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Apartments for sale in El Shorouk City

About El Shorouk City

El Shorouk city is one of the third-generation cities, and affiliated to Cairo Governorate. It  was established to absorb the expanding population and to ease population pressure on the aging capital, in addition, to increase opportunities in the field of real estate investment through creating new opportunities in other areas.

The city spans over 11,900 feddans at kilo 37 of “Cairo-Ismailia” Road, 9,2 of which are allocated for the urban block. It also provides high-end housing for all social levels and characterized by tranquility and wide green spaces, as well as elegant architectural designs and the various types of housing to meet the needs of all customers. These features turned El Shorouk to become a comfortable society located at the borders of Cairo, which is characterized by crowdness out and pollution.

Location of El Shorouk City 

 It is located near the most important new cities, such as: Badr City, New Heliopolis, Al-Rehab City, and Madinaty. It is bordered to the northeast by the 10th of Ramadan City, to the northwest by El Obour and El Salam cities, and to the southwest by New Cairo City, as well as the New Administrative Capital through "Cairo-Suez" Road. Moreover, it is characterized by its infrastructure that was designed to satisfy the needs of the communications and information technology sector, using the latest and most advanced methods.

El Shorouk has a population of 500 thousand at the present time, and is expected to increase upon the completion of the city’s growth, and the completion of all major transportation projects, such as Metro and Electric Train.

Division of El Shorouk City

El Shorouk has a residential area of 6.9 thousand acres, and it is not only allocated to high-end class, but rather varies between economical, middle, above middle, and high-end.

El Shorouk City is divided into districts and regions, the most important of which are:

  • The first district, it is now called Hai El Yakout.

  • The second district, it is now called Hai El-Masa.

  • The third district, it is now called Hai El Fayrouz.

  • The fourth district, it is now called Hai Ellazourd.

  • The fifth district, it is now called Hai El-Jawhara.

  • The sixth district, it is now called Hai El Loaaloaah

  • The seventh district, it is now called Hai El Zomorod.

  • The eighth district, it is now called Hai El Remas.

  • The ninth district, it is now called Hai El Brillant.

  • The tenth district, it is now called Hai El Aqiiq.

Regions of El Shorouk City

Al Shorouk is divided into 9 regions, along with Family Housing 1, Family Housing 2, and the Universities and Institutes Region.

Transportations between El-Shorouk city and neighboring cities:

El Shorouk is linked to Greater Cairo by public transportations. Which motivate individuals who do not own private cars to buy at El Shorouk. The most important of which are:

  • Delta buses to transport residents to Cairo.

  • Public transportation buses, which link the city with Lebanon Square and Abdel Moneim Riad Square.

  • Public transport vehicles (Microbus), which link the city with Minibus El Salam parking lot and Suez Road.

  • Uber and Careem services.

Road development projects

El Shorouk Development Authority set a plan to develop El Shorouk roads in order to make it easier for the city's residents to use.

One of the most prominent developments in El Shorouk Roads is the expansion of Gamal Abdel Nasser Axis, one of the most important axes of the city, which connects Suez entrance to the south and Ismailia entrance to the north. The Axis reached 45 km instead of 30 km, and has 5 lanes in each direction. Traffic planning, indicative signs for residential and service areas, and LED lighting has also been developed.

The city's internal roads also witnessed road repairs, the most important of which are:

  • Implementing an asphalt layer on the axis road linking the city service center, and the road separating between the second and third districts, and the eighth region.

  • Developing the service lane in the Southern Youth Housing area through applying an asphalt layer and establishing 5 parking lots.

  • Establishing a new axis as an extension to the current Ahmed Orabi axis, in order to connect the western and eastern sectors of the city, as it will start from Al-Hurriya Road to Suez entrance.

  • Developing a part of the axis that connects between entrance 1 and entrance 2 through applying an asphalt layer, and install new LED lighting.

Real estate for sale in El Shorouk


Spaces of apartments in El Shorouk vary in meters and prices to meet the needs of all customers, as the spaces of apartments start from 65 square meters to 225 square meters, while the number of rooms varies according to the space. Small units consist of 2 bedrooms, a bathroom, and a reception, while the medium units consist of 3 rooms, 2 bathrooms and a reception, and large units may reach 4 rooms, 3 bathrooms, a reception and a terrace.


Villas are distinctive units intended for high-end customers looking for tranquility and luxury, as they usually consist of private gardens for each villa, a terrace, a private garage, private security, as well as wide spaces between each villa to preserve the tranquility and privacy of its residents.

Villas for sale in El Shorouk are available in the seventh district at the entrance to the city, and in the fourth district. The spaces of villas vary according to the needs of the residents, ranging from 300 square meters for small families and newlyweds to 1,300 square meters for large families. Number of bedrooms also varies between 3 to 8 bedrooms According to the space of villas.


There are shops for sale in El Shorouk with different payment methods, whether in cash or in installments, and are suitable for all activities, most notably:

  • Large shops of 190 square meters space, near Carrefour El Shorouk.

  • Golf mall shops of spaces up to 78 square meters.

  • Shops of Green Hills Club located at Al-Horreya Axis, linking Suez Road and Al-Shabab, with spaces up to 20 square meters.

Due to the great development in the Egyptian real estate market, El Shorouk real estate prices change, especially during the time of opening the New Administrative Capital.

Most famous compounds in El Shorouk

Granda Al Shorouk

Granda Al Shorouk Compound has a distinctive location at the heart of El Shorouk City, near Entrance 1 and Entrance 2 of Suez Road. It covers an area of ​​19 acres. Moreover, its residential units vary between duplexes and penthouse apartments.

Most important services in Granda Compound:

  1. A social club, health club and gym.

  2. Industrial lakes and water fountains.

  3. A commercial area and a mall.

  4. Kids' play area.

  5. Pharmacy.

Merida Al Shorouk

One of the most popular residential projects due to its proximity to the British University, Madinaty, and being located on the Suez Road.

The compound includes units, which vary between apartments, villas, twin houses and townhouses.

Services of the compound:

  1. Swimming pools and artificial lakes.

  2. Gym.

  3. A shopping mall.

  4. Kids' play area.

Life Park El Shorouk

The compound attracts investors due to its proximity to the New Administrative Capital, the International Medical Center and Heliopolis. The compound is suitable for small families, as it has apartments of 80 square meters space.

Services of the compound:

  1. A shopping mall and a restaurant.

  2. A commercial area.

  3. Security services.

  4. private garages.

  1. Playgrounds.

  2. Mosque.

El Shorouk services

  • Educational services:

It contains international prestigious schools and universities, especially:

    • British Columbia Canadian International School.

    • Pearls of Modern School.

    • British university.

    • French University.

    • El Shorouk Academy.

  • Medical care centers:

It includes clinics, pharmacies and hospitals that provide all medical services. such as:

    • Nour El Shorouk Hospital.

    • Al Farouq Medical Charitable Center.

    • International Medical Center Hospital.

    • Al Hayat Specialized Medical Clinics.

    • El Ezaby Pharmacy.

    • El Maadawy Pharmacy.

  • Recreational areas:

One of the most important factors that attract middle and high-end residents is the entertainment services, which include:

  • Clubs: El Shorouk Sports Club, Green Hills Club, and Heliopolis Club.

  • Malls: Panorama Mall, Galaxy Mall, Gate Mall, and City Plaza Mall.

  • Restaurants and Cafes: Teatro Café. Beanos Café and Nanida Restaurant.

  • Religious establishments:

It includes mosques and churches, the most prominent of which are:

    • Al Masjid Al Jami.

    • Tariq bin Ziyad Mosque.

    • Rahman Mosque.

    • Panorama El Shorouk Mosque.

    • Church of Our Lady and Saint Gerges Church.

  • Markets and commercial services:

The city has several markets in the third district east, the second district west, social housing, the fourth district east, Janna housing project of the first district and buildings areas.

Among the most famous supermarkets in El Shorouk are: Al Jawhara Supermarket, Adham Market, Metro, Al Zuhour Supermarket and Riyadh Al Saleheen.