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Commercial For sale in Aurora Mall - Doja

Commercial For sale in Aurora Mall - Doja

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Aurora Mall

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Commercial Units For Sale in Aurora Project in the New Administrative Capital

Aurora Mall in the New Administrative Capital offers you all the reasons that you might for your business to succeed, whether it’s a great location, services or the variety of units and competitive pricing and even payment methods that suit everyone. All that and more is being offered by Doja for Real Estate in its project in MU23.  


Details About Aurora Compound in New Administrative Capital


Aurora New Capital is the first commercial, administrative and medical compound in the New Administrative Capital in the MU23 that are between the Second and the Third Neighborhood R2 and R3 on the Amal Axis.


The total area of Aurora Mall is 6,000 square meter and of 10 floors and an underground garage; where the ground, first and second floor is dedicated for commercial activities such as restaurants ,cafes, pharmacies and shops. 


The third to six floors are for the medical offices and medical care facilities, from the seventh to the 9th are for the administrative, companies and meeting rooms, where the last floor is designed to be a roof that has an INFINITY POOL and an open restaurant called SKY LOUNGE.


Doja Real Estate's Aurora project is offered as a solution for those who are looking for commercial properties or administrative offices in the New Administrative Capital. It is a haven for those who want a guaranteed return on their investment. 


Background Information on Doja Real Estate Developer of Aurora Mall


The real estate developer behind the marvelous Aurora Mall is Doja For Real Estate and Investment, which is one of the pioneering companies in the market though it is still young in its years, it has managed to earn the trust of its clients and investors. 


Doja Real Estate was established in 2011 in Egypt and known in its projects in many Egyptian cities such as Sheikh Zayed, New Cairo, Al Ain El Sokhna, and Mansoura. 


Doja has also other interests other than the real estate and construction which is technological investment, where Doja Development owns a programming company that is located in Singapore and managed to get the clientship for one of the biggest trade marks in west Africa. 


Previous Works of Doja Real Estate

  • Mansoura Towers

  • Sheikh Zayed Compound

  • Many projects, the Fifth Settlement

  • X-Business project, the New Administrative Capital

  • Aurora Mall project, the New Administrative Capital


Prime Location of Aurora Gated Community in New Administrative Capital 


Aurora New Capital Mall that is located in the district C in the area MU 23 between the third and second neighborhoods and right on the Amal Axis, it is a strategic location that guarantees success regardless of the business that you have chosen to practice.  


The MU 23 is one of the most active areas in the New Administrative Capital compounds, which is a service area that has many commercial, administrative and financial businesses. It is right in the middle of an area that will have a steady stream of 300,000 residents in the future.


Types of Units in Aurora Mall


The Aurora Mall has many types of units; commercial, medical and administrative that can fit all kinds of activities such as shops, restaurants, cafes, medical clinics, labs, x-ray centers, administrative offices, headquarters, and banks.


Various Areas of Units in Aurora Project


The spaces in Aurora Mall’s units differ according to the activities it is planned for; where each floor was divided for each activity. Where there are activities such as restaurants, entertainments and crowd gathering shops require open spaces and administrative and medical activities require total quietness and a healthy environment for workers and patients. 


The commercial units start from 45 square meter and up to 90 square meter in the ground, first and second floors where the medical units in Aurora mall start from 48 square meter and up to 175 square meter. Finally the administration offices start from 45 square meter and up to 175 square meter. 


Advantages of Aurora Complex 


Doja Real Estate has made sure that Aurora Project becomes the first choice for those who are looking for properties for sale in The New Administrative Capital, there are many reasons that attracts investors such as location, design and the services offered.

  1. Location: One of its biggest perks, where there’s a large commercial area that services the residential capital with its landmarks and entertainment and this is why having a continuous flow of visitors whether by tourists or residents is guaranteed. 

  2. Design:The design of Aurora Project was made by the famous architect engineer Raef Fahmy who is known for many architectural projects in many Egyptian cities such as New Cairo, Al Ain El Sokhna and The New Administrative Capital. The project was designed to reflect the auroras phenomenon with its beautiful colors and the full glass front and modern design. It is two buildings and a bridge between them where the internal design has 2 floors basement and 10 floors that were designed for all kinds of activities. 

  3. Services: Aurora Project has a plethora of services that makes it one of the best commercial projects in the New Administrative Capital; whether it’s the excellent infrastructure, utilities and entertainment that makes the mall one of the best locations for shopping and spending a great time in The New Administrative Capital’s downtown which makes it a great choice for investment. 


Available Services in Aurora Project in the New Administrative Capital


  • Large garages in 2 floors basement

  • Restaurants area

  • Green landscapes

  • Fitness centre

  • Central air conditioning

  • Central internet

  • 24/7 security and surveillance

  • Maintenance and management for the mall utilities 

  • Meeting rooms that are well equipped

  • Fire fighting system

  • 3 main entrances

  • 4 elevators

  • Pool on the roof

  • Sky lounge on the roof


Investment Opportunities in the New Administrative Capital 


Picking your location for your business, office or clinic is one of the most important steps into success, one of the most prominent in the future is the New Administrative Capital, it is the best location to start your business and boost your sales. 

The New Administrative Capital is not only a new residential city, but it is also a full community and the capital for the local governing of Egypt and this is why investors are racing to score a piece of land to be a stable source of investment returns. 


The New Administrative Capital is a critical point in real estate in Egypt, for the first time the governmental institutions are moving from old Cairo to the new capital. 

It will in return entail the movement of many residents to create a new community that has all kinds of services and a new outlook on tomorrow. 


Features of the New Administrative Capital


It is very important to know the features of the New Capital and its prices and how it is planned to realize how we can choose the best location for each activity. 


The New Administrative Capital is divided into residential neighborhoods, formal neighborhoods such as the Governmental Neighborhood, the Finance and Business District and has many governmental organizations, ministries and the Presidential Palace. 


There are also a plethora of cities in The New Administrative Capital such as Expedition, Medical, Sports and Entertainment Cities. There are also 20 local and international universities. Finally, there are many landmarks in New Administrative Capital such as the Iconic Tower and the Green River, the biggest garden in the world.