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Administrative For sale in El Sheikh Zayed

Administrative For sale in El Sheikh Zayed

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Administrative offices in Sheikh Zayed City

Choosing the location of your office or project headquarters is an important factor for success.

A good location ensures easy access for customers and visitors without losing their way. A good location close to the main streets and transportation lines facilitates the arrival of your employees without delay.

Sheikh Zayed City is also close to the areas of Giza, Haram, Zamalek, Dokki and neighborhoods west of Cairo, which include many companies, projects and bank branches.

Also, Sheikh Zayed City is close to several residential areas, neighborhoods and compounds, which guarantees Proximity to your audience and co-workers alike.


Location of Sheikh Zayed City


The city of Sheikh Zayed belongs to the Giza Governorate and therefore is part of the Greater Cairo Region, and Zayed is to the west of Cairo and adjacent to the 6th of October City, and it is not, as some imagine, a part of it. Sheikh Zayed is adjacent to several important areas and cities such as Giza, Zamalek, Dokki, Mohandessin, Haram, Al-Ahram Gardens and October, and it is only a few minutes away from them.



Roads and Landmarks near Sheikh Zayed City


Choosing the location of an administrative office in Sheikh Zayed to be your company’s headquarters ensures that you are close to several important and main roads that facilitate your access to the areas of Cairo, Giza and the rest of Greater Cairo, as they are close to:


  • Rod Al-Farag axis.
  • The old 26th of July axis.
  • The new 26th of July axis.
  • October Bridge.
  • Oasis Road.


Sheikh Zayed City is also very close to the smart village, which includes many major technology companies and the institute, and therefore it will facilitate your dealings with these companies and ensure easy access to your office.


Development and Expansion of the 26th of July axis


To solve the traffic problems and overcrowding at rush hours on the October Bridge and July Corridor, work has begun on expanding the old axis and developing it to become the new July axis, which extends from the first Ahmed Orabi tunnel near Imbaba, Beshtil, and the old Imbaba airport and passes through Kerdasa, Osim, Al-Barajeel, and then Mohandessin areas. From it the top of the bridge over the Orabi tunnel.


The new axis will be parallel to the old axis and will be linked to it in terms of the desert road. The development also includes expanding the old axis, increasing its lanes to 5 new lanes and improving its efficiency.



Neighborhoods in Sheikh Zayed City 


Sheikh Zayed City is a large city, so it was divided into 20 neighborhoods, and the neighborhood is divided into 4 residential neighborhoods with all services from schools, medical centers, shopping areas, shops and public facilities of its own. The opening of its branches in Zayed, especially with the rapid development of the region and its construction.


The city includes many service areas, whether markets, parks, gardens, public roads, international and private schools, universities and commercial malls.


The best thing that distinguishes Zayed is the attention to the architectural character of the city, the regulation of traffic in it, the prevention of random unlicensed vehicles such as the tuk-tuk and others, the prevention of any random appearances in the construction and the determination of the height of the buildings not to exceed 4 floors in addition to the ground floor.


More Details about Sheikh Zayed City


Sheikh Zayed City is one of the second-generation cities, and although it is nearly thirty years old since it was established in 1995, it has witnessed a recent construction and construction movement, as there have been many compounds and residential neighborhoods, and thousands of families inhabited it, which made it a preferred choice for companies. Zayed is about 20 kilometers from the city. Lebanon Square in the Mohandessin neighborhood, 28 kilometers from Tahrir Square in central Cairo, and the city is bordered by the 26th of July Corridor and the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road.


The city enjoys all basic services and facilities, from electricity, water, green spaces, natural gas, cleaning and landscaping services, to educational, medical and recreational services.


Malls, Commercial and Administrative Centers in Sheikh Zayed City


Sheikh Zayed City is famous for its multiplicity of commercial malls and shopping centers, and because of its proximity to work areas and companies, Madinat Zayed had administrative and medical malls as well. The ongoing malls are buildings with several floors dedicated to offices, corporate headquarters and banks, in addition to the presence of commercial floors for shops.


Advantages of Administrative Malls to Establish your Business


Administrative malls provide your office with an atmosphere that helps you work and devote yourself to your company’s activities without worrying about the regularity of maintenance, guarding and cleaning services.


These malls also include elegant toilets and smoking areas, and some of them have dining halls, and there are of course places for prayer and ablution, so you will make the best use of your office space while providing a comfortable atmosphere for your employees.


The specifications of administrative malls can be summarized as follows:


  • Parking spaces.
  • Halls for restaurants and smoking areas.
  • Central internet and Wi-Fi networks.
  • Central air-conditioning.
  • Security services, guarding, surveillance cameras around the clock, and fire systems.
  • Cleaning and maintenance services.



Famous Commercial and Administrative Malls in Sheikh Zayed City

  • Arkan Mall.

  • Trivium Mall.
  • The Courtyard Mall.
  • Outyard Mall.
  • Zed Strip Mall, which is part of Zed Compound.
  • Al Moez Mall.
  • Badr El Din Mall.



Office specifications for those looking for an administrative office for sale in Sheikh Zayed


Administrative offices in Zayed are characterized by a diversity of space, finishing and services. The available areas of administrative offices in Sheikh Zayed range from 34 square meters to 1,000 square meters in administrative malls, which allows you to buy a full floor with its facilities, including toilets, meeting rooms, and work rooms.


Investment in Administrative offices


Investing in renting or reselling the administrative headquarters and offices in Zayed guarantees you a good return and preserves the value of your money. It is considered a profitable and guaranteed investment. Renting to a company or office is better than renting a residential property in terms of returns and requirements.