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Properties for Sale in Sheikh Zayed Egypt

If you are looking for properties for sale currently, then you have to think of Sheikh Zayed City as a place that is home to many social and economic levels, from mediocre youth housing to luxurious compounds, you're sure to find what suits you in Sheikh Zayed properties


The properties for sale in Sheikh Zayed City are located only minutes away from Cairo by car or through various public transportation methods. The city was established in the mid-1990s after the UAE government offered a grant to build a new city, and in gratitude, it was named after the founder of the UAE, Sheikh Zayed.


The Unique Location of Sheikh Zayed City


The city is built to belong to Giza Governorate, and it’s believed that it’s not part of the 6th of October city, but an independent city.


Sheikh Zayed City is the closest city to October and it’s also only 30 kms away from Cairo, a 30-minute drive via the 26 July roundabout or 50 minutes via the Ring Road.


Advantages of Living in Sheikh Zayed City


It’s always advised to study the services and facilities provided by the city you’re hoping to move into, along with the social and security status of the surrounding areas. You will find below the most remarkable services in Sheikh Zayed City.


Health Care Services


Recently the government has constructed several public hospitals in Zayed, besides many great private hospitals. Some of Zayed’s most important hospitals are: Sheikh Zayed Specialist Hospital, Zayed General Hospital in 1st District, Safa clinics in American Plaza, and Dar Al Oyoun Hospital. As for pharmacies, the biggest and most important is 19011, right next to Sheikh Zayed Hospital.


Schools and Universities


Many prefer to live in an area with schools nearby, which is exactly what you’ll find in Sheikh Zayed. The city's schools vary between governmental, private, experimental and international, which provides residents with many versatile choices. Some of the schools in the city include Sheikh Zayed Secondary School for boys in the first district, Sheikh Zayed's New Experimental School in the 11th district, New Vision International School in Beverly Hills, Beverly Hills School, American International School at Zayed's entrance, alongside the Canadian International College. Keep in mind that Sheikh Zayed is close to 6th of October which has many private universities, such as the 6th of October University and the University of Egypt for Science and Technology.


Sports Clubs and Gyms


Residents of the city enjoy going to the Sheikh Zayed Youth Center, Sheikh Zayed Sports Club, Power gym, Arnold gym.


Malls and Shopping Centers


Some of the important malls of the city are the Mall of Arabia, Tivoli Mall, Americana Plaza Mall, Dandy Mall. 


Hyper One Mall

One of the most prominent and famous malls in the city. Hyper One  includes various shops, and a large food court l with many famous restaurants. It’s one of the city's first and most popular shopping centers, and is frequented by many residents of Sheikh Zayed City


Crazy Water Aqua Park


Crazy Water is an amazing Aqua Park loved by both children and adults, the perfect place to go in the summer holidays!  The park has many restaurants and shops, which makes the trip to Crazy Water a complete experience. 


Zayed Central Park


The first of its kind in Egypt, implemented by the Housing Ministry. The park takes up a large area of 65 acres, and includes many gift shops, restaurants, cafes, and many different activities for children. Not to mention the extensive greenery, huge trees, pedestrian walkways, Bicycle paths, artificial lakes, light fountains, and many other things to see in this beautiful, masterfully done park. Not only that, but Zayed Park offers its services for very reasonable prices. It’s a place you will love as a resident of the beautiful city of Sheikh Zayed City


Apartments in Sheikh Zayed City

The area of Sheikh Zayed City includes several housing projects that are suitable for many social classes, such as medium and above-medium housing projects offered by the Ministry of Housing. It has the projects of Janna or Dar Misr (previously) as medium and above-medium housings.


 It offers fully finished apartments and is surrounded by a tree wall for privacy and protection from dust and sand currents. As for payment.


The Best Affordable Neighborhoods


There are many neighborhoods in Sheikh Zayed that offer great, affordable apartments suitable for young people and small families. Some of which are the 11th, 12th and 16th districts, where you’ll find apartments in Sheikh Zayed starting from 70 square meters, and prices starting from EGP300,000 (according to 2020 prices).


You can also find many average compounds in these neighborhoods like Sama Zayed Compound. The 11th district is a family-friendly, well-organized neighborhood with many great options, where apartments range from 70 square meter with two-rooms and a lounge area, up to 130 square meter apartments of three-rooms.


Luxurious Compounds in Sheikh Zayed City


Sheikh Zayed City includes some areas of higher luxury such as the 7th, 8th and 9th districts, Jasmine and Mohandeseen Gardens. There, you can find apartments ranging from 100 square meters to 200 square meters. The apartments consist of three rooms or more, and some companies allow various systems of payments and installments. If you’re wondering what makes compounds so special: compounds offer many special services, luxuries, round-the-clock monitoring and guarding services, green areas, and sports areas. Some of the best compounds in Sheikh Zayed are:


Casa Compound


 Casa Compound is a beautiful compound designed and implemented by Palm Hills, Casa is only 15 minutes from Desert Road. One of the most important features of the compound is its proximity to many distinguished international and private schools, along with Hyper One


The units in Casa Compound vary between standard apartments of areas ranging from 80 square meters to 300 square meters, and Duplex apartments of areas starting from 600 square meters. The company facilitates the payment process in which the client pays 10% of the desired unit’s price in advance, and installs the rest over 7 years. 


Allegria Residence Compound


Allegria compound is Provided by the famous SODIC Real Estate Development Company, Allegria is located in a strategic location in Sheikh Zayed; located directly on route A near Beverly Hills. The compound is located west of Cairo off the Cairo-Alexandria desert road, and only six kilometers from the smart village. It’s also conveniently near the British Cairo School, Beverly Hills, and shopping malls.


Allegria Compound beautifully overlooks a golf course, Polygon offices, and the luxurious Forty West apartments, falling between two of SODIC’s other successful projects; Forty West and Polygon SODIC.


One of the most special things about Allegria Compound is its golf course, the largest in Egypt and the Middle East. The compound was designed by Greg Roman, a world-class golfer with an international company that designs golf courses around the world. 



Etapa Compound


Etapa compound is an exceptional residential project by City Edge Real Estate Development Company, located near Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road. The compound includes apartments, duplex apartments, and townhouse villas.


Apartments in Etapa range from 193 square meters to 240 square meters. The compound has green areas and gardens that take up almost 85% of its area; providing a healthy, relaxing atmosphere for all residents. In Etapa Compound you can also enjoy the entertainment areas, sports courts and swimming pools, besides all the basic services provided for the residents’ convenience. 5% of the unit’s price is paid in advance, and the rest can be installed over 3 years.


The number of the Properties For sale in El Sheikh Zayed is 10,901 listings
The average price per meter for Properties in El Sheikh Zayed is 19,650 EGP
The number of the featured listings For sale in El Sheikh Zayed is 1
The average price change in El Sheikh Zayed is 3%
The sub locations in El Sheikh Zayed are Alex-Cairo Desert Road, First Neighborhood, Second Neighborhood, Third Neighborhood, Fourth Neighborhood, Fifth Neighbourhood, Sixth Neighborhood, Seventh Neighborhood, Eighth Neighborhood, Ninth Neighborhood, Tenth Neighborhood, Eleventh Neighborhood, Twelfth Neighborhood, Thirteenth Neighborhood, Fourteenth Neighborhood
The types of locations in El Sheikh Zayed are Apartments, Building, Chalets, Furnished Apartment, Other, Land, Administrative, Commercial, Villas, Shared Room, Medical
The top brokerage companies in El Sheikh Zayed are Quest Real Estate, SAMA october, Global - Mohamed Mekky