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Why do people prefer to rent an apartment in El Asafra?

Renting an apartment allows more flexibility than owning one, let’s take El Asafra as a good example for renting a house as it’s an excellent suburb in Alexandria, you may find a lot of options that are suitable for your budget.

Some people prefer to buy their own home instead of renting one especially in places near the beach to enjoy it whenever they want, so owning your house has the following advantages:

  • more privacy, you will use your stuff, you do not have to use others furniture.
  • You can go on holiday any time you like.
  • owning a house is a good investment that you may sell it and have a decent profit.

Regarding El Asafra, there are many advantages to live there:

  • It has many private beaches, and there is also a free one without any fees.
  • It is close to many hotels, for instance, Sheraton Montazah, Regency, and Ramada.