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Administrative Units in Commercial Projects in the New Administrative Capital


In March 2015, during the conference to support the Egyptian economy, the president announced the future capital of Egypt as one of the major investment and housing projects.


The New Administrative Capital was initially established to be an economic and administrative center, and to alleviate the overpopulation and the massive traffic congestion in Cairo, in addition to relocating the headquarters of the presidency, ministries, embassies, parliament and other state agencies.


The construction phases of the city are divided into 3 main phases with an investment budget of EGP 6 billion, and about 45 companies for investment and real estate development contribute to the implementation of this project.


Prime Location of the New Administrative Capital


The New Administrative Capital was distinguished by a strategic location among the vital cities, which qualified it as a distinguished investment center with integrated services and facilities.


The New Administrative Capital is located in the eastern part of Cairo governorate between Greater Cairo and Suez, east of the Regional Ring road, and near the Cairo-Suez road.


It is located in the area bounded between Cairo-Suez Road and Cairo-Ain Sokhna Road on the borders of Badr City in the west.


The New Administrative Capital is about 60 kilometers from the Central Cairo area, and it is the same distance from the cities of Suez in the north and properties of Ain Sokhna in the south.


The New Administrative Capital is 10 minutes away from the New Mostakbal City and Madinaty.


Details of the New Administrative Capital project:


  • The New Administrative Capital is the most important new Egyptian city, as it represents the New Capital instead of Cairo, in addition to being the ideal area for investment

  • The total area of ​​the city represents about 170 thousand acres, of which 15% are green areas distributed in all areas of the city

  • The executive plan for the New Administrative Capital project includes 3 phases:

  • The first phase includes 40 thousand acres

  • The second phase represents an area of ​​47,000 acres

  • The final stage includes 97,000 acres


The New Administrative Capital is divided into 8 main neighborhoods, which are:


  • The Financial and Business District

  • The Governmental District

  • The Diplomatic Quarter

  • The Residential District 

  • The Embassies District 

  • The Banks District

  • The Courts and Prosecution District 

  • The City Center


Available Services of the New Administrative Capital

The New Administrative Capital has all the services needed by investors and clients of the region, which attract more investors, including:


  • An internal road network of 650 km long, with a width ranging from 60 meters to 125 meters

  • The main axes and roads surrounding the city, including: the Regional Ring road, the central ring road, the northern and southern bin Zayed corridors, between them are a bridge of 155 meters in length and 70 meters in width

  • The means of transportation provided by the city, most notably the electric train, and a new railway linking it to the train lines

  • A 4,800-megawatt power plant, from the German company Siemens, at a cost of 2 billion euros

  • The first smart city to rely on solar energy in the event of power outages, as 70% of building rooftops are devoted to generating solar energy

  • A high-level security control and control center, with high-quality surveillance cameras, exceeding 6,000 cameras


The New Administrative Capital includes many service units to serve customers and provide an optimal life for residents, such as:


  • Recreational areas in the city, including: the Central Park (Capital Park) on an area of ​​1000 acres and exceeds 10 kilometers in length, the Green River that cuts through the city with a length of 35 km, and the Landscape on a large area

  • The Administrative Capital International Airport covers an area of ​​16 square kilometers

  • Sports City, Exhibition City, Museum of Egyptian Arts and a 5,000-seat conference center

  • The City of Arts and Culture, which is located on an area of ​​127 acres, and includes an opera house and a music theater

  • Approximately 1,250 mosques and churches

  • Areas of educational and medical services that distinguish the city, including: about 2000 schools and universities, and more than 600 medical institutions


Advantages of Investing and Owning An Administrative Office in the New Administrative Capital


The New Administrative Capital has many advantages that make it the ideal area for investment or housing, the most prominent of which are:


  • It houses the largest technology-driven smart city

  • Roofs include most of the buildings on generators of electricity that depend on solar energy

  • All services and facilities needed by residents and investors in the city, including local and international hospitals, schools and universities

  • The road network and main axes surrounding the city make it a vital area and increase investment opportunities in it


Administrative Offices in the New Administrative Capital


  • The New Administrative Capital was established to be an administrative and economic center, in addition to the distinct residential areas it includes.

  • The New Administrative Capital is divided into several neighborhoods, including districts, most of which are administrative units in the New Administrative Capital, such as: the Government District, the Embassy District, the Diplomatic District, and the financial and business district.

  • Both neighborhoods contain about 18 ministerial buildings for all ministries, in addition to the Parliament buildings, the Presidential Residence, the Convention Center, and the Olympic Stadium.


The Financial and Business District 


  • The Financial and Business district mainly consists of administrative and commercial units in The financial and business district, which occupies a large area of ​​about 1,710,000 square meters

  • The neighborhood includes a number of skyscrapers and giant towers up to 12 investment towers consisting of administrative units for various fields, and occupy an area of ​​230,000 square meters

  • Alongside the iconic 385-meter-high tower, and Which includes many administrative offices in addition to hotel apartments, electronic markets and entertainment areas of theaters and ice skating rinks

  • The rest of the city’s neighborhoods and regions also include many integrated commercial projects, which include many administrative offices with different areas in the Financial and Business District, waiting areas and conference rooms


Areas of Administrative Offices within the New Administrative Capital


  • The New Administrative Capital offers various administrative office designs with areas ranging from 29 square meters to 230 square meters; to allow the customer to choose the unit best suited to him

  • There are also many visitor reception areas, conference rooms, and meeting rooms equipped with the latest technology and equipment. To help investors continue their business with ease

  • The investment zone MU 23 represents the main commercial area in the New Administrative Capital, as it includes the largest number of integrated commercial projects, which include a large group of administrative offices, including:

Aurora, Zaha, Paris East


Other Important Commercial Projects in the New Capital 


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