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Property Type Price  
Chalets 1,738,289 - 3,164,469 23,803 EGP/M2
Chalet with Garden 2,498,265 22,712 EGP/M2 Details
Twin House 4,766,171 - 5,322,062 29,282 EGP/M2
Villas 8,954,820 - 32,304,405 50,019 EGP/M2

Majada Ain Sokhna project is an ideal, integrated and environmentally friendly residential community with all its components.
The project was designed in the Galala Plateau area on an area of ​​101 feddans with a value of about 5 billion pounds, and is being implemented in 4 phases, the first phase of which will be delivered in 2024.

Details of Majada Ain Sokhna Resort

The project aims to make Ain Sokhna not just a place to spend a vacation or a few periods of the year, but rather it will be a fixed place to stay and live, especially with the luxury of the units provided by the project to customers, as it includes a distinguished group of detached villas that range from 240 square meters to 515 square meters and twin Houses from 160 square meters to 190 square meters and chalets that start from 65 square meters to 170 square meters, in addition to duplexes that reach 240 square meters, and more than 90% of the units have a wonderful panoramic view of the Red Sea, while the percentage of buildings To 13.5% of the total land area and the rest are green spaces and water facilities.

The Real Estate Developer of Majada Sokhna Resort

The real estate developer of Majada Ain Sokhna is Iwan Real Estate Development and Investment Company, one of the Egyptian real estate development companies with strong business.

Iwan was established in 2005, and it has succeeded in implementing many projects that attracted clients with its distinction in choosing a good location and implementing projects according to the highest international quality standards.

Iwan has many projects in various Egyptian cities such as Cairo, Sheikh Zayed, 6th of October and Ain Sokhna, and last year the company achieved the highest profit rate of 7.5 billion pounds in the Majid project, and aims to achieve sales exceeding 25% by the end of this year.

Previous Works of Iwan Company

-Jira Project
-Jedar Compound
-Neighborhood Complex
-Alma Project
-Vida Compound
-Atrio Complex
-The Axis Compound in 6 October

Location of Majada project in Ain Sokhna

Majada Ain Sokhna Resort is located in one of the best geographical areas on the Red Sea coast in the charming Jabal Galala region with a private beach up to 600 meters long. It is away from the Administrative Capital by about 118 km and 126 km from the Fifth Settlement, 30 km from Ain Sokhna Port, 3.3 km from the Yachting Marina of Galala, 10 km from the new city of Galala, and 46 km from Zaafarana Road.

Types of Housing Units in Majada Ain Sokhna Complex

Majada Resort includes a wonderful group of beach units that are suitable for short vacations or long stays, as there are chalets of different sizes in addition to chalets with a private garden, and there are twin houses of various sizes.

The resort also contains villas of different designs and sizes, as for what is distinguished by Majada Resort

Areas of Residential Units in Majada Resort

-Chalets: their area start from 73 square meters up to 133 square meters
-Chalet with garden: available with an area of ​​110 square meters (2 rooms and a bathroom)
-Twin House: its areas start from 156 square meters up to 190 square meters
-Villas: their area start from 240 square meters up to 367 square meters
-Family House: available with an area of ​​515 square meters, with hotel finishes on the beach

Designs of the Majada Complex in Sokhna

Majada Ain Sokhna project was designed on an area of ​​101 acres, with direct sea views from the top of the Galala Plateau, with a small building ratio not exceeding 14% of the total area, where most of the space was allocated to parks, green spaces and services.

The precise design of the resort allowed more than 90% of the units to enjoy the pleasure of the first front on the sea. The project extends to a depth of one kilometer with elevated terraces from the beach and distributed to allow all the existing facilities such as restaurants,
playgrounds, swimming pools and ways to have a view of the beach that extends along the length of the project.

As for the services, they were distributed to include every area in the resort, whether in terms of gardens, swimming pools or restaurants, in addition to the presence of a 600-meter tourist walkway covering the entire resort.

Advantages of Majada Sokhna project

-Wonderful location at the top of the Galala plateau
-The diversity of units with spaces satisfy all tastes
-Private family units
-Universal design
-Facilities that provide the ultimate in luxury
-Repayment periods of up to 9 years
-Reservation provider starting from 10% of the unit value

Services of Majada Sokhna Compound

-A commercial area with branches of the best brands
-A medical center covering all specialties that works throughout the day
-Green spaces with more than 86% of the project area
-A 600-meter tourist walkway
-Security services
-Private garages
-Paved roads between units
-Elevators to reach all levels of the project
-Indoor spa
-Sport club
-Beach services throughout the day
-Specialized centers for yoga and diving
-Gym, spa, sauna, and jacuzzi
-Restaurants area

Prices of Units in Majada Gated Community

-Chalets: prices start from EGP 1,724,000 and reach EGP 3,72,000
-Chalet with garden: at a price of EGP 2,748,000
-Twin House: prices start from EGP 4,766,000 and reach EGP 4,900,000
-Villas: available at prices starting from EGP 8,867,000 and up to EGP 130,98,000
-Family House: It is available at prices up to EGP 31,363,000

Price Per Square Meter in Majada Resort

-Chalets: the price per square meter starts from EGP 23,000
-A chalet with a garden: the price per square meter starts from EGP 25,000
-Twin House: the price per square meter starts from EGP 25,789 and reaches EGP 30,552
-Villas: the price per square meter starts from EGP 35,690 and reaches EGP 36,950
-Family House: The price per square meter starts from EGP 60,900

Payment Systems at Majada Resort

Iwan provides its customers with a wonderful payment system to reserve its units in Ain Sokhna, which is paying 10% down payment, 5% after 3 months, and the rest over 9 years in equal installments, which is the longest payment period in Ain Sokhna.