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Apartments for sale in El Fayoum

Fayoum is one of the most ancient cities of Egypt located at only 100 kilometers from Cairo the Egyptian capital. The city had several different names by Egyptians, Greeks, and Romans.

You can find apartments for sale in Fayoum easily and also there are different cities which are located north to Fayum like Sinnuris and Tamiya. There are also cities on the Lake that include Sanhur and Ibsheway, each and every city in Al Fayum contains apartments for sale and they vary in price based on the area and the location.

The city is believed to have its name derived from a word that means Lake in the ancient Egyptian language has a strategic location and there are many archaeological pieces of evidence that it is one of the oldest cities in our world. The city was also was renamed as Crocodile City by the Greek then named to Ptolemaic by the Romans.

Fayoum has a number of bazaars, baths, and mosques and it's holding a weekly market. Through the city, the canal of Bahr Yussef passes with houses at the banks that mark the center of the beautiful city of El Fayoum. You can find apartments in Arsinoe, which is located north of the city is where the sacred crocodile was kept by the Greek at the time the city was named Crocodile City.