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Commercial Units For Sale in Catalan Compound in New Capital


Undoubtedly, living, launching a project or owning a commercial unit in the New Administrative Capital has now become a dream for everyone for many reasons. The new capital is a place where you can find everything you are looking for, starting from the distinguished and solid infrastructure to the integrated healthy environment with trees and gardens. The New Capital is also characterized by its elegant and civilized designs, attracting customers from different social classes. 


It also attracts the most important financial and business companies thanks to the availability of all government services and facilities, and the fact that the city will become the headquarters of the administrative government, including the most important embassies and ministries in addition to places of entertainment, shopping, and culture. 


If you are one of those who aspire to buy a commercial store, we recommend you the Catalan Compound in the New Administrative Capital, as it includes a wide range of different real estate units, and provides various housing options like apartments, villas, townhouses, in addition to a mall with administrative units for sale to meet the needs of the residents. More amazingly, the compound is distinguished by its prime location in the seventh district (R7) and near the Green River and the regional ring road, which makes it very accessible. 


The compound is implemented by Gates Development Company, which provides various payment methods whether cash  or in installments over several years. You have also freedom to receive your semi-finished unit to put your own touch, or agree with the company to receive the unit with Super Lux finishing. 


Details of Catalan Compound in the New Administrative Capital 


Catalan is one of the most prestigious and luxurious residential compounds in the New Capital. It stretches over an area of ​​40 acres. Around 22% of this area has been allocated to buildings, which are divided into buildings, duplex apartments and villas, and 12% for services including the shopping mall, mosque and sports club. 


The rest of the area is entirely devoted to Greenery, gardens and artificial lakes that provide residents and visitors with comfort and highlight the beauty of the compound. The compound is also inspired by the Spanish civilization, specifically those located in the Catalonia region.  


Background Information on the Real Estate Developer of Catalan Project in New Capital 


Gates Developments is considered one of the most prominent companies in the field of construction. It was established in 2018, as a branch of the United Arab Developers Company, which was established in 1995. It is a distinguished real estate developer with a good reputation as it aims to create integrated urban communities, and achieve luxury and integration for all residents.  


Gates Development is interested in providing modern designs, strong foundations, reliance on the latest construction methods, as well as commitment to delivering units on time. The company has other businesses such as Audaz Mall in the New Capital. 


Prime Location of Catalan Complex in New Capital


Catalan compound is located in one of the best districts of the New Administrative Capital, namely R7. The compound is near the regional ring road Which connects the Administrative Capital with its neighboring cities . 


The compound also directly overlooks the Green River, and is near the financial and business district, the exhibition grounds, the Cathedral of the Nativity of Christ, as well as the upscale embassies’ neighborhood. 


This privileged location ensures easy access to the compound from all main roads and the adjacent upscale neighborhoods, a matter that ensures your commercial project a great potential.  


Features of Catalan Project in New Capital 


Catalan New Capital enjoys many advantages that make it the best place to invest  in and establish your own commercial project, including: 


  • All the residential units and services in the project  overlook vast green areas, landscapes and artificial lakes, a matter that makes both the residents and visitors enjoy a sense of comfort and tranquility



  • 12% of the total area of ​​the project is dedicated to services, including the large shopping mall, which provides different spaces for all needs, besides including high-level restaurants, cafes and shops


  • You can put your own touch in the design of your commercial unit, because you receive it semi-finished. You can also agree with the company to fully finish your unit.  


  • The strategic location of the compound makes it a central point for customers from all surrounding areas




Available Types and Areas of Units in Catalan Gated Community in New Capital 


Catalan Compound offers various real estate units, including apartments, penthouses, duplexes and standalone villas. There are also commercial units in the Catalan Mall within the compound with areas ranging from 20 square meters to 93 square meters. More importantly, all units are delivered semi-finished and have water, electricity and conch. 


The company that owns the compound also provides the possibility of obtaining your store through flexible payment plans by paying 10% of the unit value in advance, and the rest in installments over 7 years. The units are to be delivered in April 2023.  


Integration of Services in Catalan Compound in New Capital 


Compound Catalan is not interested in services directed to residents only. There is also great interest in everything related to the available shops in the Catalan Mall, in order to create an unforgettable shopping experience for customers with best prices in new capital administrative as well as attracting investors and project owners by providing everything they need.


Among the services that exist in the mall and the compound:  


  • Charming views of greenery and lakes

  • The reliance on solar energy to provide clean energy and to preserve the environment

  • Two-story Underground garages 

  • Security teams along with constant guarding and surveillance cameras working around the clock

  • 3 entrances to the compound to prevent crowding, and one of them is for transporting goods

  • Bathrooms on all floors of the mall 

  • Escalators

  • Customer service, call center and maintenance teams

  • Central air-conditioning and internet connections

The types of locations in Catalan Compound - Gates are Storage, Shops, Showroom, Restaurant, Nursery, School, Hotel, Factory, Cafe, Warehouse, Mall