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For sale - Apartments 89 M² Extra super lux in Village West Compound - Dorra

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Apartments.June 8, 2024

Village West Compound - Dorra

89 m²

1 rooms

1 bathroom

Extra Super Lux

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About Project

Village West Zayed Compound is an integrated residential project in Sheikh Zayed City, designed by Dorra Real Estate, according to the latest modern building standards, on an area of ​​125 acres, and includes various residential units that allow the customer to choose the type of unit that suits him between apartments, villas, and duplexes, of various sizes.
Village West Compound offers an integrated residential model, characterized by the availability of all basic and recreational services that meet the needs of the residents, to provide an ideal lifestyle for the residents, in addition to its strategic location close to all main roads and axes.
The compound also includes vast green areas, and the highest system of protection, security, and privacy for the client, in addition to the isolation of the compound from external noise, so that its residents can enjoy comfort and tranquility, making it one of the most prestigious compounds in Sheikh Zayed City, while the project executing company offers several wonderful payment methods that allow the customer to choose the system Best.

The Developer of the Village West Compound

Dorra Investment and Real Estate Development Company is the executing company of the Village West project, and it is one of the most important leading companies in real estate development and investment since a long history as it was established in 2012, and over the past years it has been able to compete with major companies in the real estate market, and the company offers the best projects With multiple advantages that meet the desires of customers.

Previous Works of Dorra Investment and Real Estate Development

-Zayed Heights project-Zayed 2000 Compound, Sheikh Zayed-Engineers gardens project-Dora participated in the construction of about 60% of the buildings in Sheikh Zayed City-The Address East Compound, Fifth Settlement

Location of the Village West Compound in Sheikh Zayed City

The company executing the project has carefully chosen the location of the Village West Compound, as it is located in the most prominent areas of Sheikh Zayed City and near many main roads and axes as follows:
-It is located near the Royal City Compound and Cairo Gate-It is about 3 minutes away from Hyper One-It is 4 minutes away from the desert road-It is located 20 minutes from Juhayna Square and Mall of Arabia, and 25 minutes from Al Hosary Square

Available Areas of Units in Village West Zayed

The available residential units vary in Village West Compound so that each customer can choose the type of unit that suits him as follows:
  • Two-room apartments with spaces ranging from 123 m² up to 159 m²
  • Apartments consisting of 3 rooms with spaces ranging from 149 m² up to 190 m²
  • Apartments consisting of 4 rooms with areas starting from 203 square meters
  • Duplexes with areas ranging from 203 square meters to 249 square meters
  • Penthouses with spaces start from 190 m² up to 243 m²

Designs of Village West Sheikh Zayed Compound

The real estate developer was keen to choose a large area for the Village West project, with an area of ​​125 acres, and that space was divided between residential buildings and facilities, which occupy about 20%, and vast green spaces and facilities that occupy the largest proportion by about 80% of the total area of ​​the project.
The units were designed in modern and high-end architectural styles, with sufficient diversity that allows the customer to choose the appropriate unit, as the housing units within the project vary between apartments, duplexes, and penthouses, and each unit differs from the other in terms of spaces.

Features of the residential units in Village West Compound

-The buildings and constructions of the project are designed according to the latest modern international designs.
  • Extensive green spaces, water bodies, and dancing water fountains that give a wonderful appearance

-The units within the Sheikh Zayed Village project enjoy privacy and wonderful views of the landscape
  • Various internal divisions to suit the needs of each customer
The residential units are delivered on a fully finished system attached to air conditioners.
  • The expansion of the compound and the perfect design brings psychological comfort to customers

  • Quietness and isolation of the compound from external noise and hustle

Available Services in Village West Project in Sheikh Zayed City

-Wide tracks for cycling, jogging, and exercise-Great entertainment venues with all facilities, games, and multiple activities for all ages-Huge commercial areas that include many malls, shops, and hypermarkets that offer the best brands-A service area that includes world-class restaurants and cafes-Clubhouse and gyms with the latest sports equipment and trainers at the highest level.-A health club with spa rooms, jacuzzi, and massage rooms that provide the best services for the convenience of customers-Spacious, world-class swimming pools suitable for adults and children-24-hour security and guarding, electronic gates, and surveillance cameras

Payment Systems in the Village West Dorra

The company executing the project, Dora, was keen to provide a variety of payment methods so that each customer chooses the payment method that suits him as follows:
  • 5% down payment of the value of the unit price and the rest in installments over 7 consecutive years
Payment of 5% down payment upon contracting, another 5% after 3 months, and the rest in installments over 8 years
  • The customer pays a maintenance deposit of 7%.

Prices of Units in Village West Compound in Sheikh Zayed City

Prices change according to the type, location, and area of ​​the unit, according to the choice of each customer, in addition to price changes in the real estate market, so you can follow the prices in the table above.

Advantages of Living in Sheikh Zayed City

Sheikh Zayed is the most suitable place for those looking for high-end housing and an excellent strategic location, as it is characterized by luxurious urban planning according to the latest building and construction standards, and it also contains many various residential projects Which are characterized by the spread of green spaces, public facilities, and services that easily meet the needs of the population.
In addition to the comfortable and quiet life and the spread of all services everywhere from medical, commercial, and entertainment services, to schools, and hospitals, it provides quiet, elegant, and completely organized, and the environment is clean and away from crowds, which makes it the best choice for those wishing to live in the western areas of Greater Cairo.
Sheikh Zayed City also attracts different classes to it thanks to the presence of different housing categories between economic, medium, and luxury housing, as well as many houses of worship such as mosques and churches, in addition to its excellent strategic location, which makes it close to all roads and axes.