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Where to find Villas for Sale in Qina governorate

The numbers of villas for sale or rent in Qina governorate is relatively low as the rate of urbanization itself is low. The governorate itself has a certain style of houses since people tend to build their own houses in their own lands.

There are 625 plots of land designated for the distinctive housing in New Qina, which will be completed by large projects and villas for sale in the New Qina, and the price/meter for the land is between 750 and 860 pounds.

Meanwhile, you can find villas for sale in Nag Hammadi and New Qina with great designs and new styles.

Qina has warm weather in summer which is typically what you can expect from most of the Upper Egypt governorates, like Asyut, Luxor, Aswan, and Sohag which have the greatest temperature difference between day and night due to their geographical location. That’s why using certain materials for building residential buildings is advisable in Upper Egypt cities.