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Apartments for sale in Damietta

Damietta is an Egyptian northeastern governorate that has a population of over a million. Damietta is incredibly famous for furniture industry making it the first thing that comes into mind whenever the governorate is mentioned.

The governorate is also famous for a number of crops including cotton, rice, and tomatoes and it also exports palm trees to a number of countries. According to the 2015 population report, the number of population of Damietta was 1,288,406 on an area of 589 square kilometer area.

Prices of properties in Damietta certainly depend on the neighborhood and the area of the apartment you want. But you can still find apartments for sale in Damietta and also apartments for sale in New Damietta, the new city in the governorate.

Ras El Bar is one of Egypt's most famous summer resorts and despite its popularity that has gone down roughly in the recent years, the city is still an excellent choice to buy an apartment for family use or even as an investment. Finding apartments for sale in Ras El Bar won't be harder than the other cities in any way.

Ras El Bar has more than 18 thousand apartment and more than 2 thousand villas, you can find tons of apartments for sale in Ras El Bar. In terms of hotels, the city hosts 17 hotels and 42 motels falling in a wide range of prices. All of this makes higher prices for apartments for sale in Damietta in touristy places like Ras El Bar.