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    Shops For sale in Blue Mall - Four Season
    Top views in Area Top views in Area
    7,775,000 EGP

    Shops For sale in Blue Mall - Four Season

    بلو مول - فور سيزون,  الحي السكني السابع - R7 بلو مول - فور سيزون, الحي السكني السابع - R7

    Shops 21 M² For sale in Blue Mall - Four Season
    2,000,000 EGP

    Shops 21 M² For sale in Blue Mall - Four Season

    العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة R7 fg بلو مول فور سيزون العاصمة الإدارية الجديدة R7 fg بلو مول فور سيزون

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Commercial Units For Sale in Blue Mall in the New Capital


Blue Mall New Capital is a pioneering commercial project by Four Season Group For Real estate development, and it is distinguished by its specialization in commercial activity only, as it includes many units and properties in the Administrative Capital suitable for stores and restaurants.


Blue Mall is the nearest central mall to the tourist walkway in the 7th residential district, R7, and is located in the sixth commercial district, COM 6, on the universities axis directly, which passes to the British University, the Swedish University and the Russian University.


It serves many residential projects around it such as Town Gate compound, Midtown Condo compound and the Armed Forces Cooperative Society, and it is also the closest central mall to the entertainment city.


The area of ​​the Blue Mall project is about 3,320 square meters, and it consists of a ground floor and 2 recurring floors, and a roof equipped to include multiple entertainment activities, in addition to a large garage for cars.


Blue Mall provides many commercial properties in the Blue Mall that are suitable for commercial service activities, and guarantees great popularity for them due to its central location and commercial competence only.


Location of Blue Mall in the Seventh Residential District


Four Seasons Group For Real estate development has chosen a distinct location for its first project in the Administrative Capital, in the seventh district, the main residential neighborhood in the New Administrative Capital.


Blue Mall is located in the sixth commercial district, COM 6, near the tourist path, directly on the university axis, and next to many residential projects.


The location is:


  • The nearest commercial center to the tourist walkway, which is a large and lively area

  • The only commercial mall located near the Russian University

  • The nearest mall to the entertainment city in the New Administrative Capital (Disneyland)


Features of the Blue Mall Project


  • The Blue Mall project is distinguished by its commercial competence, as it is a project for commercial units in the Administrative Capital, and it has no administrative or medical units, which gives greater freedom to projects and a great start in all commercial fields.

  • One of the advantages that Blue Mall specializes in is its exclusive service to a large number of residential projects around it, as its location allowed it to naturally and exclusively supervise a group of residential compounds in the Administrative Capital, in addition to its proximity to the Russian University, so it will become the closest service center to it, and it will ensure that its students gain from the commercial point of view

  • Blue Mall is also the only service center that will connect the seventh residential neighborhood with the entertainment city, which will be the capital's most popular entertainment projects in the future


Sophisticated Design of Blue Mall in the New Administrative Capital 


Blue Mall New Capital was designed on an area of ​​3,320 square meters, and consists of a garage, a ground and two floors only, with a distinctive surface designated for recreational activities, restaurants and cafes with water bodies, umbrellas and green spaces with direct views and meters from the tourist walkway that reaches the river the green.


Available Services of Blue Mall project in the New Administrative Capital 


Blue Mall aims to provide the highest level of commercial services to both merchants and project owners and to customers, and for this reason, the developer has provided it with all possible services to help it in pursuit of excellence, especially since this project is the official launch of the company in the New Capital. Among these services are:


  • Two floors underground garage with electronic system

  • An integrated security system, including surveillance with cameras, trained personnel, fire alarm and self-extinguishing

  • Advertising services through many of the giant screens available to advertise in all parts of the project

  • A company to fully manage the mall, including maintenance, cleaning, and immediate follow-up of all operating elements

  • Private electrical generators, high-quality communication network, and internet

  • Elevators and escalators

  • Entertainment services for all family members in Blue Mall

  • Restaurants and cafes area

  • The roof of the mall is prepared to sit in the middle of the water bodies

  • Kids play area is safe and equipped with the latest games

  • Free internet all the time inside the mall and in-house concierge

  • Open places to sit and wait


Types of Units in Blue Mall


Blue Mall is designed to contain commercial units only, as it does not have administrative units, offices or medical clinics in the Administrative Capital, as it is equipped for commercial activities of all kinds such as stores, restaurants, cafes, service areas, and others.


The shops represent the majority in it, and are designed to suit the famous local and international brands, whether they are branches of restaurants or branches of clothing and sports equipment stores, all of these activities will be appropriate inside the Blue Mall because it covers residential areas, universities, families, and children of all ages.


Available Areas of Units in Blue Mall in the New Administrative Capital


  • Blue Mall consists of a ground floor and two repeated floors, and includes commercial units for all types of activities in all areas, as it meets all the needs of those looking for shops for sale in the New Administrative Capital, whether in terms of the spaces or the features and services it provides


  • The retail space in Blue Mall starts from 22 square meters up to 73 square meters, distributed over three floors, so that each floor includes a large number of units and various areas


The Real Estate Developer of the Blue Mall in the New Administrative Capital


The owner and developer of Blue Mall is Four Seasons Group for Real Estate Development, one of the leading companies in the Egyptian real estate market, and it mainly depends on satisfying customers and achieving their dreams, whether in residential or commercial projects.


Four Seasons has many previous projects in many Egyptian cities and governorates, it also has a promising start in the New Administrative Capital with 4 projects ranging between residential and commercial.


The number of the Commercial For sale in Blue Mall - Four Season is 2 listings
The types of locations in Blue Mall - Four Season are Storage, Shops, Showroom, Restaurant, Nursery, School, Hotel, Factory, Cafe, Warehouse, Mall