offers luxury and upper middle housing. Some of the key landmarks of the neighborhood are Rabaa Square, Tiba Mall, Genina Mall, and Abbas El Akkad street. Some refer to this area as the “Golden Square” due to the high demand it gets from regional tourists and businesses that like to setup their offices in the area. One of the drawbacks of the neighborhood is the traffic congestion especially during rush hours. About Nasr City One of Cairo’s modern and biggest neighborhoods in terms of area, Nasr City was built as an extension for Heliopolis. It is located in eastern Cairo between Heliopolis, Mokattam, and New Cairo. It is a relatively modern neighborhood, and most of its areas are well planned. The city is distinguished by its commercial activity and its unique position between the center of Cairo and most of the new cities. Nasr City is very crowded due to the commercial activity. Nasr City offers a variety of housing levels, the majority of the city offers upper-middle housing, yet there are areas that offer upscale housing, and others that offer economic housing, and a few areas that can be categorized as slums. Nasr City hosts City Stars Mall, Azhar University, Child Garden and International Garden. It is easy to access using public transportation, and it can be entered from Nasr road, Shaheed axis, Ring road, or via Metro (Stadium Station and Exhibits Station).

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Sixth District

Sixth District

  • 11,850 EGP
  • Average price per meter
Seventh District

Seventh District

  • 10,850 EGP
  • Average price per meter
Eighth District

Eighth District

  • 6,450 EGP
  • Average price per meter