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Medical Units For Sale in Vinci Street Mall in the New Capital


Vinci Street Mall is a unique opportunity for those looking for the success of their projects, whether a clinic, an administrative office or a store.


The mall provides a variety of spaces, distinctive meter prices, facilities and services that make it easier for unit owners to accomplish their tasks in the least time, as well as the strategic location that brings the mall visitors with different needs.


Details of the Vinci Mall Project 


Misr Italia Company designed its first mall in the Administrative Capital - Vinci Street Mall - according to the latest international construction standards, with elegant designs and very luxurious and beautiful finishes.


The mall consists of three floors, including all the services that residents are looking for, restaurants, cafes, shops, offices, and medical clinics. Moreover, each floor has been designated for a specific activity; as each floor has specific types of commercial and administrative medical units to facilitate visitors' access to their requirements. The mall consists of:

  • Ground floor for restaurants and cafes

  • The first floor is for shops

  • Second floor for administrative offices and medical clinics


Areas of Clinics and Administrative Offices in Vinci Street Mall


One of Misr Italia's priorities at Vinci Street Mall is to provide various spaces for clinics and shops for sale in order to allow the customer to choose the appropriate space for his activity of whatever type.


  • The area of ​​the restaurants and cafes units starts from 31 square meters to 153 square meters

  • The area of ​​the shops starts from 48 square meters and reaches 127 square meters

  • The area of ​​administrative offices starts from 63 square meters and medical clinics from 84 square meters

  • The area of ​​the largest clinic Or an administrative office in the mall at 165 square meters


Strategic Location of Vinci Street Mall in the New Administrative Capital


Selecting the project location represents 50% of the mall success rate, in order to provide the vital location overlooking major areas with the largest number of visitors of a high social level; and thus increases purchase rate.

Misr Italia has chosen for the location of the mall on the seventh residential district in the most prestigious neighborhoods of the Administrative Capital, specifically on the main axis that passes over the cathedral, exhibition grounds, Al Massa Hotel and the International Airport.


The most important main streets overlooking the main axis of the New Administrative Capital:


1. The Financial and Business District: A location for major global investments. The neighborhood includes branches of several banks and the headquarters of the Stock Exchange to facilitate financial transactions between investors


2. The Government District, which includes the headquarters of the ministries, the Presidential Palace and the Parliament, and is adjacent to the Diplomatic Quarter, which includes embassies for most of the countries of the world


All of the above illustrates the diversity of the neighboring customers to the mall and heralds it with wide fame and huge commercial and investment activity.


Available Services in Vinci Street Mall in the New Administrative Capital 


1. Green spaces surrounding the mall and artificial fountains catch the visitors' attention


2. 24-hour security and tight guard to attract foreign investors and reassure them of their investments and projects inside the mall


3. Shops include everything that comes to the minds of visitors


4. A gym, spa, sauna, and jacuzzi on the second floor for visitors and shop owners for recreation and relaxation


5. Restaurants and cafes of various international cuisines for lovers of diversity and change


Advantages of Buying A Clinic or Commercial Store in Vinci Street Mall


Vinci Street Mall has many elements of success that make buying a unit a dream for every investor.

  • Its unique location on the main axis makes it the destination of the most important neighborhoods and landmarks in the New Administrative Capital

  • Its grandiose architectural design that combines the ingenuity of its architecture and the sophistication of the art of finishing

  • Distinctive price per meter starts from EGP 36,000 and reaches EGP 60,000 

  • Convenient payment systems that reduce the burden of purchasing a property for young people; Payment systems are available in installments and for long periods; 5% down payment system, 10% after three months, and the rest of the amount in installments over 5 years

  • There is another system without down payment and installments over 4 years

  • The distinctive diversity of spaces enables you to purchase your unit as soon as possible due to the ease of choices for you

  • The affiliation of the project to Misr Italia - one of the brightest signs in the Egyptian real estate market - as a result of buyers’ confidence in the name of the company


Background Information on the Real Estate Developer of Vinci Street Mall in the New Administrative Capital 


Misr Italia Real Estate Development Company is one of the most important leading companies in the real estate market, it was established in 1998. Since its establishment, it has been seeking uniqueness in its projects through the help of specialists and experts in the design of units and the distribution of spaces and real estate finishes.


Among the most important companies that cooperated with them in producing the most successful projects:


  • Future Real Estate Development Company

  • DMA company

  • Callison RTKL Corporation


Misr Italia Company expanded its real estate business, not being limited to residential projects only, but also providing various projects in the fields of tourism, trade and administrative work.


Previous Projects of Misr Italia Company:



The New Administrative Capital:  A Smart City With International Specifications


The idea of the establishment of  New Administrative Capital, Egypt's political and investment future, came to relieve the population pressure of Cairo, whose facilities and infrastructure had weakened as a result of this overcrowding.


The total area of the new capital is 170 acres in a strategic location near Badr, Madinaty and New Cairo, as well as about 60 km from Ain Sokhna and Suez. Its wide area and the demand of the largest international companies in its reconstruction and provision of all high-end livelihoods, thus attracting a large number of Cairo residents.


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