20,000,000 EGP

Furnished apartment with an area of ​​197 square meters in Sheikh Zayed area, with a 10% down payment

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Apartments.June 8, 2024

Z Tower - ZED El Sheikh Zayed Compound

197 m²

3 rooms

2 bathroom

Super Lux

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Main Street

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Price Per Meter

101,523 EGP/M²

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In Zed West CompoundApartment area: 197 square meters3 large bedrooms (master bedroom)2 bathrooms-Resepsin
  • Terrace with a distinctive view

All units are received with complete air conditioning and equipment, including kitchens. You will also have a choice between two final color palettes for the finish.

Zed West websiteThe Zed West project is located in Sheikh Zayed City in a very special place near Hyper One and Al Rabwa Compound, overlooking the Tower Complex project.
Zed Zayed project unit designsAll Zed Sheikh Zayed City unit designs are characterized by sophisticated taste and international designs. Its design resembles the skyscrapers in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, and is luxurious for those who love luxury.
Zed West Sheikh Zayed was also divided into two main sections. The first is a number of towers, each consisting of ten floors, all of which are designated for housing only.The other towers consist of twenty floors designated for entertainment services, one of which contains a clubhouse at the highest level. The other floors from the first to the third also include commercial stores, and the floors from the fourth to the twentieth floor are allocated for residential apartments.
Features of Zed Sheikh Zayed CompoundZed West Sheikh Zayed enjoys beauty and elegance in terms of designs and decorations, with a wonderful combination of calm colors that make you feel positive.Zed West is one of the fourth generation cities in Sheikh Zayed, which is considered the future of cities and will have many facilities.There is an area designated for services, and the tower overlooks a wonderful view.
Zed Sheikh Zayed Compound servicesClubhouse.Surrounded by crystal lakes.Spread of green spaces.There is a track for walking and walking.Entertainment area for children.Restaurants and cafes.Stores for international brands.Tennis and football courts.Security and guarding equipped with cameras.A wonderful view of the largest park in the heart of Sheikh Zayed.Stairs and special emergency exits.A large street around the towers for walking and cycling.Private garage with underground tunnel.Special elevators for carrying furniture.An integrated commercial mall that includes all high-quality international and local brands.Center Park has many green spaces surrounding Zed Sheikh Zayed City from every direction and spacious gardens to enjoy the natural scenery.Special elevators for owners to provide comfort to our distinguished customers.Spa, indoor and outdoor gym and lobby for guests.There are underground places for waste and rubbish, and it has an odor-free system.A commercial area with underground shops to reduce inconvenience to residents.
Payment systems and payment methods for Zed West Sheikh Zayed unitsThere are installment payment systems in Zed Sheikh Zayed Compound with a 10% down payment of the unit value, then 5% is paid upon contracting and the rest is paid in equal installments over 6 years, so that the units are delivered after 3 and a half years from the contract date.Send feedbackSide panelsHistorySavedContribute