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Why it is better to find apartments for sale in Hanouvel?

Hanouvel is a neighborhood located in El-Agamy along the Mediterranean Sea in Alexandria, it has a great history, where most of the public figures in the 80s and 90s preferred to spend summertime.

Now, it’s a good idea to search for apartments for sale in Hanouvel and get a good property, since it’s a summer destination for a lot of Egyptians, and you can rent it to have the extra income in handy.

El-Agamy is divided into two main sections: El-Agamy Hanouvel, and El-Agamy Bitash.

Hanouvel contains public beaches, but there is also the private beaches where only the owners of villas can access, such as Palm Beach, Honeymoon and others.

If you are looking for a holiday home, you should consider buying an apartment in Hanouvel.

There are many advantages to owning a property in Hanouvel :

  • It’s your own flat, you will not have to worry every year, where should you spend your holiday.
  • Escape the heat since the weather in Alex is better than unbearable Cairo’s summer
  • The prices of apartments in Hanouvel are reasonable in comparison to apartments in North-coast