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Apartments for sale in Sohag

Sohag is one of the large governorates in Egypt with a population of over 5 million as of January 2018. Before 1960 the capital of the governorate was Girga and the governorate was named Girga, now the capital of Sohag Governorate is the city of Sohag.

If you want apartments for sale in Sohag, whether apartments for sale in Sohag the capital or apartments for sale in Girga or apartments for sale in Akhmim or apartments for sale in New Sohag then you can use Aqarmap to find flats of every area and in many districts.

Back to the nineteenth century, there was only one village in the area where the governorate now exists. Historically there is no accurate explanation of the inhabitation of the region but its monuments date back to Roman times while in the Coptic times there was a monk who lived in the White Monastery that still exists in the area.

The city has a low number if historical and touristic places so tourism only serves a very small percentage of the income of the governorate. It's famous for small industries like carpets, furniture, and weaving and sugar industries are among the sources of income for Sohag.e