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Properties For Sale in Downtown in the New Capital


Downtown or the commercial district. Its name comes from the abundance of services located in it and surrounding its various units. It is similar to the center of the country, but on a larger and more recent scale. It has a charming view of the most luxurious landmarks, such as Al-Massa Hotel and the Green River, which increased the attraction of individuals and investors to it. The properties in Downtown Administrative Capital vary between residential and commercial.


Strategic Location of Downtown MU19


Some refer to this area as the geographical extension of the government district, and it is also strategically located in the New Administrative Capital, where it is bordered to the north by the Government and Financial District, and to the west by the Al-Massa Hotel and the Opera House for Arts and Culture, and to the south by the northern axis of Mohammed bin Zayed and the Green River, and it is a short distance from the Seventh and eighth neighborhoods.


The region mediates some of the famous landmarks of the capital, such as the Monorail Station. It is located on several axes, the most important of which is the axis parallel to the Regional Ring Road. It connects to the Presidential Palace and the Capital International Airport, and it extends the length of the capital to Ain Sokhna Road, which facilitates transportation and access.


Division of the Area and Its Various Functions


The Downtown is one of the most recent investment areas in the New Capital, with an area of ​​about 1,364 acres, divided into several neighborhoods specializing in various businesses and projects, which can be listed as follows:


  • The hotel and tourist district, with an area of ​​138 acres

  • The shopping and promenade district, on an area of ​​35 acres, includes both western and eastern-style gardens, and picturesque parks

  • The administrative district, with an area of ​​27 acres, in which some institutions and various company headquarters are located. Area of ​​artistic products and gold markets

  • The Art and Heritage District, on an area of ​​17 acres, contains exhibitions of plastic art and art and music houses

  • The fashion district, with an area of ​​40 acres, includes many international fashion houses and luxury clothing


Subsequently, the region includes many different real estate, which everyone is racing to obtain, such as commercial units, hotel units and administrative units, located within a group of towers up to 20 floors long, or inside commercial and entertainment malls with large areas.


Different Designs and Areas of Units in Downtown

Since Downtown is a commercial area, it has multiple spaces that suit different purposes and projects, where the commercial real estate space starts from 24 square meters, while the administrative units start from 28 square meters. All buildings and units have high-quality panoramic facades, and very creative and modern designs, and are managed according to the latest technological systems, and some units also use the smart management system.


Available Services in the Downtown Area


The commercial district includes a large number of services, which increase the chances of success of your investments within it, in order to target thousands of individuals living in neighboring neighborhoods, and to fulfill the requirements of residential, commercial and entertainment life, and the most important of these services:


  • It contains meeting rooms, allowing entrepreneurs to hold their own meetings near their workplace

  • It includes special areas for insurance companies and oil companies, which increases the value of neighborhood investments

  • Zones for gold markets, another for electronic and technological devices, and three for artistic products, art galleries and plastic painting

  • Sports centers such as the gym, and spas like the spa and jacuzzi, so that customers can relax a little and lighten their workload

  • Medical services are available 24 hours a day, to help critical cases and ensure the health of individuals

  • It has a number of restaurants and cafes, which are designed with the latest international models, and which will give you a great taste during or after your work salvation

  • Many recreational activities are held there, such as skiing in the designated area

  • A mosque to hold religious rites

  • A special area for displaying various data and statistics, such as numbers of births and deaths and economic reports, in order to follow up population density and economic conditions, in a way that affects the investment return of various projects


Advantages of Investing in the Commercial Area


Before getting acquainted with the most important advantages of this area, you must first determine in which part you want to start your own investment, as the Downtown areas vary between high-density, medium-density and third-low-density ranges, and the most famous of their advantages are as follows:


  • The charming view of the units on the landscapes and artificial lakes

  • The splendid atmosphere with the dancing artificial fountains brings joy and fun

  • The units of some towers have a full view of all the others

  • The presence of high-speed internet services, to make it easier to do business

  • The area has secured garages for customers and visitors' cars, to ensure their protection

  • Wide and paved streets

  • Payment facilities for several years, in addition to some offers and discounts

  • The site is minutes away from the most modern means of transportation, the monorail

  • Finishes at the highest level, and designs executed by the most famous international engineers and designers


Previous Works of Downtown 


Many projects have been implemented within the region, which contributed to the fame of the 

New Administrative Capital and its acquisition of a prominent position among countries, and the most important of these works are the following:



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