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Commercial For sale in Zaha Park Mall - Home Town

Commercial For sale in Zaha Park Mall - Home Town

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Zaha Park

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Commercial Units For Sale in Zaha Park in the New Capital


One of the largest investment projects in the new capital is provided by Home Town, which is Zaha Park Mall. The mall was built on an area of ​​7,200 square meters, equivalent to about 2 feddans. It’s distinguished by luxury and sophistication, due to the company's draw on the consultant engineer, "Hussein Sabour," who owns extensive experience in the field of construction and engineering designs.


The mall can be called a compound, as it is an integrated project that includes administrative, commercial and medical services and service places that individuals need. The mall consists of 2 basement, a ground floor, and 9 upper floors. Each floor is about 1,600 square meters, in addition to the entire mall containing 50,000 different units.


Areas of Units in Zaha Park


Properties in Zaha Park vary between commercial, administrative, and medical. The ground, first and second floors have been allocated to commercial units, while the third, fourth, fifth, and sixth floors contain medical units in zaha park and clinics. The seventh, eighth, and ninth floors contain administrative units.


The area of ​​these units varies in proportion to the needs of each customer, as the area of ​​commercial units starts from 12 square meters to 238 square meters, and this large discrepancy in space due to the various types of commercial projects. As for medical units, the areas are from 26 square meters to 81 square meters, as well as administrative units in zaha park whose areas start from 28 square meters to 81 square meters.


Advantages of Investing the Zaha Park Project


The mall is distinguished by its unique and vital location in the MU 23 area in ​​the capital, located on Al Amal Main axis, close to the most famous service places and various government institutions, and next to major projects and high-end residential compounds in the Administrative Capital, which makes it a target for a large number of individuals, and is easily accessible from different areas of Cairo.


The company was keen on offering different finishes, in order to meet the different desires of customers, for example the medical units have a full super lux finish, and with various designs suitable for different medical specialties, and the roof is designed in a way that serves the entertainment life of visitors and customers, in addition to the possibility of owning the units with an installment system up to years.


Available Services in the Zaha Park Project


- The mall contains central air conditioning that reaches all units, to control the weather in summer and winter


-  Each floor includes about 10 bathrooms; 5 for men, and 5 for women, and there are 2 cleaners in each floor, to ensure the cleanliness of the mall permanently


-  The roof of the mall contains resting seats, trees, and dancing fountains, so that customers can spend some entertainment time and enjoy the picturesque nature


-  The mall provides swimming pools that enable everyone to relax


-  The project includes underground garages, parking for visitors, and parking for the sick and the elderly


-   The mall is surrounded by the landscapes and water bodies that depict the project in minds as a landscape, as well as green spaces, which can be strolled through and enjoy the refreshing air, which improves the psychological state of individuals


- The project contains commercial malls in the Zaha park that include the most luxurious brands and private collectibles of clothes, bags and shoes, and shopping centers for the finest types of goods and household items


-    It provides a number of cafes and restaurants that provide hotel service at the highest level, which suits the sophistication of individuals


-    The company was keen on providing the building with medical clinics in the Administrative Capital, to provide medical services to patients, customers and visitors


-    The mall was completely secured by allocating gates for entry and exit, and the distribution of surveillance cameras throughout the building, and the presence of a team of security and guard personnel working around the clock


Competitive Prices of Units of Zaha Park Mall


Prices of units in the new Administrative Capital vary according to the large difference in spaces and finishes, but they are best suited to customers who want to have an integrated service unit in a location that serves the largest number of people in the capital.


Payment Systems for Units in Zaha Park 


If you want to establish your own project within one of the capital's largest projects, and financial funding hinders you, make your destination Zaha Park Mall, where you can own a unit with a simple downpayment and pay the rest of the amount for a period of up to years, as the company offers various payment systems, you can choose the most suitable for you.


-   The first system: 10% downpayment of the total value of the original unit price, and the rest of the amount in monthly installments for a period of up to 3 years


-   The second system: 10% downpayment of the total value of the original unit price, and the rest in the form of monthly installments within 4 years


-   The third system: paying 15% downpayment of the total value of the original unit price, and paying the rest in monthly installments over a period of 5 years


-    The fourth system: paying 20% ​​down payment of the total value of the original unit price, and paying the rest in monthly installments for a period of up to 6 years


Prime Location of the Zaha Park Project


The company has succeeded in paying attention to the most important aspects that make the mall one of the sustainable projects in the region, as it chose to have the mall located in the most vital areas, which serve a population density of about 250,000 people. 


The project is located specifically in MU 23, plot e15, on the central axis next to the most famous religious landmark in the capital, Al-Fattah Al-Aleem Mosque, and also next to the financial and business district, and minutes away from the government district.


The Central Business District or the MU 23 is close to the most important residential neighborhoods R2 and R3, each of which includes about 50,000 apartment units Administrative Capital, which makes the demand for projects in that area continuously increasing as well. 


The location of the project includes a number of hospitals, schools, important educational universities, malls and shopping centers, which makes the area full of individuals, who contribute greatly to the success of any project.


Background Information on the Real Estate Developer of Zaha Park


Home Town Real Estate Development Company, the owner of the Zaha Park project, is one of the leading companies in the field of engineering construction in Egypt and the Middle East. It has more than 30 years of experience, and is always keen on using the best companies in the field of engineering designs, to meet the requirements of the market and achieve the dream of its customers to own units of luxury and sophistication.


The company also strives to keep pace with the modern era, by providing its projects with the latest technological means. It also follows quality standards so that its projects top the first list in the real estate market. 


The company aims to grow in the real estate field and encourage business owners to invest in real estate projects, revitalize sectors related to the real estate market, practice honest competitions that serve customers, and construct new and high-end cities in Cairo such as the the settlement areas and the properties in the administrative capital, by providing residential and investment projects with the best possible payment systems.


Previous Works of Home Town for Real Estate


The company has many real estate projects, ranging from apartments to villas, in several new cities, including:


-   Al Narges Residence Apartments, Al Narges Extension Project 107, and Corner Residence project, the Fifth Settlement


-   243 Andalus project, New Cairo, Andalus neighborhood


-   Mini-compound Beit El Watan, the Fifth Settlement


-   Al Koronfol Villas Project 4/13, New Cairo


-   J176 plot, second district, Beit El Watan


-   Apartments project in Bayt Al Watan, plot B58, 1st District