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Apartments for rent in Zamalek

You can access Zamalek using different roads, May 15th bridge which links Zamalek with El Mohandsen and Agouza neighborhoods, 6th of October Bridge, which connects it to the downtown and Dokki to Giza, Haram, Nasr City and New Cairo, Zamalek, or using the Ring Road which also connects Zamalek with Hadayek el Ahram and 6th of October.

Abu Al Fada Street in Zamalek is considered one of the most well-known streets in the neighborhood, it is characterized by the excellent Nile view and a number of touristic places. It also offers a range of wonderful residential units. That's why there is a demand for people looking for apartments for rent in Zamalek because of those features which characterize the neighborhood.

Apartments in Zamalek which varies in price according to the view, the area, the location, the condition of the residential building and its finishing.

The most important factor which affects apartment prices in Zamalek is the area which is divided into 2 types, apartments overlooking the Nile and apartments which don't. Apartments are famous for high ceilings. The streets of Hassan Pasha, Sabri, Al Jazeera, and Abu Al Fada are among the most expensive streets, while Ahmed Heshmat Street and Michelle Street are reasonably priced.