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Properties for rent in Egypt's top areas

Whereas choosing the appropriate housing for your family is an essential matter, therefore, the decision to look for a property for rent must be studied well, as the failure in choosing the right location might cause material or moral losses, such as frequent transfers, or defaulting on payment methods, and other problems that may worsen your dreams of settling with your family. The advices are as follows:


Ownership or renting?


Do you really want to rent a property? Or do you want to own one? Do you rent a housing unit for an individual or a family purpose? Are you looking for renting a property according to old or new Landlord-tenant law? Do you want to permanently rent an apartment or a villa, or is it just a temporary housing? Will the housing unit be in your current governorate, or will it be in another governorate? Answering these questions will ease your search process, and help you to make a decision.


Set your budget


First of all, before starting to look for a property, you must determine your budget. This budget will be set after deciding whether you will rent or buy a property and whether it is a villa or an apartment. For example, renting an apartment will not be equal to the cost of renting a villa. Moreover, choosing a property near major roads, such as the Ring Road, or close to a metro station; or being surrounded by many basic and recreational services. All of these factors will affect for sure the cost of renting. So, the process of determining your budget is a very important stage in the searching process.

You can discover each region and the price per square meter of which through the price guide on Aqarmap.


Determine the location


Do you want to rent an apartment near your workplace? Do you want to rent an apartment in a compound or coastal governorate for entertainment purposes? Before determining the place of residence you desire to settle in, you should answer these questions after setting your own budget.


Different research methods


In recent years, various electronic research methods were designed to search for anything you want to buy or offer what you want to sell, appeared. Therefore, we can use these websites (such as Aqarmap) to sell or rent different properties, and different social media platforms, such as: Facebook and Twitter. Moreover, you would find a lot of offers in various platforms and companies. You will find a variety of prices and spaces to suit your budget and needs, but you must be careful when searching and select a reliable company with a good reputation, in order to avoid being deceived.


Real estate broker


In case you don’t have enough time to look for a property, you may resort to a real estate broker that helps you in the searching process, but make sure you deal with a trusted real estate agent broker in order not to be deceived. It is preferable to be suggested through one of your relatives or friends. Also, make sure to agree with him regarding material matters to avoid any future problems.


Property inspection


Don’t hesitate to inspect the property you want to rent more than one time, when you find a suitable offer. Also, make sure that the specifications mentioned in the offer are true, and ensure the wellbeing of the housing utilities, such as electricity meter, water and sewage pipes, and natural gas meter. Moreover, find out whether it is fully finished or will you undertake the finishing process.


Availability of services


If you are willing to move and settle in another residence area, you must ensure that all basic services are available around your residence area, such as: shops, schools, pharmacies, hospitals, and places of worship.


Legal procedures


There are legal procedures that you should not miss when renting a house:

  • Review all terms of the lease contract to know your duties and obligations.

  • Check the regular maintenance term, such as cleaning the property, repairing utilities, etc., and check whether the tenant will bear them as additional costs? Or will it be paid by the lessor?
  • Choose the payment methods through which you want to pay the rent, either on an annual or monthly basis.
  • Write all the additional terms in the contract, such as: Will the lessor allow you to make any amendments to the apartment or villa? Like, painting or dividing rooms, and will you be allowed to bring pets? Would he/she also give you the right to purchase the apartment or villa if you wanted?

Of course, we will not be able to cover all areas in which you can rent a property. But based on what mentioned above, we will present all the information you need to know about some vital areas in Cairo such as Nasr City, Heliopolis, and El Maadi.


Nasr City

Nasr City is one of the most vital districts in Cairo; it features a wide range of the remarkable commercial streets like Makram Ebeid and Abbas El Akkad, as well as, a number of the popular shopping malls including, Tiba Mall, City Mall, City Stars, Seraj Mall, Genena Mall, and others. Nasr City is also home to many major banks and branches of international companies. Meanwhile, the industrial free zone also makes it the perfect district for those wishing to live near to their workplace. Moreover, Nasr City is the best district to live in, especially for expatriate students and foreign scholarships who want to live near Al-Azhar University.


Features and the Best Neighborhoods for Rent in Nasr City


The most prominent characteristic of Nasr City is that you can reach it easily from more than one area using public transport. Yet, the most important entrances of Nasr City are Nasr Road, the Martyr Axis, and the Ring Road. In addition to the subway line that passes through it (Stadium Station and Exhibition Ground Station), and it’s planned to add more areas in the coming years.

Nasr City features a diversity of social levels; the levels of neighborhoods in Nasr City vary between popular areas and medium areas and upscale areas. Therefore, the rental rates and the prices also vary depending on those levels.

Zahraa Nasr City and the Seventh District are considered the best neighborhoods where you can find the perfect apartment for rent in Nasr City, as they are suitable for small families and young couples. Yet, if you are looking for premises for your new company or clinic, you will find various apartments for rent in Abbas El Akkad with a distinct level and near to the main roads.


The Most Vital Streets in Nasr City and its Facilities


Abbas El Akkad Street and Hassanein Heikal Street: both are two of the most vital streets in Nasr City that feature a number of commercial shops and globally famous brands such as «ZARA - H&M - NIKE». Abbas El Akkad Street is also the home to The International Park, several banks and money exchange companies, and many famous restaurants and cafes. If you are one of those who love shopping and entertainment, Abbas El Akkad would be your first choice of accommodation.

Makram Ebeid Street: It is one of the most important and largest main streets in Nasr City; it contains many centers for furniture and decorations, as well as the very famous mall «City Stars».

Youssef Abbas Street: It is one of the quietest and the least crowded streets in Nasr City, so if you love to live in a quiet cool area, then Youssef Abbas Street will be a good choice for you. The street also features a group of the most important government premises including, the Health Insurance Hospital and the Ministry of Manpower.

Nasr Road: This road was held military celebrations until 1981, and there is a platform where the assassination of the late President Anwar Sadat. It also features the Monument of the Unknown Soldier, as well as the International Conference Center, and Cairo Stadium.

Mostafa El Nahhas Street: It is one of the longest streets in Nasr City. It has many commercial shops and shopping centers.

Recently, you may notice the increase rate of the residential compounds in Nasr City, which are considered between the most distinctive housing projects in Egypt currently. This verity is the reason why there is a wide range of residential options in Nasr City with different areas, prices, and rental rates.



Heliopolis (Masr EL Gedida)

Masr El Gedida (Heliopolis) is one of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Cairo.


Features and Services


Heliopolis has distinctive government headquarters and important landmarks such as Presidential Palace, Cairo Airport, Maryland Park, Military College, and others. That’s why it’s distinguished with its well-organized streets and neighborhoods. Korba is one of the famous neighborhoods in Heliopolis, which is known for the presence of master doctors in Egypt. There are also many villas in Heliopolis district with a distinctive level suitable for corporate headquarters or as branches of international banks.

In addition to its historical and archaeological value, Heliopolis is a vital commercial and economic district; it features areas with a wide range of the most famous commercial shops and shopping centers; such as Korba and Roxy. It also contains a number of several companies and large banks. Thus, the demand for rental apartments and condominiums in Heliopolis is significantly high.


Distinctive Places in Masr El Gedida


· Presidential Palace

  • Maryland Park
  • Palace of Baron Empan
  • Cairo International Airport
  • Heliopolis Library
  • Military college

Here are the most important areas in Masr El Gedida

New Nozha

One of the most prestigious neighborhoods in Heliopolis, it is located near Cairo International Airport. New Nozha offers economic and medium housing solutions; that’s why it is suitable for limited budgets. It also has the new Saudi German Hospital in Taha Hussein Street. The average price* per meter for apartments is EGP 3,950.

Triumph Square

One of Heliopolis's most famous squares, linking St. Fatima to Orouba Road; it is a relatively commercial street. Triumph Square features many facilities and services including, pharmacies, markets, schools, and kindergartens. Triumph Square offers medium and upper-medium housing solutions with an average price* EGP 8,900 per meter for apartments.


It is one of the most famous squares in Heliopolis and even all over Cairo; it is located near ​​Corba neighborhood, Maryland, the Baron Palace, and the Presidential Palace. Roxy is also one of the most famous commercial areas in Egypt; it contains a wide range of clothing stores of all kinds and different prices. Roxy also contains many commercial shops of famous brands, clinics, schools, and nurseries. Roxy offers medium and upper-medium housing solutions.



El Maadi


El Maadi is one of the most luxurious, quiet and beautiful districts in Cairo, so prices are the highest there. It is located south of Cairo, on the east bank of the Nile. Maadi is regarded as the preferred district by foreign communities, as there are large numbers of them still live in it. It also includes 26 foreign embassies.

Maadi can be easily reached by metro, as there are 3 stations there: Maadi Gardens, Maadi, and Sakanat El Maadi.

To go to New Maadi, you can use the Autostrad Road, and you can go to Zahraa El Maadi via the Ring Road. El Maadi is bordered from the west by the Nile Corniche Street and from the east by the Autostrad Road that runs from Helwan to Nasr City.


Partitioning of El Maadi District


It is consists of seven main neighborhoods:


Old Maadi


It is famous for its high towers, such as Othman Towers on the Nile Corniche. On the other side, it has buildings that consist of not more than three floors, such as Degla neighborhood that is characterized by vast green areas, wide uncrowded streets, and only three-story buildings. It is located between the railway line and the Autostrad. One of its most important streets is the 9th Street, which is parallel to the railway line and full of famous restaurants and cafes.


New Maadi


It is characterized by many oil companies, the most famous of which is the Gulf of Suez Petroleum Company (GUPCO) and its compound overlooking the Ring Road. It also includes residences of the Kuwaiti and Saudi companies. One of its most important streets is Al-Nasr Street, which is the first commercial street in Maadi. Besides, it contains Suzanne Mubarak Public Library, the Olympic Center, and agencies for some cars.


Sakanat El Maadi


It is one of the oldest high-end neighborhoods in Old Maadi. It starts from Port Said Street to the railway line.


Zahraa El Maadi


It is the most recent residential neighborhoods in El Maadi and characterized by complete calmness, wide streets, and the large number of green spaces. All of its buildings are upscale towers.


Arab El Maadi (El Arab)


It is the most popular area due to its unique location, which is connected to all neighborhoods of El Maadi. The neighborhood has many shops, handicraft workshops, and various means of transportation. The average price per square meter in New Maadi and its neighborhoods is EGP 5,200.


Hadayek El Maadi


It is one of the industrial zones, and lies behind the Corniche. One of its most important streets is Hasanin Dasuqi Commercial Street.




It is divided into 3 parts: Tora El-Balad, Kotsika, and Tora El Asmant. Its most famous landmarks are Tora Prison, and Abdel Moneim Riad Mosque. Also, it includes the Portland cement factory in Tora El Asmant.

Due to its calm nature as a residential district, El Maadi attracted investors to build the finest residential compounds and settlements; the best of which are as follows:


El Maadi Compounds


Ashgar Darna


It is located on the Ring Road in the center of El Maadi. It has green spaces, entertainment services, hypermarket and banks.


Maadi Grand City


It is located next to Modern Academy, 700 meters from Carrefour Maadi, just 15 minutes from Nasr City, Heliopolis and downtown. It has a gym, kid's area, restaurants and cafes.


Maadi Royal Garden


It is located on the Ring Road, in front of Modern Academy and close to the shooting club. It has many services to provide all needs of residents.


Maadi Heights


It is located on the Ring Road, next to the British School and close to Maadi City Center. It has green areas, landscapes and swimming pools.


Degla View


It is located between Zahraa El Maadi and the playground of schools, close to Carrefour Maadi, the Shooting Club and El Maadi Club. It has shops, a mosque, a medical center and many other services.


Tijan El Maadi


Tijan Compound is located on the Ring Road between El Maadi and Kattameya and 3 km from Wadi Degla Sports Club. It has health, educational and recreational services.


Services and landmarks


On El Maadi Corniche, you will find many luxury hotels, such as the Cairotel Hotel, Sofitel Hotel and Holiday Inn Hotel. Also, you will find nightclubs and popular restaurants like Andrea and Platform, and ships equipped with fine restaurants to spend an enjoyable Nile cruise amidst water, calmness and music.

Besides, El Maadi is full of government and international schools, nurseries and public and private academies, including:

  • Sadat Academy for Administrative Sciences.
  • Modern Academy of Engineering and Technology.
  • Maadi British International School.
  • Victoria College Maadi.
  • Canal Language School in Maadi.
  • Al-Bashaer International School.
  • Wadi Degla Language School.
  • Thakanat El Maadi Primary School.
  • French Lycee schools.
  • The American College in Cairo.
  • Simba nursery.
  • Paradise Kids Nursery.
  • Creative Child Academy Nursery.

As for the health aspect, it includes:

  • Dr. Othman Hospital.
  • El Maadi Armed forces Hospital.
  • Al-Fateh Islamic Hospital in El Maadi.
  • Alaa Ezzat Hospital.
  • Andalusia Maadi Hospital (Al-Nakhil).
  • Tabibi clinics.
  • Dawi Clinics.
  • As-Salam International Hospital.
  • Cleopatra Hospital (Nile Badrawi).
  • Branches of the most famous pharmacy chains in Egypt.

As for the sports aspect, it includes:

  • El Maadi Yacht & Sporting Club.
  • Wadi Degla Club.
  • El Sherouk Club for Police Officers.
  • El Maadi Club for Armed Forces Officers.
  • El Maadi Teachers Club.
  • Military Beach 54 Club.

As for entertainment and shopping, they have a big share in El Maadi, for example:

  • Maadi Grand Mall.
  • Bandar El Maadi.
  • Maadi City Center.
  • The Baron Mall.
  • Hop 50 Mall.
  • Gourmet Degla.
  • Kao souvenir shop.
  • Maadi Platform.
  • Boomers.
  • Cafelluca Boat.
  • Nile Point.
  • Grand Café.
  • Point 90.