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Apartments for sale in Suez

Suez is an Egyptian governorate which lies on the Suez canal. North Sinai and Ismailia governorate are located north of Suez, while Red Sea governorate is on the south, South Sinai governorate to the east, and Cairo and Giza governorates to the west, making it one of the most strategic locations in Egypt.

Despite its small area which is 17 thousand square kilometers, Suez is very promising to have a great future ahead. Prices for apartments for sale in Suez depend on the location, but those in Al-Sokhna became more famous and more expensive.

Suez governorate's capital is Suez city which has 5 main districts. Suez is the oldest district and the one which contains most of the governmental buildings and it also has the Suez port.

Prices of apartments in Suez depend on the view, the area, and the location. Al-Arbaeen district is the most densely populated district in Suez and it has a number of districts. Ataqa is another district that is an icon of urban expansion in the governorate and is attracting new residents. Ataqa is also now famous for being an industrial district that has a number of companies and factories.

The number of the Apartments For sale in Suez is 111 listings
The average price per meter for Apartments in Suez is 5,100 EGP
The average price change in Suez is 18%
The sub locations in Suez are Suez City, El Arebaaen, Ataqa, El Ganain, Faisal, Port Tawfik, New Suez City
The types of locations in Suez are Duplex, Studio, Penthouse, Roof, Apartment with Garden, Full Floor