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Properties For rent in Ras Sidr

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Owning or renting a property in the city of Ras Sidr becomes a good opportunity to give its owners the experience of a different and quiet resort, or to rely on an investment that has a good future in light of the large urban expansions witnessed by the cities of Sinai, including the city of Ras Sidr.


Details of Ras Sidr City 


Ras Sidr city has its own aesthetic standards; it is a residential city divided into Wadi Sidr, Sidr, and Abu Suwairah. The city has one of the most beautiful beaches in the world, as it overlooks the eastern side, the Gulf of Suez. The World Tourism Organization ranked it third as the best coastal tourist place in the world after Comoros beach and another beach in Spain.


The area of ​​Ras Sidr city is 6750 square meters, overlooking the Gulf of Suez extending from the Red Sea, which means enjoying the beauty of the pure turquoise waters and the coastal nature that most of the cities of Sinai enjoy. 


In addition to being a coastal city, Ras Sidr is also considered a tourist attraction - but it is still being developed - as it includes a number of distinctive tourist attractions.


Ras Sidr is an ideal choice for recreation and healing, as there are sulfur pools and springs, such as: the eyes of Moses, the eyes of Wadi Taraki, and the sulfur spring of Ras Sidr, whose temperature reaches 75 degrees Celsius, and it is still preserved in its pure nature, and therefore it is intended for bird watching enthusiasts. 


Certainly, many are attracted to the city of Ras Sidr because of the nature of its calm and clean sea water, as well as the beaches enjoying the scarcity of herbs and the sandy coast, which facilitates enjoying the sea water. Ras Sidr includes a number of resorts, tourist villages and hotels that attract a number of those wishing to be isolated from the noise of large cities and the constant disturbance, and this What also makes it an ideal city for big investments.


Location of Ras Sidr City


Its location can be considered one of its most important advantages. The city of Ras Sidr is 200 km from Cairo and is reached through the Martyr Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel, specifically on the eastern side of the Gulf of Suez, and it follows the Governor of South Sinai, but the city is 60 km away from the Suez Canal. 


It is divided by the Ras Sidr - El-Tur road, opposite Ain Sukhna, which is located on the western bank of the Gulf of the Suez Canal, and is 306 kilometers away from Sharm El-Sheikh.


The site gives it clear weather during the summer months, and tends to be cold in the winter, but it remains a suitable place for most months of the year, and it can be reached through more than one road, whether by land through the Martyr Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel, and by sea through the ports of Suez, Al-Adabiya and Al-Arish, or Sharm airports. Sheikh, Hurghada, or Marsa Alam. The city is divided into three regions: Ras Sidr, Abu Suwayr, and Sidr.


Types of Real Estate Units in Ras Sidr City


Because it is a coastal residential city and also has tourist components, it includes a number of various real estate units that can suit different needs, starting from spending a summer vacation in a chalet in the various areas of Ras Sidr, as well as villages and tourist resorts, or staying in hotel rooms overlooking the beach. And there are the apartments in Ras Sidr in which the people of the city live and can be rented or owned, as well as detached villas, penthouses and duplexes.


Areas of Real Estate Units in the city of Ras Sidr


The areas in Ras Sidr city vary, according to the type of property or the nature of the unit. The apartments range in area from 70 square meters to 120 square meters, while the chalets in Ras Sidr start from a smaller area, which may be 60 square meters up to 110 square meters, and the areas of the separate villas vary; the penthouse ranges from 119 square meters to 700 square meters, consisting of two or three floors, with a roof and a small garden, bedrooms from 3 to 5, and 2 bathrooms, with a kitchen and a reception area, and some villas may have a swimming pool.


Among the most important resorts and tourist villages that you can spend time in Ras Sidr are Mosa Coast Resort, Palm Beach Hostmark Resort, Green Sidr Resort, Dome Marina Hotel, Royal Beach Resort, and Moonbeach Resort. The residence gives you a great opportunity to relax and enjoy the turquoise sea waters and sandy beaches, as well as various marine and mountain activities.


Features of Ras Sidr City


Choosing Ras Sidr as a summer resort is not uncommon. For many, the reason may be that it still needs further development, but the recent years of work and construction aimed at improving the quality of services make it an ideal and quiet destination, and give it many advantages, from which it comes:

  • Its proximity to Cairo, as it is only 200 kilometers away, with access to it through more than one road, either by land through the Martyr Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel, or by air through the airports of Hurghada, Sharm El Sheikh and Marsa Alam, or by sea through the ports of Suez And literary and evolution.

  • The city is a distinctive tourist destination, you can enjoy a sandy beach, calm sea and pure nature.

  • There are a variety of historical and archaeological areas that can be visited, such as: Al-Jundi Castle or Sidr Castle, Oyoun Musa, and the cave inscriptions.

  • The city includes a number of valleys

  • You can try safari in it, such as: Wadi El Grendel, Wadi Taiba, Wadi Taraki, as well as Mount Serbal and Mount Pharaoh.

  • Its advantage does not stop that it is a quiet and comfortable resort suitable for all the family, but it is also an ideal place for recreation and healing, since the city of Ras Sidr includes nearly 12 sulfur springs, including the eyes of Moses and Ain Ras Sidr, and it is said that the temperature of some of them may range from 75 to 92 degrees Celsius.

  • Enjoy marine activities, such as windsurfing, sea skiing and snorkeling.

  • The possibility of spending a day in one of the city’s oases that are in harmony with the pure nature of the sulfur springs of the underground wells and even palm trees, including: The Taybeh Oasis and the Rina Oasis.


Services Available in Ras Sidr Village


The government is working to open up investment areas for the development of Ras Sidr city, and indeed, over the past years, work has been done to provide services and improvements at various levels in the city, which has made it a destination for many. Among the services that are being worked on, we show you the most important services available in the city of Ras Sidr:

  • Work on the construction of Ras Sidr International Airport on an area of ​​34 million square meters, at a cost of 3 billion pounds, which will make it easier for travelers and shorten more time

  • The city is connected to various means of transportation, whether by sea, by steamboats and ships, or through the Martyr Ahmed Hamdi Tunnel by land, and by air, through its proximity to a number of major airports in the surrounding cities

  • Diversity of real estate in the city, from chalets to hotel rooms and detached villas in Ras Sidr.

  •  Basic services such as electricity, gas, water, street lighting and cleaning

  • Work has been done to rehabilitate the internal roads of the city to facilitate the movement of traffic between the different regions

  • Attention to the development of the city's infrastructure

  • The city includes a number of distinctive tourist villages and resorts