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Apartments for sale in Qalyubia

Qalyubia Governorate is an Egyptian governorate located near Cairo as a part of Great Cairo to the north on the Nile delta. The capital of Qalyubia governorate is Benha, while the governorate has a number of different districts and cities like Shubra El Khaima, Toukh, Al Kanater Al Khayrya, and Qaluoib.

As one of the densely populated governorates in Egypt, Qalyubia has a very large number of real estate properties where you can find apartments for sale in Qalyubia governorate in every city, whether apartments for sale in Shubra El Khaima, apartments for sale in Qlioub or apartments for sale in Benha the capital of the governorate.

The population of the governorate of Qalyubia was 5.1 million citizens as for 2015. Qalyubia is also known for agricultural production with many famous crops, vegetables, and fruits including bananas, oranges, wheat, maize and apricot among many other crops.