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What is so special in living in Maadi?

Maadi is one of the oldest Cairo suburbs, it has a great history, and it is home for many famous people and also for a lot of embassies. Maadi has certain vibes, it grows in you. Whoever lives in Maadi for a long period of time can never move to another place, especially those who were born and grown in Maadi, they always tend to want to spend the rest of his life there that's why they're always looking for apartments for sale in Maadi.

Maadi is an iconic place with a good location as it is situated along the Nile, 12 kilometers from downtown Cairo. It is also located near Helwan, Elkattamya, New Cairo and only 20 minutes from Nasr city. It's very accessible and it has all sorts of transportation, there are 3 metro stations in Maadi, bus stations and also microbus connecting Maadi to everywhere in Cairo.

Maadi is a huge neighborhood which has many areas: New Maadi, Old Maadi, Degla, Autostrad and Zahraa ElMaadi, every part has its own privilege.

The apartments for sale in Maadi especially in New Maadi, Zahraa ElMaadi and Autostrad are upper middle, middle and economic housing while Old Maadi has the most luxurious apartments with old glamorous designs.

Trees everywhere surround Maadi, the green side beside the Nile which draw a very attractive portrait.