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13,550 EGP

Prices of Apartments in El Oubour average 13,550 EGP per square meter.

20,050 EGP

Prices of Villas in El Oubour average 20,050 EGP per square meter.

Average price per meter in past 12 months

Neighborhood Apartments Average price per meter
Compounds in El Obour City 20,450 EGP /M²
Ismailia Desert Road 18,050 EGP /M²
Seventh Neighborhood 15,200 EGP /M²
Fifth Neighborhood 14,700 EGP /M²
Fourth Neighborhood 12,350 EGP /M²
Eighth Neighborhood 12,100 EGP /M²
Sixth Neighborhood 11,700 EGP /M²
First Neighborhood 11,300 EGP /M²
Ninth Neighborhoods 11,250 EGP /M²
Youth Housing 11,250 EGP /M²
New Obour 11,100 EGP /M²
Second Neighborhood 10,950 EGP /M²
Third Neighborhood 10,400 EGP /M²
Entertainment District 9,800 EGP /M²
Future Housing 8,400 EGP /M²
Other Neighborhoods In El Oubour 8,150 EGP /M²
Gamaiet Orabi 7,850 EGP /M²
Neighborhood Villas Average price per meter
Sixth Neighborhood 23,600 EGP /M²
Eighth Neighborhood 23,500 EGP /M²
Compounds in El Obour City 22,850 EGP /M²
Entertainment District 21,400 EGP /M²
Seventh Neighborhood 20,550 EGP /M²
Other Neighborhoods In El Oubour 20,100 EGP /M²
Fifth Neighborhood 18,900 EGP /M²
First Neighborhood 17,300 EGP /M²
Ismailia Desert Road 16,300 EGP /M²
Fourth Neighborhood 15,450 EGP /M²
Second Neighborhood 13,000 EGP /M²
Gamaiet Orabi 12,800 EGP /M²
New Obour 5,950 EGP /M²


Demand level

(Very High)


Price change in 12 months


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Price change in 12 months

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Located northeast of Cairo, El Oubour is one of the new cities that were built to spread out the residential density of Greater Cairo. El Oubour is well planned integrated city that contains both industrial and residential areas. It is well known to be calm with many gardens and green areas, and a number of social clubs. It is close from Obour market, the main market in Cairo. El Oubour City offers a wide range of residential levels, but the majority tends to be middle level housing. One of El Oubour’s drawbacks is the distance from the center of Cairo, and the lack of services when compared with New Cairo. Transportation to reach the city is available; however, transportation within the city itself is a bit limited.

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