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North Sinai Apartments for Sale

North Sinai always has much more to offer than most people think; it is one of the most important governorates in Egypt. By its location in the north-eastern part of the country, North Sinai gain a number of significant features, including, high mountain region, a variety of amazing landscapes, orchard gardening tradition, unique nature, in addition to its religious and historical importance.

North Sinai governorate is the second part of Sinai area – which is divided into two governorates; "North Sinai and the South Sinai". It covers 27,574 square kilometers with a population density of 15 inhabitants per square kilometer. El Arish is the capital of North Sinai and its largest city. Then comes a number of cities that are popular for their beautiful desert and nature such as Rafah, Nekhel, Bear al-Abd, El Hasana, Sheikh Zuweid, and other neighborhoods.

You may find a wide range of affordable properties for sale in North Sinai, where you will be able to choose from different contemporary and adorned units. It includes a number of apartments for sale in Rafah and Arish, which come with lovely beach-front views. It's become easier to get the property you are looking for, just select the area, view, amenities, and the number of rooms that meets your requirements and needs.