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Chalets for Sale with Multiple Facilities in Ras Sidr


Ras Sidr region includes many villages and tourist resorts that include many chalets for sale, surrounded by a group of recreational sources and service places at the highest level of luxury and sophistication.


Details about the Ras Sidr City


The city consists of three areas: Wadi Sidr, Abu Sidr, and Soerp. Many tourist resorts are visited by visitors from outside Egypt, as it is a tourist attraction due to its archaeological landmarks, sandy coasts, and water springs that are used to treat some diseases. 


The city is famous for its spread of foreign tourism, as it has a sandy beach with a length of 95 kilometers, and it is also one of the first tourist cities near the properties of Cairo, which encourages individuals from within Egyptian cities to choose it as a tourist and entertainment city.


Prime Location of Ras Sidr in the Red Sea Coast


The region is unique in its desert climate, as it is affiliated with the South Sinai Governorate, as it is an Egyptian city overlooking the Gulf of Suez real estate on the Red Sea coast. It is 200 km away from Cairo through the Martyr Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel. It can also be reached by air due to its possession of Ras Sidr Airport, which facilitates transportation. Everyone comes to it.


Types of Units in Ras Sidr City


The city provides several different units in Ras Sidr, whether residential or tourist, the most important of which are chalets, which have recently increased in demand by Arabs and foreigners. 


Areas of Chalets and Internal Divisions


The city launches every period a new phase of chalets, such as those overlooking the beaches of Moses Coast or located in the village of Gazi Bay and others. All of which is dominated by the elements of the picturesque nature and the charming waters.


Chalets in Ras Sidr also vary in their areas to suit the needs of independent individuals or families, for example, there are chalets with an area of ​​105 meters a square consisting of 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms, a reception, and an American kitchen.


Some of the tourist villages in the city also offer chalets with an area of ​​180 square meters in the form of a penthouse consisting of two floors, the first and a roof, the area of ​​​​one floor is 90 square meters, and this type of unit consists of a bedroom, a living room, a bathroom, a kitchen and 2 balconies with a charming view of the pool. You can find all the spaces and divisions you desire in your private chalet within this area.


Advantages of Buying A Chalet in Ras Sidr Village


The most we aspire to  buy a chalet in Ras Sidr is a sense of peace and beauty from within our unit, and this is what the city's chalets provide, in addition to its uniqueness with many other features that made it a tourist destination since ancient times until the present time despite the development that occurred in other coastal cities, the most important of which are:


  • It is located in the Ras Sidr resort, which is visited by observers of quail birds and mountain sheep, as a result of the spread of these species in abundance within the region

  • Diversity of spaces, you will find what suits you from large, small, and medium sizes

  • Providing all facilities upon installments, and the opportunity to negotiate prices upon purchase

  • The beauty of the designs, the accuracy of the details in the construction

  • The optimum use of space, and the splendor of the interior divisions

  • The first tourist cities near Cairo

  • Diversity of resorts and tourist villages in the red sea, with different decorations and designs

  • The spread of foreign tourism, which earns you learning different languages ​​and gaining new experiences

  • Full finishes and some chalets are equipped with air conditioners and kitchen cabinets.

  • An unparalleled view of the sea and the passing ships

  • Existence of tourist attractions that people go to for entertainment sometimes and treatment at other times


Available Services in Ras Sidr 


It is not only a recreational atmosphere but a tourist life that includes the most basic and necessary services that residents need but more elegantly and luxuriously than the usual pattern in residential communities. 


This is indeed what the different areas offer in Ras Sidr. We list the most important ones in the following lines.


Commercial Services and Essential Individual Needs


The city includes many restaurants and cafes, which provide outstanding service to all visitors. 


The villages and resorts within them include a hypermarket and various markets, and commercial malls in the red sea with the most luxurious shops for shopping lovers.


It also has many bakeries, a post office, and ATMs such as the National Bank machine and branches for the most famous banks such as Banque Misr, a church, and a mosque to hold religious rites.


Medical Services and Hospitals in Ras Sidr


When it comes to health services, individuals can enjoy the best healthy life ever, because they contain wells and healing springs such as Ain Musa and Ain Wadi Al-Taraqi. 


It also includes medical clinics in the red sea equipped with the latest means, a full-service hospital such as Ras Sidr Hospital and an ambulance point, and pharmacies that provide services day and night such as a pharmacy. Reham Alaa.


Places for Sightseeing in Ras Sidr


As we mentioned, the city is a tourist attraction, because it has many archaeological sites whose fame goes back to ancient times, such as the Sidr Castle or the Citadel of the Soldier, which was founded by the armies of Salah al-Din al-Ayyubi during their fight against the Crusaders. 


The city includes swimming pools of different sizes suitable for adults and children, and there are covered areas that are suitable for women, special areas for children's play, Aqua Park and Marina for fishing, football and basketball fields, gym, spa, jacuzzi, hotels at the highest level, and you can practice various water sports, Strolling on the sandy beaches


The Best Tourist Villages in Ras Sidr


The area brings together a large number of villages and tourist resorts, whose designs imitate the Spanish and European style, which gives beauty to the place and gives you a refined atmosphere of calm and purity, and you can now choose your chalet according to what attracts you from the following villages.


Mousa Coast Ras Sidr Village


The village is located at km 30 in the Ain Musa properties area, with a wonderful view of the sea directly, 150 km from Cairo. The services provided vary between restaurants, cafés, parties, and animation shows. You can also play golf and enjoy wonderful nights out on its picturesque beaches.


Nozha Beach Village in Ras Sidr 


The properties of Nozha Beach Village in Ras Sidr, 45 km from Ras Sidr city, with playgrounds, walking and cycling trails, and it has a restaurant for beans and falafel for lovers of authentic Egyptian life, which you do not find in other tourist areas, and the chalets inside Nozha Beach have a private garden. And its presence near the marina for yachts and fishing.


Remas Golf Park Village


This village is the first resort located in Ras Sidr, 80 minutes from Cairo. It includes an Aqua Park with an area of ​​20,000 meters, playgrounds, a 4-star hotel, and a cinema complex. The chalets in the village consist of a ground floor, first floor, and a roof at good prices, which suits many.

The number of the Chalets For sale in Ras Sidr is 411 listings
The sub locations in Ras Sidr are Ras Sidr Resorts