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Villas for rent in El Oubour

El Oubour City is one of the most important second generation cities in Qalyubia Governorate. In 1990, a decision was issued to establish it on a desert land belonging to Al Khanka administrative center. El Oubour is unique, comprehensive and integrated city, because of: the availability of job opportunities, high-end housing, quietness and reasonable prices. It includes an industrial zone nearby the residential areas, and has the largest market for fruits, vegetables and fish that supplies Cairo with its needs. Also, the city enjoys pure atmosphere and beauty of nature along with its artistic construction highlighting its beauty. There are parks and green spaces all over the city, along with good planning of streets and sophistication of its architecture.


The strategic location of El Oubour... One of the components of investment

Despite its location in the northeast of Cairo at Kilo 26 on the Cairo-Ismailia Road, El Oubour is affiliated to Qalyubia Governorate with regard to boarders and administration. The city has a road network linking it to the neighboring regions. Its borders extend from kilo 9 to kilo 15 to the right of Cairo-Belbeis desert road. From the west, its borders extend from kilo 4 south to kilo 16 north. From the south, it is bordered by Cairo-Ismailia Road.


El Oubour planning and its most important neighborhoods

El Oubour includes 9 residential neighborhoods, a golf city, and an entertainment district on ​​4.5 thousand acres of area that is dedicated to residential services. Despite the sophistication and tranquility in all of its neighborhoods as a basic characteristic, each neighborhood has its own independent characteristics and services. There are also economic, middle, upper, and upper-middle neighborhoods, to suit all classes, for example:

The Golf and the Seventh neighborhoods are luxurious, and the latter is limited to villas for those who love spacious areas and privacy. The first, fifth, sixth and ninth neighborhoods are upper-middle. The second and third neighborhoods are middle and suitable for young people and newlyweds. The second and fourth neighborhoods are economic and suitable for low-income people.


The most famous neighborhoods in El Oubour

The first neighborhood

It is one of the first urban neighborhoods in the city and is unique in its location nearby El Oubour market. All these factors increase the density of the population in the neighborhood. Also, there are transportation and various services such as schools, markets and hospitals. Despite the high level of population in the neighborhood, it has economic residential units.


The second neighborhood

It is one of the economic neighborhoods, which is separated from the first neighborhood by Ahmad Ibn Tulun Street. The school complex is one of its most important landmarks, which explains the high rate of purchase by middle families so that they would be nearer to the schools of their children.


The third neighborhood

Though it is one of the middle neighborhoods, it includes luxurious apartments and buildings, most importantly is EgyptAir buildings. The neighborhood is strategically located at the entrance to the city, and is linked to major roads, such as Sadat and El Oubour Roads, which means the availability of transportation. Moreover, all services are centered in the neighborhood, which raises the purchasing rate.


The Fifth neighborhood

It is one of the high-end neighborhoods dedicated to villas at the entrance to the city. The neighborhood is unique in its various services, including hospitals such as Farid Hospital and Ain Shams University Hospital, shops, malls, and entertainment places for children and adults.


Advantages of residing in El Oubour

El Oubour is characterized by the good planning of its streets, as each apartment building has enough space around it to ensure the residents privacy. Also, each apartment building enjoys the sophistication of architecture and the quality of the interior and exterior finishes of apartments. Apartment prices in El Oubour are suitable for young people, limited and middle-income people. The level of apartments varies to suit all tastes, even though some neighborhoods contain high-end apartments and villas next to social housing areas belonging to the Urban Communities Authority.


Reasons to buy an apartment in El Oubour

- The good planning and cleanliness of streets, and the scattered green areas and parks, which provides an aesthetic appearance and a healthy environment for residents.

- It combines vitality, due to the availability of all services, with calmness and relaxation away from the hustle and bustle of the capital.

- Its unique location nearby Cairo, especially Cairo Airport, as well as its proximity to the 10th of Ramadan City and the Sharqia Governorate via the Ring Road.

- It contains the largest market for vegetables, fruits and fish, which supplies Cairo with its needs. This explains the commercial and investment boom in the city.

- Availability of job opportunities for population due to the diversity of industries in the city.

- The city contains entertainment services, such as Gero land theme park, golf courses and City Club Sports Club, which increases the rate of purchasing in the city.

- Variety of means of transportation from all kinds, such Suzuki, microbus and minibuses to transport residents from El Oubour to the tenth of Ramadan and all governorates.


Distinctive landmarks in El Oubour

- El Oubour Market

- City Club: It is a social club that includes a cinema, theater, places for children and a library, in addition to being a sports club that has contracts with the best sports academies in all games.

- Ain Shams University in El Oubour: one of the most important landmarks in the city and is located in the ninth neighborhood.

- Carrefour: one of the most famous hypermarket chains in Egypt. Its new branch was opened in El Oubour, next to the City Club at the entrance of the city. Carrefour provides all needs of the residents, which helps them to avoid going out the city for shopping in Cairo or old cities.

- El Oubour Golf Theme Park: one of the largest theme parks in Egypt, which includes all games, such as water and skiing games.

- Golf City Mall: it is close to Carrefour at the entrance to the city, and contains 9 cinemas and large stores next to it.


Your apartment is in El Oubour and all services are around it... Learn about the various services of the city

El Oubour city includes a variety of services, as 3.2 thousand acres have been allocated to service activities to provide all needs of the population. This would make them avoid leaving the city in search of their requirements. The most prominent of these services:

Educational services: educational services have recently witnessed a remarkable development at the level of universities and schools.



Opening a branch of Ain Shams University in El-Oubour is one of the most important national projects in the city, aiming at reducing the student overcrowding in the main university and providing excellent educational opportunities for students.


Most important departments of Ain Shams University in El-Oubour: Medicine, Pharmacy, Dentistry, Commerce, Law, Computers and Information Media and Mass Communication.


Benha University: it includes departments of Medicine, Pharmacy, Physiotherapy, Veterinary, Commerce, Engineering, Agriculture, and sports education for girls.


Misr International University: it includes departments of Business Administration, Engineering, Dentistry, Media and Mass Communication, and languages ​​and translation

El Oubour Academy of Engineering and Technology


Wadi Higher Institute for Management and Information Systems



There are 19 schools in El Oubour, ranging from governmental, private to international schools. Most famous schools are as follows:

- Golf Language Schools

- El Safwa Language Schools

- Future Housing School for Basic Education

- Manarit Al Bayan Secondary School

- Continental International Schools.


Entertainment services

El Oubour city provides all kinds of entertainment to its residents, including theme parks, golf courses, clubs and malls with the most famous international brands of goods.


Amusement parks: Gero land and City Camp.

Malls with restaurants, cinemas and various commercial stores, such as:

- Top Stop Uni Mall in the Fifth neighborhood

- Rawdat El Oubour Mall in Rabaa Al Adawiya Street

- Golf City El Oubour

- Grand Mall in the sixth neighborhood

- Capital Plaza Mall in the sixth neighborhood



- El Oubour Sports Club

- City Club

- Plaza Sports Club


Religious services

There are 52 mosques and 29 churches in the city, the most famous of them are as follows:


- Malik Al-Mulk Mosque

- Al-Farouq Omar Mosque

- Sayyida Khadija Bint Khuwailid Mosque

- St. Paul's Church

- Evangelical Church


Medical services

Hospitals, medical centers, and clinics are available in El Oubour to provide distinguished medical care by the most qualified medical staff and the latest equipment. Most prominent medical services in El Oubour are:

- El Oubour Specialized Hospital

- Tabarak Childeren Hospital

- Medical House Specialized Clinics

- Hind Pharmacies

Shefaa pharmacies


Quality of facilities in El Oubour... Safety and comfort in residence

The city has witnessed extensive developments that included all the city facilities to suit the urban development and provide buyers with comfort and tranquility in their new residence.



Drinking water arrives at El Oubour through water purification plants, which include four stages. As for the washing water filters, it is used in landscaping irrigation. El Oubour also depends on well stations as well as treatment plants.



The city includes many projects to properly dispose the sewage in order to preserve the health of population. Most important of these projects are:

- Implementing main and secondary drainage networks with high quality technologies.

- Implementing 4 lifting stations and evacuation lines to divert the city's sewage course to Al Jabal Al-Asfar.



The construction projects of power stations are strongly continuing to keep pace with the modern urban projects in the city.


El Oubour Compounds... Luxury and sophistication

If you a lover of quiet life and need special services in the vicinity of your residence to enjoy privacy and luxury at reasonable prices, do not hesitate to search for apartments for sale in the best compounds in El Oubour.

Gardenia El Oubour Compound

It is one of the most prestigious residential projects in El Oubour, as it enjoys a strategic location due to its proximity to Carrefour El Oubour and the New Administrative Capital. The compound includes integrated and sophisticated services, such as medical center, mall, and designated playing areas, as well as green spaces. Apartments in Gardenia Compound have spacious areas, where areas start from 150 to 200 square meters.


Zahrat El Oubour Compound

It is one of the most important compounds in El Oubour. It is located in the city center, which makes it surrounded by distinctive landmarks such as El Oubour Market, golf courses and Cityscape Club, as well as it is close to the Cairo Airport and all means of transportation. That is why the prices of apartments are high there. The compound includes apartments of various areas ranging from 57 to 190 square meters. Most important services in Zahrat El Oubour Compound:

- Shopping mall

- Swimming pool

- Restaurants and cafes

- Spacious garages for all buildings


Apartments in Zahrat El Oubour Compound are distinguished by the quality of the interior finishing according to the taste of the customer, while the exterior finishing is uniform in order to preserve the aesthetic appearance of the apartment buildings.


Moon City El Oubour Compound

If you want to live near the new cities and to be linked to major road networks which take you to the heart of Cairo, in addition to the high level of services, then you have to choose your apartment in the Moon City El Oubour Compound. The Compound enjoys a strategic location on Cairo-Ismailia Desert Road, as well as connection to important road networks such as Saad El-Din El Shazly Corridor, Ring Road, Salah Salem and Cairo Suez Road. Besides, the Compound is close to several new cities, most notably Shorouk and Mustakbal. There are modern services in Moon City Compound:

- Two elevators for each apartment building

- Automatic gates

- 24-hour security service

- Central dish

- Comprehensive maintenance for apartments and public areas

- Garage for each apartment building

- Landscapes spaces and fountains between apartment buildings to raise the beauty ratio in the Compo

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