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ZED Towers

Property Type Price  
Apartments 2,220,000 - 5,474,700 23,856 EGP/M2
Apartment with Garden 3,957,975 - 5,953,500 23,107 EGP/M2
Penthouse 5,800,000 - 7,018,200 29,269 EGP/M2
Duplex 4,890,000 - 5,090,000 21,745 EGP/M2

Zed Towers Compound is famous businessman Naguib Sawiris’ first project in cooperation with the Egyptian government in New Cairo. The construction was carried out by Orascom, which is one of the strongest and most well-known companies in the field.

Details of Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed Compound

Zed Towers was designed by Aura Real Estate in a privileged location. Inside Zed Towers, there are entertainment and high-luxury services amidst picturesque nature. Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed enjoys the best view of the wonderful Sheikh Zayed Park, which extends over 65 acres.
Aura recruited the international company of WATG London to design the project and create the master plan, introducing the highest level of modern architectural

The Real Estate Developer of Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed project

Aura Real Estate Development is one of the largest and most important companies in the field in Cairo. It is a well-known company with distinguished work in several Egyptian governorates. It has also executed many urban development projects outside Egypt, such as in Pakistan, London, Cyprus and Britain.

Previous Works of Aura Real Estate

The company has carried out many projects, including:
-Pyramids Hills 6th of October
-Zed East New Cairo Compound
-Nile City Towers
Aura Projects outside Egypt:
-Ayia Napa Marina in Cyprus
-The Eighteen Project in Islamabad
-The Grenada Project
-SilverSands Project in Grenada
-The Great Britain Project

Location Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed Complex

Zed Towers is located in a very special place in Sheikh Zayed City near Hyper One and Al-Rabwa Compound, overlooking the Tower Complex project.

Areas of Units in Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed gated community

Unit spaces vary between the 10-floor towers and 20-floor towers with areas up to 250m² per unit.
The space of the units in the 10-floor towers starts from 97m² up to 242m². In the 20-floor towers, the unit space starts from 135m² and up to 250m².

Available unit spaces:

-Apartments from 102 to 211m²
-Apartments with a garden from 179 to 247m²
-Penthouses from 206 to 231m²
-Duplex units from 223 to 235m²

Types of Units in Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed project

Residential units at the 10-floor towers are divided into 2 and 3-room apartments, while penthouses are offered with 3 or 4 rooms.
In the 20-floor tower, residential units are available in 1,2,3 and 4-bedroom apartments, and duplexes are available in 5 or 6 rooms.
All units are received with full air conditioning and equipment, including the kitchens. Clients will have the option to choose between two finishing color palettes.

Designs at Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed Compound

All designs at Zed Towers are distinguished by a sophisticated taste and international schemes. Much like the skyscrapers in Dubai, Zed Towers offers grandeur for the lovers of luxury.
The units follow a word-class model both from the inside and outside. They look like a painting by a group of experts and engineers. WATG London was recruited to design the units in accordance with the most luxurious international designs.
The project is divided into two main parts, the first being a number of 10-floor towers, all of which are intended for housing only.
The other towers consist of 10 floors dedicated to entertainment services, where one of them has a top-notch clubhouse. The first to the third floor contain shops, and the floors from the fourth to the twentieth have been allocated to apartments.

Features of Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed Complex

The project enjoys beauty and elegance in terms of designs and decorations, along with a wonderful mixture of calm colors that exudes positivity.
Zed Towers is part of the futuristic fourth-generation cities in Sheikh Zayed, and they will have many facilities. There is a designated area for services and the tower overlooks a wonderful view.

Services at Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed Compound

-A clubhouse
-It is surrounded by crystal lakes
-Extended green spaces
-A track for bicycles and strolling
-A child entertainment area
-Restaurants and cafes
-Shops for international brands
-Tennis courts and football pitches
-Security and guards in a system equipped with cameras
-A wonderful view of the largest park in the heart of Sheikh Zayed
- Emergency stairs and exists
-Underground garage
-Special elevators for moving furniture
- An integrated commercial mall that includes all high-quality international and local brands
-A center park that has many green spaces surrounding the entire project from every direction, as well as large garden to enjoy the landscape
-Owner elevators to bring comfort to our discerning clients
-A spa, an indoor and outdoor gym and a guest lobby
-An underground no-odor system for garbage
-A commercial area with underground shops to reduce any inconvenience for residents

Prices of Units at Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed project

The 10-floor tower:
-The penthouse prices start from EGP 5,341,00 up to EGP 6,684,000.
-The apartment prices start from EGP 2,330,000 up to EGP 6,007,00.

The 20-floor tower:
The apartment prices start from EGP 2,040,000 up to EGP 11,240,000.
The duplex prices start from EGP 30,460,000.

Price Per Square Meter at Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed Complex

The price per square meter in the 10-floor towers starts from EGP 20,000, whereas it starts from 26,000 in the 20-floor tower.

Payment Systems and Methods at Zed Towers Sheikh Zayed

The installment system at Zed Towers requires a 10%-down payment of the unit value, then 5% is paid upon contracting. The remainder shall be paid equally over six years so that the units would be delivered after 3 and a half years from the date of the contract.

Advantages of living in Sheikh Zayed City

-It is located near 6th of October city and is only 28 kilometers away from Cairo
-It is about 20 kilometers from Lebanon Square in Mohandiseen district and is bordered by major roads, such as the 26th of July Corridor and Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.
-Sheikh Zayed is a city full of facilities with many international schools and universities, hospitals and markets.
-It is the “royal city” in terms of the designs and services that are available.
-It also has many recreational places and the largest commercial centers in a way that makes it an integrated city that fulfils all the requirements of life.
-The city also has good planning manifested in wide streets and the spread of parks that occupy 40% of its area.
-Sheikh Zayed is characterized by its calm nature and its moderate climate compared to Cairo, thanks to its location about 220 meters above sea level.
-Sheikh Zayed City consists of 20 districts, each divided into four zones, ranging from middle class to high-end with full services.