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Apartments for sale in Port Said

Port Said is one if the Suez Canal zone governorates in the northeastern part of Egypt. Being on the northern gate of the Suez Canal makes Port Said the second most important port in Egypt.

Apartments for sale in Port Said can be found easily with most of the governorate citizens living in urban areas. You can find apartments for sale in Port Fuad as well as other cities in the governorate with many choices.

Port Said governorate which is split into parts on the African side and parts on the Asian side. Port Fuad has a very high rate of urbanization like other Suez Canal cities. The governorate has a rate of urbanization that is estimated to be 98.2 percent then estimated as 100 percent which means nearly all of the Port Said governorate is urban areas with no people living in rural areas. The higher percentage of urban areas means more apartments will be available for sale and rent throughout the governorate.