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Apartments for Sale in New Galala City: 700 Meters Above Sea Level


The search for housing in a quiet place filled with beautiful landscapes and surrounded by services is constantly increasing due to the state's recent interest in establishing many huge projects. One of the most prominent of these projects is the New Galala City project.


Information about the New City of Galala


El Galala City is the second largest national project in Egypt after the real estate of the New Administrative Capital project, where the area of ​​El Galala city is about 17,000 acres, and the city of Galala is located on IL Monte Galala at an altitude of 700 meters above sea level, so the city of Galala enjoys a refreshing atmosphere due to the low temperature Also, this height gave the city an amazing view overlooking the sea directly.


Strategic Location Close to the New Administrative Capital


The new city of Galala is located 150 kilometers from the real estate of Greater Cairo, which is equivalent to an hour and a half drive by car. Therefore, the city of Galala is one of the most preferred areas for many due to its proximity to Cairo, which makes it easy to reach without effort or effort.


The city of El Galala is also about 50 kilometers from Ain Sukhna port and about 170 kilometers from Cairo International Airport. The new Galala Road is one of the ways that facilitated access to the city of Galala, as it is only about half an hour away from the New Administrative Capital.


Great Features of El Galala City 


The new city of Galala is characterized by many features that increased the chances of its demand and made it a new front for the high class and aristocracy, and these features are as follows:

  • Its privileged location along the coastal strip extending from Ain Sokhna properties in the north to Zafarana in the south, giving the city a privileged location directly overlooking the sea

  • The city's altitude above sea level is about 700 meters due to its location on the Galala plateau, which contributed significantly to a decrease in the temperature in the city by 10 degrees above sea level

  • The distinctive view that El Galala City enjoys due to its location directly on the Red Sea coast, so many residential units in Ain Sokhna within the city enjoy stunning landscapes.

  • All the facilities needed by the city of Galala were established to be a self-utilizing city that does not pose any burden or pressure on the state's facilities


Various Services Available in New Galala City


The new city of Galala includes many services that have attracted a large number of people to search for housing units or places to spend summer holidays and enjoy a fun and entertaining time with family and friends. These services include:


Educational Services


The city of Galala was interested in providing a distinguished level of education for its residents, so many schools were established for different educational levels, in addition to the famous Galala University for Science and Technology.


Galala University for Science and Technology is built on an area of ​​173.5 acres and planned to accommodate about 12 thousand and 750 students, which includes many different fields and specializations.


In addition to King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz University, which was established on an area of ​​100 acres, and accommodates new and different disciplines and fields not found in other universities such as solar and wind energy generation technology, the College of Medicine, the College of Mining, and the colleges of modern agriculture.


Health and Medical Services


The new city of Galala has paid great attention to the medical aspect to take care of the health of its residents or visitors.


There is a large hospital called the University Hospital with a capacity of 400 beds that are equipped with the latest technological means and equipped with the latest medical devices, in addition to several laboratories and specialized centers for radiology and analysis, and pharmacies working on 24 hours to provide full support to the residents of the city.


Entertainment Services 


The city of Galala includes several popular recreational services for adults and children, which give them a new and entertaining experience. 


Among the most famous entertainment services in the city are the following:


  • Two ice skating rinks and enjoy a new and unique experience with friends in a wonderful atmosphere full of ice games

  • A large yacht port that can accommodate about 333 yachts for yacht lovers and enjoy an enjoyable trip in the heart of the sea and practice the hobby of fishing

  • A giant water park (Aqua Park) that includes 73 large games, including 10 games for adults, in addition to 10 swimming pools of different shapes and depths to suit everyone

  • Huge commercial malls in Ain Sokhna and a large number of shops, restaurants, and cafes, where the city of Galala includes about 624 shops and a plaza restaurant

  • A large central park was designed on an area of ​​8 acres, within which there is a large water lake and a group of restaurants and cafes

  • Many different sports fields for various sports, including golf courses to enjoy practicing your favorite sport, in addition to a large sports club equipped with the latest sports equipment

  • A children's entertainment area with vast green spaces and games to develop and give the child's skills and Fun and entertaining time


Tourist Activities and Services


  • The new city of Galala includes two hotels, one of which is a mountainous hotel located at the top of the plateau and is entered from the fourth floor, and another is a coastal hotel around which there is a wonderful tourist promenade that includes a group of shops, restaurants, and cafes

  • A large conference hall equipped with the latest technology, display screens, and others to receive large conferences and seminars

  • Artificial lakes on an area of ​​33 acres were implemented in the second phase of the city to give the residential units built in that area wonderful views


The Most Famous Tourist Resorts in the City of Galala in the Red Sea


IL Monte Galala Resort


  • IL Monte Galala Resort is located 7 kilometers after Movenpick, and 11 kilometers before Porto Sokhna properties, the project area is 530 acres. Crystal Lagoons designed by Crystal Lagoons International

  • IL Monte Galala Resort includes a large group of units that vary in shapes and sizes, where there are chalets in the Monte Galala resort and loft units with areas starting from 70 square meters, and twin houses starting from 175 square meters, as well as townhouses starting from 155 square meters, and finally, villas starting from 175 square meters


The properties of IL Monte Galala Resort offer a large number of services to its residents, these services are as follows:


  •  5 large hotels with high-end hotel services for more luxury, fun, and recreation, including 2 International Hotels and 3 Boutique Hotels

  • Marina and yacht marina for lovers of enjoying watching yachts or spending quality time at sea through a wonderful trip and a pleasant atmosphere