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The Ledge

Last update: 6 April 2021

Property Type Price  
Clinics 1,761,940 40,975 EGP/M2 Details
Offices 2,858,134 - 6,726,416 39,066 EGP/M2
Stores 4,493,724 - 8,177,096 47,266 EGP/M2

If you are looking to own a new unit that is a real estate investment, whether medical, commercial, or administrative in New Cairo, you will not find a better location than The Ledge Mall. It has a strategic location that is surrounded by a lot of luxurious residential units.

It also overlooks many main streets that connect it with neighboring cities and even downtown Cairo. Which will allow the flow of visitors consistently. Creating a real investment opportunity for businessmen and investors alike who are looking for new profits opportunities.

Details About The Ledge Mall New Cairo

The Ledge mall is one of the greatest real estate projects that has been built in Cairo recently by Akoya Properties on a large space of 6,900 square meters across 3 floors.

The ground floor plus two above has a plethora of retail, commercial, medical, and administrative units that have great services provided by the administration of the mall for the clients and visitors all alike. Let us share with you all what you need to know about this project.

Background Information on the Real Estate Developer of The Ledge Mall New Cairo

Akoya Properties is the real estate developer behind the Ledge Mall New Cairo. It is one of the few companies that have proved its ability to adapt to the huge jumps that the market has been taking in real estate and carve its name in gold through delivering high-quality projects and its high commitment to their deadline, the new and modern designs and the best utilization of spaces and provide so many services.

Akoya properties started in 2006 and managed to introduce many successes and accomplishments by top-tier engineers, the best consultants, and the best designers. Making it one of a kind in the market.

Previous Works of Akoya Property Real Estate

Akoya Properties has been a strong player for the past 15 years. Including Hayati Residence near Al Rehab City, Living Yards the Commercial Project, Akoya Residential Compound, and The Ledge commercial, medical, and administrative mall.

Location of The Ledge Mall in New Cairo

You can confidently say that The Ledge Mall enjoys a lively and strategic location that makes it super attractive. It is in the heart of New Cairo and only 3 minutes away from the American University in Cairo (AUC). As for the compound next to it, it is Akoya Compound that is in the Andalus Neighborhood and overlooks the 90th street, Point 90 Mall, and right next to Katameya Gardens.

The mall is surrounded by the top compounds in New Cairo such as Katameya Gardens, Katameya Dunes who host a level of luxurious lifestyle residents. It guarantees the mall real profit chances because of the ongoing traffic.

Interior and Exterior Design of The Ledge

The Ledge Mall is made from 3 floors; the ground one to be for retail and commercial purposes, the second for medical clinics, and the third to be administrative offices.
The total area of the mall is 6,900 square meters and the ground floor is 755 square meters, where the first and the second floor 882 square meters each.

The mall is enjoying an attractive all-glass front with breathtaking views with Greenland scapes, not to mention that the internal and external design is fully lit which gives it a special atmosphere.

Types of Units in The Ledge Mall New Cairo

Akoya Properties which is the owner of the mall managed to create a comprehensive building with many options; whether administrative such as offices, commercial such as retail shops, and medications such as clinics and pharmacies.

Advantages of The Ledge New Cairo

-Vital location that guarantees an ongoing traffic
-Large space and attractive design
-Various activities such as medical, commercial, and administrative
-Various services create productive environments which guarantee a win-win situation for the clients and the visitors.
-Fully finished units that guarantee a hassle-free purchase
-Lean payment and installments plans for all the clients who wish to invest in the premise

Services in The Ledge Mall

-The Ledge Mall is introducing a plethora of services that include:
-Superlux finishing and central AC and ventilation for the whole building
-Security and guard that is supported with surveillance and firefighting systems with alarm and evacuation plan in case of emergency
-Electric elevators and underground garages
-Large number of stores and biggest brands with cafes and restaurants
-Entertainment services that include theme parks and movie theatres to fit all ages
-Meeting room that is prepared to the max so entrepreneurs and businessmen can conduct their meetings
-A proactive cleaning service and maintenance around the clock
-Automatic generators in case of a power cut

Payments Systems and Installments in The Ledge Mall New Cairo

The company behind The Ledge Mall has facilitated the payment for the commercial, medical, and administrative units by paying 15% downpayment and the rest over 5 years.