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Villas or sale in Monufia

Monufia is one of the densely populated governorates in Egypt and it is located north of the Nile Delta, south of Gharbia and north of the Egyptian capital Cairo. The governorate was named Monufia after Menouf, the ancient city located within the governorate and the name was changed in 1826.

If you want to find apartments for sale in Monufia, whether they are apartments for sale in Shibin El Kom the capital of the governorate or apartments for sale in Alsadat-City which is one of the most famous industrial cities in Egypt, you will have great choices and you can find many apartments for sale in various areas and in many urbanized districts.

The population of Monufia surpassed 4.3 million citizens in July 2017. Although the capital Shibin El Kom is one urbanized city, it was estimated that most the people living in Monufia are living in rural areas while only around 20% of the population lives in urban areas that still counts more than 800 thousand people at least which isn't a small number in any way. The agricultural governorate is composed of a number of cities including Shibin El Kom, Menouf, Ashmoun, Quesna, Tala and Bagour.