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Looking for a new place to live? Rent an apartment in El Sheikh Zayed

If you do not have enough capital for purchasing a new apartment, finding an apartment for rent in Sheikh Zayed is the solution especially for newly married couples.

Sheikh Zayed city has a decent community, located near 6th of October city. It's great for families because of its high-end facilities as well as its security.

Many students look for apartments for rent in Sheikh Zayed as it is near a number of universities such as 6 October university, Al-Ahram Canadian university, the Modern Sciences and Arts University "MSA", and Misr university for science and technology.

The prices of apartments for rent in Sheikh Zayed vary according to the area and the location, the rent rate of apartments in the first district and the third district in Sheikh Zayed is less than the rent of apartments in the eighth district and the ninth district.

Sheikh Zayed city is full of expats and students who rent apartments in order to be closer to work, for instance, Media production city has an immense amount of employees, some of them rent flats for residential purpose. In addition to the abundance of compounds in Sheikh Zayed city, like Beverly Hills, and The Yard.

However, living in Sheikh Zayed requires having a private car due to the shortage of means of transportation.