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Administrative Units for Sale in Vinci Street Mall in the New Administrative Capital


In the journey of the customers search for a suitable place for his commercial project, they choose based on several factors, including: the distinctive geographical location in a densely populated area to attract the largest number of customers, a distinctive design that adds luxury and sophistication to his project. In addition to acceptable prices in new administrative and payment systems that help them start their project quickly.


Vinci Street Mall in the New Administrative Capital has sought to collect all these features in one place, to save time and effort for the customer, in the heart of the New Administrative Capital within the Seventh Residential district, R7.


Vinci Street Mall provides all the services that investors need to increase the growth of their business, and it offers various units: administrative, medical, and commercial of different areas, and varying prices.


Background Information on Misr Italia Real Estate Development Company


It is one of the leading real estate companies, with more than 35 years of experience, and a large number of important projects in the most prestigious neighborhoods of Cairo, such as El Shorouk, Fifth Settlement, Ain Sokhna, the New Administrative Capital, Badr City, and the North Coast.


The categories of projects implemented by the company vary, and they vary between economic housing, small and medium factories, luxury residential buildings, tourist resorts, and commercial real estate. It is committed to providing projects that suit a huge and diverse segment of customers within the Egyptian market.


Previous Works of Misr Italia Real Estate


Egypt has a huge capital that qualifies it to be at the forefront of real estate companies, and to adopt mega projects with international quality and standards, in addition to its keenness to be part of the commercial projects of prominent businessmen and young people as well.


Among the most prominent of her previous real estate works:



And inside the New Administrative Capital:



Location of Vinci Street Capital Project in the New Capital 


The mall is located in a vital and populous place, and this is reflected in the activity of trade, sale and purchase within the commercial projects established in it, and this is available in Vichy Street Mall as a result of its location in the R7 residential neighborhood, which is famous for being one of the most important strategic neighborhoods in the New Capital.


The Seventh Residential District is close to well-known places, including: the exhibition grounds, the cathedral, the Al-Massa hotel, and the New Capital Airport, and it is also linked to the most well-known neighborhoods that are the launch of businessmen and mega projects.


Services of Vinci Street Complex in the New Administrative Capital 


The owner company, Misr Italia Developments seeks to make Vichy Mall the first destination for investors by providing all the services that the customer needs to start or develop his project, while providing the services that visitors need to attract them and spend more time inside the mall.

  • The mall features modern architectural designs, with a bottle façade that gives more space for the properties and allows you to see the picturesque nature from the inside

  • The presence of a car park to receive a large number of visitors and workers in the mall

  • The mall is located in a strategic location and in a privileged residential neighborhood

  • A wonderful view of the attractive panoramic scene, due to the presence of large green areas in front of the mall

  • The presence of a food court that includes the most famous local and international restaurants and cafes

  • The presence of a shopping center that provides all the main and auxiliary needs of customers

  • The variety of apartments for sale in Vinci Street Mall includes administrative, medical, and commercial offices, cafes, and restaurants

  • Escalators to connect the three floors of the mall together

  • The presence of high-quality surveillance cameras throughout the mall

  • The spread of trained security men inside and outside the mall


Types of Units in Vinci Street Project the New Administrative Capital 


The owner company gave priority to organizing the mall units, so it divided the mall into 3 floors, and allocated the ground floor to commercial units that need an outdoor space such as restaurants and cafes.


As for the first floor, the upper floor, it has been allocated to another type of commercial unit such as shops, according to the different services and products they provide. As for the second round, it was all between administrative offices with different activities, and medical clinics in all specialties.


Areas of Units in Vinci Street Mall in the New Administrative Capital 


Misr Italia Company offers a great variety of unit areas, as it starts from 31 square meters up to 165 square meters.


  • The areas of the commercial units on the ground floor start from 31 square meters to 153 square meters, taking into account the size of the different restaurants and cafes

  • The areas of the commercial units on the upper first floor starts from 48 square meters and goes up to 127 square meters

  • The areas of administrative units, clinics, and medical centers on the second floor start from 59 square meters to 165 square meters

  • This diversity of areas between small, medium and large gives the possibility for all commercial projects, regardless of their size, to be part of a new investment capital, within a modern and integrated mall


Prices of Units in Vinci Street Mall 


 The price per square meter varies according to the type of properties, its area and location in any of the floors of the mall, and in any area of ​​the floor. These are various factors that the developer of the meter price report considered.


  •  The ground floor: the price per square meter starts from EGP 65,000 to EGP 78,000

  • The first floor, upper: starts from  56,000 up to  EGP 76,000 

  • The second floor: starts from EGP 35,000 to EGP 40,000 


Payment Systems For Units in Vinci Street Mall Project


Misr Italia offers a number of different payment systems, and long-term repayment periods that compete with others, due to its keenness for the customer to find the right system for him to start his business and generate profits.


  • The first system: obtaining the unit without a down payment with the entire amount in installments over 4 years, in equal installments and without interest


  • The second system: 5% down payment and 10% after 3 months, with the remainder of the amount paid in installments over 5 years in equal installments and without interest


  • The third system: 5% down payment, 10% after 3 months, and the remaining amount over 6 years in equal installments without interest


Knowing that all units will be delivered inside Vinci Street during April 2022.


Investing in Vinci Street Mall New Capital is a guaranteed investment, with quick profits, and a long-term development plan that has everything a successful businessman needs from a privileged location, a densely populated upscale neighborhood, green places and competitive prices.