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Villas for rent North Coast

Many people in the northern coast are looking to rent these villas in the villages of the northern coast to enjoy the services, facilities, and variety of spaces, designs and prices.


These villas feature a variety of rooms, balconies and views of the sea. You can also rent villas on the North Coast with a private swimming pool, fully guarded and security services, making the demand for them more than 50%.

The villas in the North Coast are of particular nature surrounded by private shopping centers, private areas for children, industrial lakes, yachting areas, gymnasiums, etc. The prices vary in the rental of villas on the northern coast from one village to another. For example, a villa for rent in Marina North Coast is different from renting villas in Marassi. Private villas in the above-average villages that offer luxury accommodation in Valencia, Marseille resorts, Badr village and Mena village.