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Last update: 20 April 2021

Property Type Price  
Studio 1,910,403 31,840 EGP/M2 Details
Chalets 2,692,948 - 3,700,000 23,465 EGP/M2
Chalet with Garden 2,535,768 - 3,920,520 26,681 EGP/M2
Town House 5,913,820 29,569 EGP/M2 Details
Twin House 7,554,514 30,835 EGP/M2 Details
Villas 11,532,848 44,357 EGP/M2 Details

Ajna Developments Company, the developer of Carnelia Sokhna Resort and Village, has succeeded in combining the two unique features of direct sea views and the natural sandy beach in this project. Actually, Ain Sokhna is divided into two parts: an old section with a sandy beach without sea views due to building codes, and a modern section with resorts that have direct sea views but with rocky beaches which must be prepared and treated to be suitable for swimming.

Details about Carnelia compound

The Carnelia project has a 700 meters long beach, a lake, a yacht marina, and a set of high-end services. The total area of ​​the project is 100 acres (404685.45 square meters) and the design is inspired by the charming Latin American resorts, with a facade of about 700 meters which serves as a complete frontage on the sea.
The Carnelia project is attached to the yachting city and the Galala Marina International Yacht, which includes 150 stores, 400 tourist boats, hotels and other entertainment areas. The project is divided into 5 phases, and is scheduled to be accomplished and delivered in 2024. The project includes 1,000 housing units with various areas ranging from 90 to 350 square meters.

Overview about the Real Estate Developer of Carnelia Ain Sokhna project

The owner and developer of the Resort are Ajna Developments Company, which was established in 2019 as an Egyptian real estate developer. The Company includes a group of shareholders with a business portfolio worth EGP 25,000,000,000, and the company's paid-up capital reaches EGP 600,000,000.

Previous Works of Ajna Developments

The company plans to develop multi-use residential and commercial projects as part of its investment plan in the market during the coming period. Additionally, the Company would increase its portfolio of lands and new partnerships in the future.
It is scheduled that Ajna Developments will soon start developing a new project in the North Coast, with investments worth EGP 15,000,000,000.

Location of Carnelia Complex

The resort has one of the best locations in Ain Sokhna. It is distinguished by being close to the port of Galala and the yachting city, which is a very vital location and easy to reach. The resort is at:
-7 kilometers from Porto Sokhna
-30 kilometers from the Sokhna station
-15 kilometers from the Zafarana ambush
-3.5 kilometers from the Mount Galala Resort
-30 minutes-derive from the New Administrative Capital
-An hour from Cairo

Areas of Units in Carnelia Gated Community

There are varied housing units in Carnelia Village. There are twin houses, standalone villas, chalets, and townhouses. Areas of these units range from 120 to 500 square meters.

Designs of Carnelia Compound

Ajna Developments Company assigned designs of the Resort to a Mexican consultancy office, which is a specialized office in designing tourist resorts. Therefore, the Resort would be the first destination for relaxation and luxury on the Red Sea coast.
The Carnelia resort overlooks the sea through various units distributed on a high plateau, in terraces-like design. The first terrace is about 40 meters above the ground, which gives enough space for all units.
The designer company made sure that all units overlook the sea, across a large beach of 700 meters, a marina for yachts, and artificial lakes. Moreover, there are high swimming pools with a total area of ​​9 kilometers on all terraces and paved routes connecting the highest point of the resort with the beach and all services.
The resort is equipped with elevators suitable for all needs, whether commercial or residential. The Resort is also suitable for people with disabilities in all details, and there are 4 entertainment clubs distributed to be close to all units.

Advantages of Carnelia Resort

The Carnelia Resort is strategically located next to one of the most important landmarks of Ain Sokhna, the mountain of Galala; a famous port with its yachting city, which gives it great economic importance. Also, the Resort is distinguished by charming design on a high plateau overlooking the Red Sea through terraces up to 160 meters above sea level.
One of the most important advantages of the Carnelia Resort is its wonderful Mexican style. Also, the Resort is characterized by eye-catching colors and smooth distribution of units on the mountain; giving a charming natural touch to the Resort.

Services of Carnelia Village

The Resort includes many services that made it a destination for all those looking for comfort, relaxation, enjoyment, and escaping from the pressures of life. Such services are as follows:
-A boutique hotel characterized by simplicity and a small number of rooms
-Sports clubs
-A beach club
- An artificial lake with 12,000 square meters of area
-Swimming pools throughout the resort
-A 650 meters long beach
-All units have direct beach views
-Elevators with a panoramic view of the resort
-Services and facilities for all units
-High-level security system

Prices of Units in Carnelia compound

The owner has developed a competitive price plan to suit all customers, where:
-The price of chalet ranges from EGP 1,200,000 to EGP 2,200,000
-The price of a townhouse ranges from EGP 3,800,000 to EGP 4,700,000
-The price of the standalone villas is up to EGP 9,000,000,000

Payment Systems in Carnelia Village

Ajna Developments allows you to pay 10% of the total unit price as a down payment, and the rest would be paid in equal installments over 10 years. This system allows customers to own the best tourist units on the coast of the Red Sea, and to enjoy the fresh air throughout the year.

Investment in Ain Sokhna Development

Over the past few years, the Ain Sokhna region has witnessed great development. Economically, large international companies have been established. In terms of facilities, many roads, hubs, and public services have been provided. In terms of new urban communities, many villages and tourist resorts were carried out with the latest technologies and international designs. Actually, developers began to add a charming touch to their projects and prepare them to embrace the best beaches on the Red Sea.
One of the most important milestones of the development process in Ain Sokhna is the Galala Plateau development project. It is one of the most important national mega-development projects initiated by the Egyptian government. The project includes the Galala International City, King Abdullah University, and a tourist resort overlooking the Gulf of Suez. Additionally, there is the "Ain Sokhna-Zafarana Road" which splits Al-Galalah Mountain and is supervised by the Armed Forces Engineering Authority.
Furthermore, the resort has two hotels; mountainous and coastal. The mountainous hotel includes 300 rooms and 40 chalets, while the coastal one includes 300 rooms and 60 chalets, in addition to rooms and suites of different levels and an advanced mall. The tourist resort project has been started since October 2015 on the mountain at an altitude of more than 650 meters.