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Best places for apartments for sale in Sharqia

The governorate of Sharkia is one of the most famous and one of the oldest in Delta as it dates back to the ancient Egyptians era where it was called "Bobast".

Sharqiya is located near several other governorates like Dakahlia, Qaliubiya, Ismailia, and Port Said. If you are looking for a property in Sharqia, you will find apartments for sale in Zagazig, Belbeis City, Abu Hammad, Deirab Nejm, Husseiniya, also apartments for sale in 10th of Ramadan, Hehia City, Minya El-Qamh City, and San El Hagar City.

The capital of Sharkia is Zagazig, and the most famous residential city in Sharqia Legend has it that the name of the city came from the family of the Zaqzouki, one of the largest families in Sharqia in older times, the city is dominated by commercial and industrial activities.

Zagazig includes residential apartments for sale at medium prices and different styles. The most popular residential areas in the city of Zagazig are Al-Jalaa, Al-Amiya, Al-Istiqlal Street, Al-Mohafaza Street, and Al-Ahrar Road. If you prefer to move to any of these areas you can now find apartments for sale in Zagazig.

Abu Hammad is one of the oldest centers in the governorate of Sharqiya, with an area of ​​218 square kilometers, which is located near Belbeis and Husseiniy. You will find apartments for sale in Abu Hammad at affordable prices in the most popular neighborhoods of AlHorrya, Halmiya, Jafarip, and Kafr Abu Najm.