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Where to look for apartments for Rent in El Minia?

El Minia is the capital of El Minia Governorate and considered as a trading and administrative center on the west bank of the Nile River. It also features many markets, entertainment centers, a university, and an array of residential units. One of the most popular properties to rent in El Minia is Al Minya towers, which is located directly on the Nile River and enjoy amazing water-front view. Al Minya Towers are characterized by its high-level residential community, which is surrounded by many shopping centers and public facilities.

Although El Minia Governorate has a population of about 5,807,000, has a lot to offer for its residents and visitors, you can easily find an apartment for rent in El Minia that comes with a perfect location, area, and design. Whether you are looking for a unit to stay in El Minia or just to spend few days to enjoy its historical atmosphere and places, you can find an apartment for rent in El Minia that meets your requirements and family needs. You may find suitable apartments for rent in Beni Mazar, Abu Qirqas, Mallawi, Samalut, Matai, New Minia, and other cities in El Minia.