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Modern Apartment for Sale in Aswan

Aswan is one of the most beautiful cities in Egypt. It's located south on the east bank of the Nile River. Aswan is considered the third biggest city in Egypt, and the biggest one in Upper Egypt. Moreover, it represents a special place for the Egyptians and tourists who visit it.

It's located in a strategic location, shares borders with New Valley Governorate on the west, Qena on the north, Sudan's Northern state to the south, and Red Sea Governorate to the east. Aswan has a number of the cities which offers a modern life to its residents including, Nasr El Noba, Sebaiya, Kalpsha, Edfu, Abu Simbel, Kom Ombo, El Radesia, and other cities and neighborhoods.

The prices of Aswan apartments for sale vary from 100,000 to 700,000 EGP more or less depending on its location. For example, the prices' rate of the available apartments for sale in Al Cornish, is higher than those apartments located away from the Nile. However, Aswan City offers a wide range of apartments for sale, which suits every taste and budget. It also offers a modern lifestyle which is distinguished with contemporary facilities and services, such as local markets, nearby schools, hospitals, entertainment centers, hotels, restaurants, and cafes.

The number of the Apartments For sale in Aswan is 30 listings
The average price per meter for Apartments in Aswan is 4,600 EGP
The average price change in Aswan is 11%
The sub locations in Aswan are Aswan City, New Aswan City, Drwa, Kom Ombo, Nasr El Noba, Kalpsha, Edfu, El Radesia, Sebaiya, Abu Simbel, Other Neighborhoods, Toshka Al Gadida
The types of locations in Aswan are Duplex, Studio, Penthouse, Roof, Apartment with Garden, Full Floor