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Properties for Sale in Ain Sokhna


Ain Sokhna is one of the best tourist destinations in Egypt, and it is also one of the most important international tourist destinations for tourists from all over the world to spend the most beautiful times, whether in summer or winter.


Ain Sokhna enjoys comfort, relaxation, and tranquility, as well as charming and beautiful views, and the wonderful which surrounds the entire city.


Ain Sokhna includes the most beautiful tourist resorts, away from the crowds of cities, and is characterized by its beaches with turquoise waters and golden sands, and its location near Cairo.


Details of Ain Sokhna 


Ain Sokhna is distinguished by its privileged location between Cairo and Suez, where you can reach it by all roads and transportation, and is characterized by its moderate weather throughout the year. 


Ain Sokhna has all the services you are looking for to meet the needs of you and your family.


Ain Sokhna is distinguished by its many coastal villages and resorts that meet all the needs of visitors and provide them with all means of high-end accommodation and enjoy luxury. If you are looking for an ideal vacation to spend a fun time in the middle of charming nature, Ain Sukhna will be your right choice.


Location of Ain Sokhna in Egypt 


Ain Sokhna is located on the coast of the Gulf of Suez in the Red Sea, 55 kilometers from Suez, and it is one of the closest resorts in the Red Sea to Cairo.


The beaches of Ain Sokhna stretch for 80 kilometers on the Red Sea coast, with many wonderful hotels and resorts.


Because of its proximity to vital areas such as the New Administrative Capital, the Fifth Settlement, and New Cairo, it has now become one of the most prominent and important residential destinations for a large number of clients.


After the inauguration of Ain Sokhna-Cairo Road in 2004, its location has become one of the most important sites, as well as one of the most attractive to investors and businessmen who have implemented many tourist resorts and international hotels there.


Details of Units in Ain Sokhna


Ain Sokhna is one of the best tourist destinations for summer vacation lovers, and the best choice for day trips due to its proximity to Cairo and a short distance from Suez.


What distinguishes Ain Sokhna is that it has all kinds of residential units, as there are apartments, villas, chalets, villages, and international hotels that provide the best-required services. There are chalets in Ain Sokhna of different areas, including some directly overlooking the sea, mountain views, or other landscapes. T


The prices of chalets in Ain Sokhna vary according to the area and location of the chalet. There are also villas in Ain Sokhna with different sizes and designs and charming views.



Areas of Units in Ain Sokhna


Ain Sokhna has many resorts with many chalets and villas for sale, with various spaces and designs that satisfy all customers. Areas of chalets in Ain Sokhna start from 60 m² up to 350 m², and villas in Ain Sokhna start from 200 m² up to 800 m², and there are villas with a garden and a private pool.


Features of Ain Sokhna 


Ain Sokhna has many distinctive services, which made it the first destination for tourism in the world, the most important of which are:


  • Its location is distinguished as it is close to the real estate of Cairo and Suez

  • There are many tourist villages and luxury hotels

  • Ain Sukhna has 24-hour medical services

  • Integrated facilities and services

  • Recreational places for adults and children

  • Providing a transportation network, whether internal or external

  • Its weather is great all year round, whether in summer or winter

  • The wonderful sulfur springs that made it a haven for tourists looking for medical tourism

  • Many chains of restaurants and cafes

  • Ain Sokhna has the largest golf course in Cairo, covering an area of ​​2.5 million square meters

  • You can enjoy safari trips in the atmosphere of the desert

  • Many malls that carry international brands for all shopping enthusiasts

  • You can enjoy water trips and diving

  • It has the port of Sokhna

  • Its prices are competitive

  • The picturesque landscapes that make Ain Sukhna a wonderful and distinctive painting

  • Ain Sokhna includes wildlife, which includes many distinctive flowers and aromatic plants, where you can visit the place, practice ice skating, and do many fun recreational activities

  • It includes cinemas for all drama lovers, restaurants, and cafes, characterized by a wonderful coastal atmosphere



The Most Important Recreational Areas in Ain Sokhna


Ain Sokhna has a lot of entertainment and tourist places to spend the most beautiful time with your family and friends, and among the most important entertainment places in Sokhna are the following:


Jabal El Galala: One of the most beautiful areas in Ain Sokhna, it has religious and historical importance, where it is possible to hold many activities such as riding four-wheel-drive bikes and safari trips, camping, cooking and grilling parties, hiking.


Fossilized Trees Sanctuary: It has become a rare monument like no other in the world, and contains the skeletons of extinct animals, reptiles, rare birds, and rare flowers.


Adabiya Bay: It is considered a favorite area for birds, as well as containing different species of birds, and many entertaining activities such as surfing and fishing.


Sandy beaches: as they enjoy attractiveness, especially at the time of sunrise and sunset and its rays on its golden sand, and there are many activities, such as water skiing and windsurfing.



The Most Famous Resorts of Ain Sokhna


Ain Sukhna includes many tourist resorts that enjoy its wonderful coastal atmosphere and offer the best services, facilities, and fun recreational activities to feel the luxury of staying and relaxing in the surroundings of the charming nature and spending the most beautiful times.


In Ain Sokhna there are many villages and international hotels that provide the best services required, including:


  • Blue Blue Village in Ain Sokhna

  • The village of Monte Galala in Ain Sokhna

  • Azha village in Ain Sokhna

  • Coronado Marina Sokhna Village

  • Ain Hills Sokhna Village

  • Blue Blue Resort in Ain Sokhna

  • Magada Resort in Ain Sokhna

  • Carnelia Resort

  • Porto Ain Sokhna Resort

  • La Vista Resort in Ain Sokhna