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Commercial units for sale in Capital Hub 1 Mall


Al-Safwa For Real Estate Development Company added another project in the New Administrative Capital, which is one of the most important commercial and medical medical projects, which is Capital Hub 1 Mall.


Al-Safwa For Real Estate Development Company has become the leading company in the implementation of various real estate projects, after its success in implementing the Heights 1 and 2 compounds, the Capital Hub 1 Mall, and the Capital Hub 2 Mall in the New Administrative Capital.


Details of the Capital Hub 1 complex


The mall is the largest medical commercial and administrative project of a world class in the heart of the Administrative Capital, as it is located on an area of ​​30,000 square meters, and its properties areas in capital hub 1 start from 50 square meters.


The mall is located in the 7th residential neighborhood, R7, and is located directly next to the fairgrounds, Al Sefarat neighborhood, and Capital Heights 1. The mall consists of a ground floor, two upper floors and a fully finished roof, and includes green spaces, an industrial fountain and an aquarium.


Types of Units in Capital Hub 1 project


The mall is integrated with all units divided as follows:



Advantages of Owning Commercial Units in Capital Hub 1 Mall


  • Capital Hub 1 Mall is the ideal choice for investment due to the vitality of the location and the splendor of design, which is characterized by a world-class style and modern technologies

  • The mall is located in the most vital area of ​​the Administrative Capital, which is the seventh residential district, next to the Green River, the Exhibition City, the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, and the Al Sefarat neighborhood

  • The mall is located next to the diplomatic quarter on the central axis that parallels the Mohammed bin Zayed South axis

  • The location of the mall is distinguished by its proximity to the British University, and not far from Cairo

  • A security and guard staff is available around the clock with special teams to follow the surveillance cameras

  • The company took care of landscapes by establishing an artificial fountain and an aquarium

  • Different areas are available for administrative units, with the ability to receive units without finishing or with full finishing according to the customer's desire

  • Easy payment systems are available for customer service

  • The latest advanced technology means to serve customers and make it the ideal choice for investment


Available Services provided inside Capital Hub 1 gated community


  • Clinics of various specialties

  • Ground garage and has two storage rooms

  • Sports club

  • Aquarium

  • Many restaurants and cafes

  • Administrative offices

  • Pharmacies and banks

  • 4D cinema

  • Shopping center

  • Conference center

  • Open high-speed internet to keep working

  • 12 elevators with 6 entrances; to facilitate exit and entry and prevent congestion

  • Surveillance cameras throughout the mall with a distinguished security team


Various Areas of Commercial Units in Capital Hub 1 Mall


The mall has all required spaces for commercial units, starting from 50 square meters.


Payment Systems for Commercial Units in Capital Hub 1 Mall


Al Safwa offers easy payment systems with no down payment, installments up to 6 years, and 5% maintenance fees to own your property in New capital administrative with competitive prices.


Information about Capital Hub 1 Mall  real estate

This company is considered one of the largest leading companies in the implementation of the largest projects of the New Administrative Capital, as it relies on a distinguished elite of engineers.


The company implements world-class designs, provides advanced technology, and pays attention to green spaces and water bodies.


The company was established more than 30 years ago, during which it presented more than 18 of the largest projects in the field of real estate development.

Previous Works of Al-Safwa Company


Among the most prominent achievements of the company:


Location of Capital Hub 1 in the Capital Heights Compound in the New Administrative Capital


The mall is located in the heart of the Capital Heights Compound as the largest commercial mall in the Administrative Capital, in the most vital areas, which is the seventh residential neighborhood.


The compound is located on an area of ​​50 acres, the residential units occupy only about 20% of the total area of ​​the project, and the rest of the area is 80% green spaces and integrated service areas; to serve the mall residents.


The project is considered the most important achievement of Al Safwa Company, as it includes 56 residential buildings, all units are semi-finished, with easy payment systems.


Features of Capital Heights Compound


The location of the compound was distinguished in the seventh residential neighborhood, which is considered the most vital area of ​​the capital, by its location on the Bin Zayed axis and near the most important areas of the capital.


The compound is located next to the Diplomatic Quarter and Al Massa Hotel, and it is also characterized by its proximity to the Presidential Palace and the main airport in the Administrative Capital.


The compound is adjacent to the Green River, Fairground, Nativity Cathedral, Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque and Al Sefarat neighborhood.


Available Services in Capital Hub 1 Mall


The company has provided all the comfort and luxury services to serve the residents of the compound and is equipped with the latest international technology, as it has provided:


  • A large commercial area that includes the most famous international brands

  • Large areas dedicated to international and local cafes and restaurants

  • Special areas for children are safer

  • A world-class medical center

  • Open party areas

  • Swimming pools of various kinds for fun and recreation

  • Sports clubs

  • A private car park for compound residents

  • Green spaces, water bodies and artificial fountains

  • A security team and guard around the clock to protect the place


Areas of Residential Units in Capital Heights Compound


It features residential units that include detached duplex apartments. Separate apartments  in Capital Heights Compound range from 160 square meters to 390 square meters, while duplexes range from 405 square meters to 505 square meters.


More Information about the Seventh Residential Neighborhood (R7) in the New Administrative Capital


It is considered the most prestigious and vibrant neighborhood in the New Capital, and it is located on an area of ​​1,500 acres that includes all real estate projects and facilities.


The neighborhood is characterized by its proximity to the regional ring road and the train station; This facilitates your access wherever you are.


The neighborhood is located near the Al-Fattah Al-Alim Mosque, the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, the Medical City, the City of Art and Culture, the Convention Center, and the Green River.


The location of the neighborhood was distinguished by its proximity to important places in the Administrative Capital, such as: the Presidential Palace, the government district, the Ministries Complex, and the Diplomats' Neighborhood.


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The types of locations in Capital Hub 1 - SUD are Storage, Shops, Showroom, Restaurant, Nursery, School, Hotel, Factory, Cafe, Warehouse, Mall