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Where are the best cities to look for apartments for sale in Gharbia?

Gharbia is one of the governorates in Egypt, it is the capital of the delta region and it's located in the northern part of Egypt, between the Kafr El-Sheikh and Menoufia, east of Qalyoubia and Dakahlia governorates, and west of Beheira Governorate. It covers an area of ​​25 thousand square kilometers and 80% of its area is agricultural land, making it the tenth largest governorate in Egypt.

The population of Gharbia governorate is 5 million and despite its closeness to the Nile, it has a very hot desert climate which helped in creating a diversified economy (agriculture, industry, and tourism) 

Gharbia is divided into 8 main administrative centers and 4 districts. The main cities in Gharbia are Kafr El-Zayyat, El-Santah, Mahalla El-Kubra, Basion, Zefta, Samannoud, Tanta, and Kutour.

Tanta is the most popular city in Gharbia, it's known as the fifth largest city with a population of 4 million, located 90 kilometers north of Cairo and 120 kilometers from Alexandria, in addition to being the capital of the governorate. The city is characterized by being vibrant and has a certain religious importance, which is one of the reasons that contributed to the high demand for apartments in Tanta for sale. The city has a lot of marketing centers and recreational activities, which helped in increasing prices and there is no doubt that the prices of real estate in the country in general increased significantly.

The most popular streets of Tanta, which are accepted by real estate seekers are Said Street, Army Street, El Helou Street, the stadium area, El Fattah Street, El Agazi area, Mahab street, and the El Agizy area is one of the cheapest areas and therefore it is accepted by those looking for apartments in Tanta for sale.

One of the most famous cities in Gharbia is the city of Mahalla al-Kubra, the second largest city in the delta region and the largest city in the west. It is famous for being an industrial city, it is the home of the spinning and weaving industry. One of the most famous areas of Al-Mahalla Al-Kubra is the main Sharea Al Bahr, where you can find apartments for sale in Mahalla because of its vitality, cleanliness, and beauty.

The price/meter is about 5000 LE, Al-Teraa Street, Al-Jadida, and Al-Manshiya, they are less expensive in Al-Mahalla Al-Kubra apartments range from 500 thousand EGP to 1 million EGP.