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Villas for Sale in Bellagio Compound in New Cairo


Due to its distinguished location and various services, New Cairo is on top of the new cities that receive a large number of residents and visitors. The City has become full of international companies with many workers searching for housing units close to their place of work. So, if you want to start the journey of searching for a suitable housing unit, you should look for a place with all advantages in terms of location, proximity to services, high level of security, and a better future. Therefore, Bellagio New Cairo Compound has managed to provide all of these advantages and more.


Details About the Bellagio New Cairo Compound Project


In Bellagio Compound, you will find the state of the art technology to provide all the comfort and safety for the residents. Each customer will enjoy his right in a distinguished life full of luxury, comfort, and happiness. 

The total area of ​​Bellagio Compound is 240,000 square meters, where this area has been very carefully divided to include beautiful and elegant green spaces, service areas, and residential buildings.


Strategic Location of Bellagio Compound in New Cairo


Bellagio Compound is located in the Northern Investors area in the Fifth Settlement, so you will find yourself in a distinguished strategic location in the heart of New Cairo. 

The compound is surrounded by many famous residential compounds, important areas, and main highways, such as the Ring Road, the Regional Ring Road, and 90th Street.


Famous Compounds Surrounding Bellagio Compound 


There are many high-end residential compounds in New Cairo close to Bellagio, such as Mountain View 1 Compound, El Patio Oro Compound, and Al Diar Compound.


New Cities near Bellagio Compound in New Cairo 


There are many new cities near the Bellagio Compound, such as El Obour City, Rehab City, Al Shorouk City, Nasr City, and finally the New Administrative Capital.


Types of Housing Units in Bellagio Compound


Bellagio Compound has paid attention to the most important goals that each customer aspires for to enjoy a quiet and stable life. So, the types of housing units are limited to villas, townhouses, and twin houses, where the number of villas is about 347 villas.


Areas of Housing Units in Bellagio Compound


Through the designs of the compound, the Arco Developments Company, the owner and developer of the compound, emphasized the principle of privacy for the customers. So, areas of villas in the compound reach 900 square meters.


What is the Difference Between A Townhouse, Twin house, and Villa?


Lovers of privacy and independence usually need to know the difference between a townhouse, a twin house, and a villa, as each of these units offers a different level of privacy. 

A townhouse is two or three houses neighboring each other with one entrance, one garden, and one garage. The twin house consists of two houses, each with its entrance, garden, and garage. 

The villa is a separate house with a private garage, attached garden, and swimming pool. So, a villa is a perfect choice for lovers of sophistication, luxury, and pleasure.


Three Main Advantages Offered by Bellagio Compound


Bellagio New Cairo Compound has three advantages that made it highly sought-after by many customers. These advantages are a sophisticated and distinctive level, unparalleled privacy, and a wonderfully strategic location. We will discuss those advantages in detail.

Every family seeks to provide a better future and a better place of residence for their children. So, Bellagio is one of the residential compounds that many high-class and aristocratic people head for. This indeed guarantees you living at a distinguished social level among the elite.

Bellagio Compound enjoys great privacy, as it only contains townhouses, twin houses, and villas so that every family can enjoy an independent life. The Compound has been designed distinctively and meticulously that gives the residential buildings distinctive views, safe distances, and a higher degree of privacy.

The distinctive strategic location made the Compound close to many main roads and important axes that facilitate access to it. Additionally, there are many high-end residential compounds around Bellagio.


Luxurious Services in Bellagio Compound


Bellagio Compound provides many services that make each customer live an enjoyable life and limitless luxury. These services are as follows:

Markets and Shops that Meet Your Needs


  • A supermarket dedicated to food commodities, household consumables, and more to meet the needs of every home at any time

  • Many shops in New Cairo sell all personal and household needs, where you can find many different brands at great prices

  • Restaurants and cafés offer a great and distinguished level of service, and the best quality and unparalleled cleanliness. So, you can enjoy your favorite dish in a wonderful atmosphere


Sports Activities


  • Tracks for walking, running, and cycling

  • Sports fields to enjoy playing football and other sports

  • A large GYM with many sports equipment

  • A clubhouse to enjoy a wonderful massage, an amazing jacuzzi, spa, or sauna


Have Fun and Amusement


  • Swimming pools, gardens, and parks

  • Kids areas to enjoy new and different activities and games


Security Services


The compound provides a distinguished level of security to always be assured of your family and properties. There are security personnel, surveillance cameras, and alarms.


Other Services


  • A mosque

  • A pharmacy

  • A garage

  • ATMs


Previous Works of the Developer of the Bellagio Project


Arco Developments has a huge previous business of up to 500 projects in various fields, including residential, commercial, or tourism projects. 

Arco Company, led by Eng. Ashraf Salman, the former Minister of Investment and founder of Arco Developments, and Eng Ayman Ibrahim, CEO of the company, always seek the assistance of the best design and construction experts, interior designers, and international companies to carefully develop their projects.

Therefore, the Company has succeeded in developing a large number of projects, through which it gained the trust of its customers. The most prominent projects of Arco Developments are as follows:


  • La Fontaine New Cairo Compound

  • Royal Meadows Sheikh Zayed Compound

  • Arco Lagoon North Coast project

  • La Rive Katameya Compound

  • Lavande Compound, 6th of October 

  • City Stars Mall, Nasr City

  • City Stars Mall, North Coast

  • City Stars Mall, Sharm El Sheikh


The number of the Villas For sale in Bellagio - Arco is 21 listings
The average price per meter for Villas in Bellagio - Arco is 24,400 EGP
The average price change in Bellagio - Arco is 13%
The types of locations in Bellagio - Arco are Palace, Twin House, Separate Villa, Town House