10,140,480 EGP

Apartment for sale in 10-year installments in Yellow Residence New Cairo

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Apartments.June 11, 2024

Yellow Residence - Urbanlanes

140 m²

2 rooms

2 bathroom

Super Lux

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72,432 EGP/M²

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Apartment for sale in installments over 10 years in Yellow Residence, Fifth SettlementApartment details:
Apartment area: 140 m
Consisting of:
2 bedroom
2 bathrooms
Semi finished
10% down payment, installments up to 8 years
Selling price: 10,140,480
Yellow Residence location, Fifth Settlement
Urbnlanes Real Estate Development Company has chosen a wonderful strategic location for the Yellow Residence complex. This complex is located in the heart of New Cairo, making it close to many attractions. Carefully, here are some places that are easily accessible from it
The company developing the project